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Ben Welsh


Ben Welsh received his first camera from his photographer father when he was 12 years old. He used it, along with electronic triggers, to photograph insects in flight. It was the beginning of a lifelong determination to conceptualise his surroundings.  

Adept at high-energy sports, he was the Spanish windsurfing champion. His photography equally encompasses the natural world and the fascinating variety of the human condition. The result has been multiple assignments for major national and international brands that have financed his exploration into a profusion of photographic techniques that he applies to his artwork.  

He refuses to classify himself in any particular artistic category. He has made environmental portraits of merchants in Tarifa, southern Spain, where he resides, recreated the Greek myth of Narcissus, paid homage to Paul Gauguin in an interpretation of that artist's work, and braved storms to capture magnificent seascapes. In short, the world and everything in it is your subject.  

His work has been recognised by the prestigious international online gallery One Eyeland, where he is among its top ten photographers and has been awarded three gold medals of excellence by the world's largest photographic art competition, the Trierenberg Austrian Circuit. and recently a gold award at the New York Photography Awards with the photograph "Beach Life".