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Take a look at the latest works of Fx pacs food and liquid or contact them in Cape Town directly. Find on Production Paradise the best creative professionals and production services for commercials / advertising directors, commercials / food / drink directors, commercials / table top directors, commercials / visual directors, creative consultants, digital creative services, food stylists / home economists, graphic design, product stills stylists.

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    • creative consultants
    • commercials / advertising directors
    • commercials / food / drink directors
    • commercials / table top directors
    • commercials / visual directors
    • digital creative services
    • food stylists / home economists
    • graphic design
    • product stills stylists
    creative consultants


  • I started Fxpacs as a result of being a film and tv art director , but I spend more time on the products we were advertising than the background furniture , so eventually I  just focussed  on the product side of tv advertising.

    This was 20 years ago and in that period I  taught myself to be a beer specialist that resulted in me travelling the world from New Zealand to Jamaica to style beer from Guinness to Heineken.

    Beside beer I had a fascination with 3D objects in real space and how to fabricate them , this started the other side of business , packaging for film and how to make them “ behave’.. ie. make them bigger , better , colour correct , water proof , solid , see through , floating , sinking and PERFECT !

    Today Fxpacs is a small business that specialises in food , liquids and products. We fabricate them , we pour it , we cook it , we chuck it , and all through the process we keep our eye on the ball..

    “ make the product look , behave and reflect in the manner visualised by the client , owner , creative and the market.”

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