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Aneta Laura is an Australian-based commercial photographer specialising in the beauty and wellness sectors. Defining her photographic style as "bold minimalism," Aneta employs a captivating focus on colours, textures and angles to bring products to life. Her prior academic background based in Denmark, combined with her Polish heritage, offers a distinctive perspective on art and photography.

Her approach is not merely about capturing images but creating a visual narrative that speaks to the right audience. This unique perspective has made her an invaluable asset within the rapidly evolving beauty industry. Some of her recent work involved numerous skincare, haircare and makeup products for various industry-leading companies such as Bondi Sands, Sundae Body, SKYN and Dr Naomi to name a few.

Aneta possesses the highly valuable ability to adapt to various aesthetics and visually convey emotions, a skill that is especially crucial in the competitive markets of beauty and wellness.