Takayuki Kikuchi

Takayuki Kikuchi

Taka is a photographer currently based in Tokyo, with many direct international exculusive bookings, Germany, France, U.S.A, Australia, etc.
Among his awards belong 1st place at Tokyo international foto awards in Japan 2016, 2nd and 3rd at px3 in Paris and Moscow international foto awards in Moscow 2016- 2018.
At his daily routine he uses knowlege of 3: art directing, CGI and photography. Next to still photography Taka is also excellent video maker.
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    Oct 18

    Takayuki Kikuchi

    Car & transportation photographers

    Takayuki Kikuchi (Taka) is a photographer currently based in Tokyo, with many exclusive direct international bookings in Germany, France, the US, Australia, and more.

    Among his awards are first place in the Tokyo International Photo Awards 2016, second and third place at PX3 in Paris, and the Moscow International Photo Awards 2016- 2018.

    In his daily routine he frequently applies his skills across art directing, CGI and photography. Aside from still photography, Taka is also an excellent video maker. He specialises in composite photography, shooting backplate assets for CGI and 360° environments, direction, art direction, editing, coordination and drone operation.

    Clients include Porsche Japan, McLaren Asia Pacific, VW Japan, Jaguar Land Rover Japan, Nissan Europe, Nissan Philippines, Subaru Global, Honda, Bentley Motors Japan, Mercedes-Benz Japan, Renault Japan, designory, GQ Japan, Yahoo! Japan and Car Graphic.