Davide Farabegoli

Davide Farabegoli


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    Jul 24

    Davide Farabegoli

    Advertising photographers

    Davide Farabegoli, an Italian product photographer with many years of experience, is the visionary founder of Uovo Lab Studio.

    His fervour for food culture has led him to collaborate with renowned brands such as Pasqua Vini, Leagel, San Patrignano, Eridania, and Mec3. Notably, his ongoing partnership with Pasqua Vini has produced surreal and vibrant images, thanks to the client’s trust and the creative liberty granted to him and his team.

    Davide's passion for constructing bespoke sets and props has become a hallmark of his work. His studio specialises in using diverse materials, often opting for simple elements like paper to craft fresh and contemporary visuals.

    Continuously seeking new projects, Davide thrives on opportunities to showcase his talent and creativity, delivering distinctive and captivating images for his clientele, and he is available to work worldwide.