"Deconstruct any good quality food image and you'll see that despite the photographer, the impact of the food stylist and prop stylist is essential. Food styling is the art of making the food look great for the camera, while prop styling is there to build a certain look, send a message and tell a story. These skills require expertise and experience. However, there are circumstances when the client cannot afford to hire a big team."

Anna Tsaregradskaya is a Dubai-based food photographer and stylist who started with classical photography training in London, fell in love with the subject of food, and just could not help but reach out on set.

Anna’s food styling work includes numerous cookbooks and magazines, ad-campaigns and food-related content for different media. Her prop styling services include an extensive collection of props and a deep understanding of tendencies and styles.

Selected clients are PepsiCo, Ahmad Tea, Kitchen Aid, Shangri-La, Hilton, GlobusGourmet, SimpleWine and The Financial Times.

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