Hacob started working in photography at the age of seven at his uncle’s studio, sweeping floors and mixing chemicals. He never in his wildest dreams imagined doing it professionally for he hated sweeping floors and mixing chemicals, until one day he bought a 35mm Minolta and had to take a photo class to learn how to use that adorable camera. Little did he know that, one photo class after another, he was falling in love with photography.

Things got real serious when he saw his gigantic student loan from that design school in Pasadena where, ironically, he teaches now. He opened his first studio in L.A. and started getting serious jobs, shot for some cool companies and worked with some hot art directors. Won a few awards here and sometimes there. He married to a wonderful woman who loves travelling, dinning, winning, biking and hiking and Hollywood Bowling.

Hacob has come a long way since those days when he was sweeping the floors and mixing chemicals; he has found his comfort in the Still Life zone. He is always a seven year old when he is around water; he loves to splash and pop the flash. He loves to shoot gadgets, but hates paying for them.

Hacob shoots digitally now so he never needs to mix chemicals -  but he still sweeps the floor.