“Focus, marks, lights, roll camera…and flip” A chicken tikka skewer flips on an open flame grill. Directing food for the camera came as a natural progression for food stylist Swati Desai.

Swati works out of her Mumbai-based studio producing marketing assets for clients like McDonald’s, Burger King, Cadbury, Nestlé and many more. Her day can be filled with perfecting an ooze of cheese, chocolate or curry but she deals with every subject with finesse.

Being a film and design graduate she loves collaborating with prop stylists to bring in cultural subtext into any work she styles. Her 14 years of experience in advertising has helped her refine her craft to not just a good-looking frame but an effective piece of communication.

She celebrates all things Indian and hopes to produce global content to revive interest in seasonal-local vegetarian recipes of West India.