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Take a look at the latest works of LifeDesign or contact them in Cape Town directly. Find on Production Paradise the best creative professionals and production services for commercial production, commercials / advertising directors, commercials / beauty / fashion directors, commercials / car directors, commercials / live action directors, commercials / testimonials/ real people directors, commercials / visual directors, documentary directors, documentary production, fashion film directors, film production services, internet production, music video production, music videos directors, short film directors, TV directors, tv/ video production.

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    • commercial production
    • commercials / advertising directors
    • commercials / beauty / fashion directors
    • commercials / car directors
    • commercials / live action directors
    • commercials / testimonials/ real people directors
    • commercials / visual directors
    • documentary directors
    • documentary production
    • fashion film directors
    • film production services
    • internet production
    • music video production
    • music videos directors
    • short film directors
    • TV directors
    • tv/ video production
    commercial production



    With passion through purpose and people

    As visual storytellers, purpose-lead work fulfils our passion for creating. There is purpose in all brands and messaging and we believe that purpose drives engagement. 

    Sentiments change rapidly. By evoking emotional connection through our work we facilitate human beings feeling authentically. This intention inspires them to change or take an action. This is not a formulae but, rather, a uniquely personal process that develops a life force of its own.

    When a creator, subject, message and process are in rhythm to create,all possibility exists.

    The LifeDesign Team is lead by Founder and Director Linda Notelovitz and Giovanna Winetzki who leads the Digital Agency side, also a designer, editor, director.



    We understand the importance of connecting to people on every level, everywhere. We humanize brands, making them more visible and more loveable.


    We've always believed in maximizing all parts of our process – from concept through to content. We aim to expand any campaign to work hard across all platforms, for more reach.


    Our ability to be agile and to create organic processes in a fluid & ever-changing industry is vital to our approach on every project.


    We're a tribe of integrated creative contributors that come together in the form that is most desirable to the output of each specific project – no matter the size or scope of work. We take on different shapes, depending on your requirements.

    Wholeness Champions

    Above all else we care about creating purpose through process. We work closely with all of our clients and teams to create outcomes that reflect this.




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