Take a look at the latest works of Limehouse or contact them in Sydney directly. Find on Production Paradise the best creative professionals and production services for 2D Compositing/ film, 3D illustrators, AI & CGI photographers, animation production, animators, CGI & 3D / AI, commercial production, creative post production, digital artists, editing, photo production, retouching/ photo, TV / video production, VFX & production consulting, visual effects.


Limehouse is a Top 10 Australasia and Top 50 worldwide production studio based in Sydney and working with agencies and brands worldwide.

Whatever the media channel, they explore all approaches across production & post in order to create captivating visuals, and craft the highest quality possible. The Limehouse studio houses a highly skilled team of digital artists, full post-production facilities plus a network of industry specialists they engage. Whether it's building visuals from scratch in full CGI, seamless composition of photography & film, or integrating multiple techniques, Limehouse finds the smart approach to make it happen.


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