Maxine is a Sydney-based photographer who is known for her expertise in the realms of food and product still life photography.

In recent projects, Maxine has skillfully captured the elegance and intricacies of eyewear products, infusing them with a sense of allure and sophistication through her lens. Her culinary artistry shines through in her food photography, where she has expertly crafted images that tantalise the senses, whether it is turning butchery meat delights into visual feasts or conveying the vibrant flavours of Mexican cuisine in photoshoots for restaurants.

Moreover, Maxine's portfolio extends to the world of beverages, where she has adeptly photographed drinks for a non-alcoholic beverage company, specialising in concoctions designed to complement the world of alcoholic cocktails.

To see more of Maxine’s work, visit her website and feel free to reach out to her directly to discuss how she can craft captivating visuals tailored to elevate your brand.