Peter De Mulder

Peter De Mulder

Rep. by Claudia Trucco

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Peter De Mulder

"There’s something quite literally in the water: the way the sunlight scatters, transforming a watery abyss into an iridescent aquatic utopia; the water itself being symbolic of birth as it mirrors the exact conditions and environment where all life begins; the weightlessness; the freedom; the tranquility; the magic; the elegance it infuses into our awkward human bodies."

For Peter De Mulder, shooting underwater allows “fantastic movement; something you could not hope for in a studio. The element of water is magical. It’s a different world. It’s like saying, “Let’s go to Mars and do a photo-shoot.” It’s a three dimensional feeling. The ocean is our ultimate master.”

Peter shoots with his experienced team above and under-water to provide expert knowledge when it comes to taking perfect underwater pictures. His work has been featured in French Marie-Claire, Italian Vanity Fair, Greek Harper's and others. His shooting playgrounds include Greece, the Maldives, Bahamas, Seychelles, Ibiza, Corsica and - of course - numerous swimming pools. Peter works both free diving and scuba diving.

Visit his website, email or call +32 475498292 for more information.

Clients include Kusmi Tea Paris, Sofitel, Coleman, Thalys, Bridgestone, Decathlon, TBS, Toyota, Renault, Head&Shoulders, Giant, Magnum, Zovirax, Dexia, Panasonic, Mobistar, Ben Q and Green Cross.