new york Oct 2016


No-Name Management New York photographers', directors' and stylists' agents

No Name Management supports a diverse group of image-makers and directors within a vibrant and creative industry. The company's international line-up of photographers, directors and stylists is responsible for some of the world's most iconic looks in fashion, advertising, music videos and more.

The goal is to nurture creative visionaries and produce work for a wide range of clients in both editorial and commercial fields. In addition to representing artists, No Name also has a full-service production company, No-NameProductions that utilises a premiere global network to create work for some of the world's biggest names and brands.

EH Management New York photo agents

EH Management was founded in 2007 by Elisabeth Heres with the sole purpose of creating a boutique agency where photographers, stylists and photo buyers could establish creative relationships that would produce high-quality results.

Selected not only for EH Management's vision, but for its personality and professionalism, Liz manages a small talent roster, ensuring that her artists and clients receive the focus they deserve.

Liz was well known in the publishing industry under her maiden name Liz Kildahl; though her name has changed, her passion for photography and business have not. As a photo director, Liz experienced the pressures associated with selecting the right photographer for the assignment, managing hard deadlines and keeping within defined budgets. Now, photo buyers and creative directors can count on EH Management, through Liz's experience and skills, to get the job done creatively, efficiently and seamlessly.

Jens Johnson New York food & drink photographers

Jens Johnson is a NY – CT based photographer with over 27 years of experience. He has produced award-winning food and beverage images for a loyal list of clients. They come to him for his lighting expertise and technical ability to bring their ideas to light.

In the last few years, Jens has added motion to his skill set. He has really enjoyed the transition to shooting and directing video projects for various clients. To view some of this new work and his food and beverage reel, please visit his website.

Jens built out a state of the art studio with only the best top of the line equipment. It features a comfortable client area, a fully stocked prop room and a beautifully designed kitchen with food stylists in mind.

Contact Jens to see what he can create. Follow Jens on Instagram to see what he’s working on.

Francesco Bittichesu New York advertising photographers

Francesco Bittichesu specialises in advertising, people and landscape photography. Originally from Italy, he moved to New York City in 1995 where he started to work creating still life imagery for magazines like GQ.

From his studio in Manhattan, Francesco began making a name for himself by applying his conceptual thinking and photographic experimentation to the field of commercial image-making. With an intense understanding and constant experimentation with the properties of analog and digital photography, Bittichesu articulates the complexity and subtleties of the medium.

Recent clients include: Giorgio Armani, Monocle Magazine, Borgo Egnazia resort, Naturino, Tissot, Lowe Madrid, CNBC New York, Condé Nast Publications, and Travel and Leisure.

Amy Elizabeth Studio New York still life photographers

Amy Elizabeth is a photographer with a polished aesthetic, adept at delivering brand-relevant images. Amy creates images that look modern and clean, regardless of the the complexity of the subject. With a background as an accomplished sculptor, she sees lighting and composition as equal entities and is passionate about both.  Amy has a true understanding of marketing and creative needs.

Amy’s studio is a relaxed space on the waterfront in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  She believes that great creativity is often the result of collective thinking and fosters a collaborative working style. Amy shoots powerful still life and interior images for global brands including Prada, Timberland, IZOD and Sak’s 5th Avenue.

She is represented by James Reps.

John-Francis Bourke New York people & lifestyle photographers

John-Francis, an Irish citizen, originally worked in Paris before moving to New York City where he specalises in documentary-based lifestyle imagery. More specifically, his focus is an aspect of photography that involves storytelling and recording working lives through environmental images. Most of this work is commissioned through editorial or advertising assignments; the balance is partnering directly with global brands.

While the majority of the assignment work is now US based, John-Francis works regularly in Europe for UK and mainland European creatives.

Alexandra Tremaine New York Kids and Lifestyle Photographers

Alexandra Tremaine is a lifestyle photographer based in the outskirts of New York City. Since a young age, Alexandra has appreciated the way light can dramatically alter a scene. In high school, she picked up her first film camera and she was hooked. She loved learning about light, testing it, and seeing what the world looked like through the lens. She enrolled and completed her education at the Brooks Institute for Professional Photography with an emphasis in Advertising.

To Alexandra, capturing a child is capturing their spirit. Sometimes that means being a fly on the wall, while other times it means rolling her sleeves up and playing with them. Whatever the scene calls for, Alexandra’s gift with children is evident both on the actual shoot and through the final photographs she captures. She delivers a beautiful and organic photograph with raw emotion, embodying the lifestyle feel with her kids photography as well as her fashion.

Alexandra’s credo: “Capturing the world in a simple, yet beautiful way.”

Chris Bailey New York advertising photographers

Chris Bailey shoots creative photography for advertising agencies worldwide. From location shots to studio work, his photographs display products and people with a unique aesthetic insight.

His work has won awards in the United States and the UK from Communication Arts, Photo Districts News, The Association of Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society.

Having lived for many years on a houseboat moored on the river Thames in London, he now lives on land in Connecticut and still drinks a lot of black coffee.

Peter Baiamonte New York advertising photographers

Peter Baiamonte, based in New York City, loves to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, reveal some personality in his subjects, and communicate a sense of meaning in his images.

Peter’s work includes many genres. He feels passionately about sports, portraiture, travel, and landscapes. He has a second location in the Berkshires, and works regularly with clients in both New York and Boston, with easy access to the entirety of New England.

Recent projects include a fall fashion cover story for Berkshire Magazine that integrated portraiture and fashion. A cover shot of actress Karen Allen was a highlight of the project.

Peter was also the behind-the-scenes photographer for Karen Allen’s first film as a director, 'A Tree A Rock A Cloud', filmed in the Berkshires, and featuring well-known actor Jeff DeMunn. The film is currently being screened at film festivals nationwide. Click here for more information.  

Peter's clients have included Ernst & Young, Con Edison, Panasonic, Bayer, Harrison and Star, Novartis, Berkshire Magazine, Teva Neuroscience, and Webster Bank.

Mark Loader New York still life photographers

Mark Loader has spent over 20 years developing a style that is now sought after by a wide range of fashion accessory, food and drink clients that include Jose Cuervo, Van Gogh Vodka, Ferragamo, Tabasco, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and Avocados of Mexico.

Mark's Tribeca, NYC studio has a fully equipped kitchen and shooting space and he likes nothing more than time spent shooting a liquor bottle, a beer or a food project. His team can comfortably take the job from concept through to post-production.

Mitchel Gray New York sports photographers

Mitchel Gray is a photographer and author. He has to his credit two best selling books, 'The Lingerie Book' and 'Lingerie Fantasies' (St.Martins Press) and has illustrated many more, particularly in the active lifestyle / health / fitness field. He has photographed over 100 magazine covers and thousands of magazine, advertising, and web pages.

The images in this edition of Production Paradise are a combination of covers of Mens' Health Muscle Magazine, and excerpts from the 'Bodies in Action' gallery show in New York City. It is a a series designed to illustrate what the bodies of great athletes are actually doing under all the equipment, padding, and uniforms while they are performing their sport, in a uniquely artful, dramatic, and informative style. He employs a distinctive, exacting, lighting approach configured to emphasise musculature, action, and grace.

There is an additional aspect to these photos that make them truly a “first” in the genre – in each photo in the series that appears to have two people in it, there is actually only the same person shot in opposition to themselves. This approach allows Mitchel to illustrate two sides of the same body in one frame, seamlessly and within the construct of the action.

Most of the subjects are Olympians or professional athletes. A book is in the immediate future.

Keith Barraclough New York portrait photographers

New York-based advertising, editorial and corporate photographer Keith Barraclough is energetic, engaging, professional and personable. His creative and collaborative style, as well as being able to work in numerous fast-paced, high pressure environments makes him a valuable asset to a wide range of clients.

One of Keith’s passions is working on personal projects. His most recent being 'The Redhead Project', whose portraits showcase his ability to capture compelling images of everyday subjects while putting the camera-shy at ease.

For more images and information visit his website.

Howard Huang New York advertising photographers

Taipei-born, Hawaiian-raised Howard Huang's unique mix of a sharp creative vision and veteran technical prowess has catapulted him to become one of commercial photography's fastest-rising stars whose photographs create a fantasy land that moves seamlessly from the visually dramatic to the subtly enhanced. His models emerge as warm and sexy, with a touch of glamour and lingering drama. If nothing else, Howard's world is a visually arresting one: one look and you're mesmerised.

"I am always thinking of a narrative behind the shoot, because I prefer creating images with a powerful emotional impact. It has to be something that makes you feel a sensation: whether it's sexy or surprising, or even a disgusted feeling. But no matter what, it has to attract the eye instantaneously."

Howard's client work ranges from campaigns for Nintendo, Verizon and Panasonic to Times Square billboards for fashion brands like Southpole Clothing and Lot29. His dramatic, high-concept images have graced the books of iconic American authors and also appear in Vogue, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Interview, IDPaper and Vibe.

The Production Factory NY New York photo production

New York is the fifth territory for this international production company. Production Factory NY Manhattan-based office boasts over a decade of production expertise, and already lays claim to clients including GAP, Steve Madden, Adidas, Zachary Prell, Benetton and Lands’ End, plus editorials for Teen Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Allure to name a few.

As a full service production company, The Production Factory NY can arrange every aspect of a photoshoot in North America, and globally.

Cindi Blair Productions / Turks & Caicos Productions New York Photo & Film Production

Cindi Blair Productions and Turks & Caicos Productions have provided worldwide locations and castings for 20 years. Each company provides an easy, no fuss production. "Our goal is to make the client happy as well as each person on the production."

Full service production is provided for still shoots, commercials, videos, TV and fashion shoots. This covers production budgets, sourcing and scouting locations, hiring crew, casting, equipment, logistics, transportation, customs, and more.

"With companies located in NYC, Turks & Caicos and Westhampton, we cover many facets of production and have contacts in every corner of the world. No location is too remote."

BARRINGTON New York photo production

The Barrington Group is a full service casting, production and brand project management company based between Miami, New York, Cuba and the Caribbean.

Headed by former top model agent Tyron Barrington, the company's clients include Avon Mark Cosmetics, L’Oréal Feria, Target, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Mercier Cosmetics, ReVive Skincare, BMW International, Elle, Cosabella and Levi's.

The company has produced shoots with top fashion photographers including Patrick Demarchelier, Matthias Vriens, Matt Jones, Alexi Lubomirski, and Alberto Tolot, among others.

For more information including quotes, call +1 646-623-0404 or email Tyron direct.

George Productions New York photo production

It’s been a busy summer for George Productions, NYC, casting and producing a campaign for Axon phone, launching in the fall.

This period is turning out to be equally as busy with two art buying projects; a European cruise line and a NY apparel line, plus casting and production for a new hair campaign launch.

Howe Haus New York Photo & Film Production

HoweHaus is a full service production company known for its energetic resourcefulness and positivity. Be it advertising or editorial, with a need for a local fixer or full-scale production, the company's efficiency and overall dedication are unmatched in the industry, showing a love for the production process.

Every aspect is conscientiously tailored to the specific needs of both the photographer/director and client to create a unique experience and successful shoot, always on time and within budget.

Mindful of cultural differences that impact projects, Howe Haus works extensively with international clients in the US and abroad, most recently in Germany, South Africa, Denmark, Ireland and Argentina.

Clients include Nike, GQ, Visa, Adidas, Hilton Hotels, Neiman Marcus, Victory Motorcycles, Sony Records, Benefit Cosmetics, Mens Journal, Coca-Cola and Hyatt Hotels.

Splashlight New York Photo Production & Rental Studios

Splashlight is the only full-scale creative production house with almost 100,000 square feet of studio spaces, a full, industry vetted production team, an in-house creative group, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology experts.

"In the last decade, our leadership in the fashion industry as content creation experts has allowed us to develop partnerships with leading brands, retailers and publications, resulting in some of the most groundbreaking images and campaigns of the past decade. Our international presence is growing, and as the world becomes more interconnected, so do our clients, and therefore so do we."


Gloss PostProduction is a creative image retouching and CGI studio with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Berlin. The company's extensive portfolio includes prominent campaigns in the automotive industry as well as CGI, product, lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

This year, Gloss PostProduction got to work on some exciting campaigns from all over the world. From the Asian market, through Europe, and all over the US, the studio has further developed its distinctive approach and vision for cooperative work with photographers and creatives to achieve greatly unique and outstanding campaigns.

Its body of work has expanded greatly, showing its ability to take on diverse projects and yet keep an underlying signature look and feel that connects them all.

"We are proud of the personal connections we made with clients this year and have been rated with top performance with our service and ability to tailor our process to our clients' needs."

Luke Geissbühler Associates LLC New York DOPs/ advertising & commercials

Academy Award nominated Luke Geissbühler is a master of natural light, framing and narrative storytelling. He has been a trusted cinematographer to the most beautiful women in the world for Victoria’s Secret for more than a decade. With over 25 feature films, 20 documentaries, and countless commercials to his name, his achievements include having photographed the renowned documentaries ‘Helvetica’ and 'Buck’, as well as Sacha Baron Cohen’s legendary 'Borat' and Patrick Stewart’s powerfully dramatic performance in 'Match’.

Luke unexpectedly became known the world over when he and his 8-year-old son sent a camera to near space in a homemade contraption as seen in the viral video 'Space Balloon’.

Raised by two Swiss graphic designers, Luke was taught the fundamentals of visual balance, shape and colour at an early age. A native New Yorker, self-taught engineer and NYU Tisch School graduate, he has excelled in blending together documentary and narrative approaches with wonderful results. Due to his vast experience and unique style, Luke has been called to every corner of the world to orchestrate complex shoots for OK Go, Adam McKay, The Muppets, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Amazon, Doug Liman, Barry Levinson, Katherine Bigelow and many, many others.

Don Freeman New York Photographers and Directors

Don Freeman is an American photographer and filmmaker living in New York. His luminous and painterly still lifes, interiors and portraits appear regularly in the UK’s The World of Interiors, Elle Décor and Architectural Digest and his fine art photography art is exhibited in galleries and private collections worldwide.

Don’s reverence for art, poetry, beauty and light can be found in his books 'Styling Nature' (Rizzoli, 2016), 'Artists’ Handmade Houses' (Abrams 2011), 'Ted Muehling, a portrait' (Rizzoli 2008), 'The Hotel Book: Great Escapes North America' (Taschen) and in his recent feature length documentary 'Art House' (FirstRunFeatureFilms 2016), which was recognised widely as a work of art in itself, winning Best Documentary, Best Editing, and Best Director awards.

Takako Kuniyuki New York Food Stylists

Trained in Japanese cuisine and highly skilled in both Eastern and Western cooking, Taka is a versatile food stylist whom clients rely on to achieve the best possible results. Fully prepared for every job, she is extremely efficient on set and can solve any problem that arises.

Recent projects include commercials for Ciroc Vodka and New York Bakery, advertising campaigns for Best Damn Root Beer and Stella Artois, packaging shoots for Bodum, and cocktail shoots for Bacardi.

Neo Studios New York rental studios photo & film

NEO Studios is NYC’s favourite boutique rental photo studio, providing beautiful, private spaces that combine classic loft style with modern amenities. Located in fashionable and convenient NOHO, NEO is surrounded by chic downtown bars, galleries, hotels and shopping/styling.

With 14’ ceilings, CYC, kitchen, lounges, in-house camera, digital and lighting gear, NEO is a proven favourite of demanding photographers, celebrities, producers and film crews worldwide. NEO has the feel of a small, elegant boutique hotel with the requisite production amenities.

The staff is friendly yet professional, focusing on providing exacting service and support for the most demanding of clients and celebrities. NEO is also the perfect venue to host select industry events: dinners, PR functions, editor reviews, fittings, seminars, openings, and more!

Home Studios New York rental studios photo & film

Home Studios Inc. features two premier event spaces perfect for film and photo shoots, corporate and culinary events, private parties and elegant weddings.

With over 10 years of experience, it can provide a perfect venue for any event a client can imagine, including fashion shows, product launches and celebrity chef demonstrations.

Contact Home Studios anytime to set up an appointment to see its stunning spaces.