Zurich: Andrea Mäusli

Andrea has been working as a food stylist and recipe editor in Zurich and southern France for the last 10 years.

"I am a pleasure person. And an aesthete. As a foodstylist, I bring these two traits under one roof. Images have to surprise the eye and make you want to be boiled and, above all, eaten - that's where the stylist comes in. First and foremost, what's on your plate should actually taste good - in this regard, I am in demand as a cook and a recipe author.

A recipe suggestion can include 15 ingredients. Or just four. It's the same with the styling. Less is often more.

I have turned my passion into a profession. For over 15 years, I've been directing videos, TV formats, cookery and lifestyle magazines, advertising and industry clients. I get my inspiration in relevant litarature, travelling and friends. Food styling and cooking, that's for me enjoyment, aesthetics, art. And often also a little soul food!"

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