Take a look at the latest works of Flint or contact them in Sydney directly. Find on Production Paradise the best creative professionals and production services for commercial production, directors & DOPs' agents, photo agents, photo production.

Welcome to Flint's Creative Hub! We're all about bringing a touch of Sydney warmth to the world of production. 

Our passion lies in crafting photographic campaigns, TV commercials, brand narrative films, and engaging social content for local and international clients.  

Our team of Flint Artists are the ultimate multitaskers – both talented photographers and skilled directors. 

They glide effortlessly between these two worlds to give your projects that extra depth. 

Our Flint Producers are fluent in the languages of Photography and Film. 

They don't just bring expertise; they orchestrate photography, film, and integrated campaigns with finesse. 

They navigate the finer details of production, skilfully bringing creative ideas to life. 

So, whether you're seeking to tell your brand's story through photography, film, or embark on an integrated campaign journey, Flint is here to infuse warmth, creativity, and expertise into every step of the process.