Robin Cerutti is a Montreal-based photographer who loves to work anywhere in the world. He believes that beauty lies in reality and draws his inspiration from people and travels. Cerutti became a photographer in New York, where he was working as a physicist. His past as a scientist makes him approach photography as he would do as a researcher. This allows him to work creatively in a wide range of projects such as lifestyle, sports, travels, fine-art, fashion and portrait.

Water is an fundamental element to Robin’s photographic work. He uses its properties to either make people feel part of the image or to add a dreamy part based on reality. Each one of his pieces allows the viewer to let himself go, be transported and enter into a fantastic world, one in which he can interpret each piece by imagining situations that are, after all, quite real.

His client list includes private collectors, galeries (Montreal/Miami/Paris), musicians, Waterpolo Quebec, Decathlon and Midtown Athletic club among others.