Manchester - London: Madeleine Penfold

Madeleine Penfold is a talented Mancunian photographer with a keen eye for capturing the energy and beauty of sports and movement.

With a strong passion for applying a documentary approach to her work, she expertly blends it with her commercial knowledge of image making, resulting in a unique and natural style that sets her apart.

Over the past year, Madeleine has immersed herself in the world of sports, following and documenting various events across the globe. Her ability to capture the raw emotions and dynamic moments on the field is evident in her captivating photographs. One aspect that truly sets Madeleine apart is her dedication to exploring local grassroots teams in the UK.

Through her lens, she has witnessed the profound impact that sports, particularly women's football, have on individuals and communities. Her ability to tell stories through her photographs allows viewers to connect deeply with the subjects and feel the passion that emanates from the images.

Madeleine's work has not gone unnoticed, and she has had the privilege of working on various campaigns for the Women's World Cup. Her photographs have effectively captured the excitement and spirit of the tournament, highlighting the accomplishments and strength of women in football.

Her photographs have been featured in both local and international publications, further solidifying her position as a notable sports and movement photographer.

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