Adrian Mueller New York

Shooting liquids requires imaginative concepts, careful planning and exact lighting. All of which is replaced by serendipitous circumstances and happy accidents during a shoot. The necessity of having an analytical left-brain to plan and an intuitive right-brain to shoot is what makes capturing liquids one of Adrian Mueller’s most favourite still life assignments.

No matter how often he shoots liquids, Adrian never tires of how exciting it is to photograph something so beautiful and unpredictable. Together with his clients, he always leaves the studio fascinated and exhilarated by the wonderful final results.

"Adrian is a master of detail. Not only is he fun to shoot with, but he also works the camera like a mad scientist. His work is gorgeous - and he elevates images beyond that of a mere still life... transforming them into visual experiences." Derek Montgomery, Creative Director, Digitas, New York.

Ana Adams Photography Miami

Ana Adams is a photographer looking for bold colours, shapes and movement. With advertising images in mind, her work translates playful, happy photographs that compliment food dishes and especially liquids, glasses and back-lit subjects.

Ana was born in Brazil and comes from a television background, but photography has been a long-time passion. She speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish. She works closely with her clients and gets fully involved in their projects, both in her own studio or on location.

Barry Makariou Photographer London

Barry Makariou is as much an image creator as he is a photographer. Technically skilled in post-production, he is able to bring even the most challenging products to life. His style is bold, arresting and unique, with an acute awareness of form and aesthetic to reveal the essence of the subject matter.

A consummate professional Barry has worked with a wide range of clients including Avios, Laimon Fresh, Blackberry, Gillette and Hasselblad.

He won the prestigious Graphis/One Eyeland Advertising Award, and was a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters 2014.

Barry specialises in liquid, still life, watches, technology and advertising photography and is based in London. Visit his website for more information.

Dennis Pedersen London

Dennis Pedersen transforms everyday materials into spectacular, dynamic imagery. It is an art that he has honed for over 20 years. Dennis' studio is highly sought-after by clients from many sectors, all seeking a highly creative response to the photography of their products. Water, ice, heat, materials in flux: like an alchemist, he employs techniques and effects that bring materials and brands to life.

From his studios in Shoreditch, highly accessible to the creative industries of London, Dennis uses technical prowess as well as ingenuity to achieve the effects for which he is known. He has plentiful darkroom experience, and takes a highly trained eye to digital production, always pushing the boundaries of the photographically possible - and his unerring ability to capture the essence of a product.

Visit his new blog for more information.

Kai Schwabe Bremen - Hamburg

Kai Schwabe appreciates good food and drink. A passion for painting and drawing fits perfectly alongside his current photography work, and he has spent a number of years successfully shooting for leading food manufacturers and advertising agencies. His clients include Mondelez, Budweiser, Galbani, Agrarfrost, Jacobs, Kellogg's, Milka, BelVita, Nordsee, Subway, and more, who all appreciate his professional approach to layout and briefs along with his technical expertise.

Kai's 500 m² daylight studio is located in the centre of Bremen. A master of different lighting techniques, he can quickly create a range of subtle moods according to the individual needs of each client. Working alongside a team of talented food stylists and assistants, he develops high quality images that appeal to the appetite.

Featured in this Spotlight, Kai shows a series of drinks and crunchy vegetables capturing the freshness and the aroma to evoke a delicious sensory reception.

Represented by PAM Manuel Mittelpunkt Cologne

Rising young star Manuel Mittelpunkt has chosen Cologne as his home base from where he focuses on still life, liquid and cosmetic photography.

Amongst his first commissioned work were projects for renowned brands such as Schwarzkopf, Swarovski, Fila, Montblanc, Karstadt, OWP eyewear and Butlers, as well as advertising agencies Jung von Matt, Grey, Scholz & Friends and Bel Epok.

Manuel's editorials include GQ, Lufthansa Exclusive, Page, QVEST, Sneakers Magazine and Eyewear.

Manuel is represented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by PAM-Mirjam Böhm.

Mark Mawson london

Mark Mawson held his first camera at the age of eight and has been passionate about photography and lighting ever since. He has over 25 years of working as a photographer in London and has travelled extensively around the world shooting for clients.

His ‘Aqueous’ series of liquids started out as a fun, personal project but has since become world renowned. A video of it was projected onto Buckingham Palace as the backdrop for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert.

Mark enjoys collaborating with clients and creatives to produce stunning images.

Ray Massey London

The images feautured in this Spotlight represent Ray's areas of expertise, which has enabled creatives to bring some of their most demanding concepts to life without sacrificing organic appeal.

Specialising in liquids and drinks, Ray combines real life special effects with his in-house retouching and composing facility to bring to life within a pre-determined budget.

Working out of his 3500sq ft converted church hall studio in Camden London, he has over the last 25 years acquired an excellent production team round him to ensure that even the most difficult brief is executed to the highest of standards.

Visit Ray's Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr and twitter for updates and news.

Wonnacott London - New York

London-born Martin Wonnacott spends time between his studios in London and New York City. Shooting for clients around the world, he can offer either city depending on convenience for the client.

The world of liquids and sophisticated looking imagery for advertising are his mainstay. Having shot for every major drinks brand in the word he is well known and highly respected among agencies and their clients.

Recent projects have been major campaigns for Belvedere Vodka, Glenfiddich, Grey Goose, Jameson and many more.

Martin has recently directed two TV spots for Diageo and is continuing to expand his motion work for many other brands.