Still life photography has been a passion of Alex Waber’s since he started in photography over 15 years ago. It is a more contemplative approach to photography, thinking about how light can play of surfaces, how depth of field can focus attention, and how colour can create a mood. Alex has shot products for No Reception Club (the luggage featured in this Spotlight), Tuft and Paw (the cats), Section 35 (the athletic wear in the locker) and many more.

When he is not shooting for clients, he is often working closely with his regular collaborator, art director and stylist Monika Wiatrowska to create dreamy still life scenes, often involving florals and found objects. They have an ongoing series about their favourite perfumes which can be seen in past issues here (or on his website). Together they love to dabble in organised chaos, the movement of textures and the interplay of changing colours. The colourful tiled image here was from a project in her back yard, shooting a slowly deteriorating bouquet through the changing light of evening.

Alex photographs still life, lifestyle and fashion in Vancouver out of his studio and on location. His clients include Arcteryx, Tilley Edurables and Purple Brand Denim. His work has been featured in Vogue, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and Montecristo Magazine.