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Carolina Zorzi


Carolina, an artist skilled in multitasking, effortlessly transitions between various artistic realms, including graphics, portraits, and still life photography. Her extensive creative background harmoniously blends with her professional expertise in business and advertising, making her the ideal person to infuse innovation and beauty into captivating images.

A decade ago, Carolina embarked on her artistic journey in a small studio. This invaluable experience not only refined her artistic sensibilities but also honed her managerial and problem-solving abilities. These qualities form the foundation of her collaboration with advertising companies, as well as small and multinational enterprises like AQuest, dm Drogerie Markt, Laica, Lorenzo Marini Group, and other esteemed clients and partners.

Carolina's approach revolves around fostering cooperation and cultivating a positive and humble environment while working with clients. She believes in actively involving the client throughout the creative process to ensure the development of a final image that truly satisfies their vision.