Brussels: Oskar

Oskar was born when Thi-Thi & Arnaud officially joined forces to form a photographic duo in 2013. They both hail from Brussels and came to photography through different routes.

After his studies at La Cambre, Arnaud launched his photography career in Brussels with several magazines. A few years later, when living in Asia for three years, he was commissioned to work for Coca-Cola, Sony, Piaggio, Vespa, Johnnie Walker, Panasonic, Drambuie and many more.

Thi-Thi started in advertising as a creative working for various ad agencies from Brussels. Eight years later, she left Brussels and worked as a creative thinker, specialised in non-traditional and propagation marketing, for brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Piaggio, Vespa, MTV and Nokia with an independent creative-led communications company in Southeast Asia.

Their respective creative background brings Oskar various experiences. Their expertise ranges from photography to art direction, styling and production.

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