27mm Balearic Islands

Enric was born and raised on the beautiful island of Menorca, in the Mediterranean. He grew up by the water and learned from the sea.

"Working as a motionographer allowed me to create my own lifestyle and permitted me to live in many different places, far away from the city and one step from the sea. Then I started to mix passion for the sea into my photographs."

Enric devotes himself to improvisation, presenting the interaction between people, animals and the sea.

Aaron Okayama Los Angeles

Aaron Okayama is an advertising photographer based out of Los Angeles. His passion for sport and underwater photography has led him to shoot for some of the largest swimwear brands in the world.

His client list includes Speedo, Oakley, Jolyn Clothing, Aquasphere, USA Synchro, Triflare, Tom’s Shoes, American Racing, Motegi Racing, Outside Magazine, Women’s Fitness Magazine, How Magazine, Traffik, and OSSO Design.

André Silva London

Andre Silva has been photographing in and around water for years, working with big-wave surfers in challenging conditions off the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, the bitterly cold waters of the Arctic, and the picture-perfect Mediterranean Sea.

With a background in surfing and armed with a wealth of experience and the right equipment, no project is too complex.

Maintaining his trademark style, using both natural and artificial light (flash and continuous), Andre is able to give his images a strong, realistic look.

Recent clients include Beats by Dre, RNLI, Red Bull and Mazda.

Bluearth Production Marseille

Founded by award-winning marine DoP and photographer Jean-Charles Granjon, Bluearth Production is specialised in marine, underwater and slow motion filming.

"Our worldwide experience of documentary and feature film filming has given us opportunities to scout mindblowing underwater and marine sets. We are experts in filming wildlife and we cast aquatic models, free divers, and aquatic stuntmen/women. Based in Marseille, 30 minutes away from an international aiport, we provide production teams and facilities with support vessels, scuba diving gears, boating and filming crews on the French Riviera. 

We engineer our own housings for cinema cameras like the RED Weapon, Arri mini, Sony and Phantom Flex 4K. This solution allows a full remote control either using an Ethernet wired connection along with a video monitoring or an underwater to topside intercom system."

Holloway London

The work of underwater photographer and director, Zena Holloway, deviates from the stereotypical directness associated with underwater photography, as she strives to push the boundaries of her imagination and the limits of creativity.

“When Zena was 18, she travelled the world working as a scuba instructor and developed a passion for underwater photography and film. Completely self-taught, she creates images that are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium. She combines the highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction that results in extraordinary imagery,” IdN Magazine.

Recent commissions include B&H (Leo Burnett, Mexico), English National Opera, The Royal Ballet, Kyle Minogue, Georg Jensen, Pepsi, Westfield, Speedo, Radox (Grey), Camay (Leo Burnett, Hong Kong), Rosemount Wine (RKCR/Y&R), Nike, Herbal Essences (Leo Burnett, London), Olay (Saatchi & Saatchi NY), Jacuzzi (Y&R San Fran), Built With Chocolate Milk (Campbell Ewald NY), and Shangri-La (O&M, Hong Kong).

Jenn Bischof Miami

Jenn Bischof is an underwater advertising and fashion photographer. Her aesthetic blurs boundaries, crossing genres seamlessly. With sophisticated palettes her creations are polished, precise, with an underlying graphic quality to created dynamism and distinctive moods.

In fashion she produces bold imagery, often taking advantage of the constant, effortless motion produced by an underwater environment. Sculpting her images with intentional lighting and composition, she creates a dramatic, sensual ambiance that resounds in each photograph. Jenn's lifestyle, equally graphic in nature, leaves her audience with a softer, immersive experience by utilising ambient light.

Jenn's images leave the audience with an immediate impression not soon forgotten.

Rebecca Handler New York

Rebecca Handler is a commercial photographer specialising in conceptual and underwater photography. Rebecca currently resides in New York City, on Brooklyn’s waterfront, where she focuses on advertising photography and is working on commercial campaigns with award-winning creatives around the world.

Rebecca has been featured in numerous art shows and publications worldwide, recently being named as part of Archive Magazine’s '200 Best Ad Photographer’s Worldwide' and One Eyeland’s 'Best of the Best Photographers Worldwide'. Rebecca is continuously pushing the boundaries of her medium by mixing photography with digital manipulation and producing images rich in detail, mood and colour.

Her work has launched to much critical acclaim as she has followed a pioneering path in both commercial and fine art photography, as well as directing.

Robin Cerutti Montreal

Robin Cerutti is a Montreal-based photographer who loves to work anywhere in the world. He believes that beauty lies in reality and draws his inspiration from people and travels. Cerutti became a photographer in New York, where he was working as a physicist. His past as a scientist makes him approach photography as he would do as a researcher. This allows him to work creatively in a wide range of projects such as lifestyle, sports, travels, fine-art, fashion and portrait.

Water is an fundamental element to Robin’s photographic work. He uses its properties to either make people feel part of the image or to add a dreamy part based on reality. Each one of his pieces allows the viewer to let himself go, be transported and enter into a fantastic world, one in which he can interpret each piece by imagining situations that are, after all, quite real.

His client list includes private collectors, galeries (Montreal/Miami/Paris), musicians, Waterpolo Quebec, Decathlon and Midtown Athletic club among others.

Ronny Kiaulehn Munich - Milan

Born in 1968 in a little town near Munich, for his 6th birthday Ronny Kiaulehn received his first camera, an Agfa pocket. At 12 years of age he bought a Pentax ME, then a few years later school offered photography courses and he got the key to the darkroom, which is where his love for photography truly began.

“I love to create my own lighting, that‘s why I work with battery studio flash units most of the time when I do outdoor and action photography. I like the challenge of setting up my studio set also under really difficult conditions, like carrying 50kg of lighting equipment up a mountain top to do some action shots for a mountain bike client.

When I decided to get into underwater photography it was clear to me that I wanted to adapt the same lighting techniques I use above to water. I enjoy the underwater shoots most because they need a lot more planning, preparation and skills. They are not as predictable as studio or outdoor shoots, but this is what makes them very special and a real challenge.”

Splashprod Paris

Splashprod is a production company based in Paris specialised in diving coordination for media projects to facilitate filming in and around water.

"Our work has appeared in countless ad campaigns and feature films, and we currently own three underwater stages exclusively dedicated to underwater filming (feature films, short films, videoclips, advertising, etc.) and photography.

Our tanks allow us to build underwater sets to best meet the ambitious ideas of our customers, and we also provide a highly-trained and experienced team of underwater camera operators, underwater assistants, safety divers and actor trainers in order to provide the best experience for our clients.

In addition to underwater filming, we also provide the tools for sophisiticated water games such as shower, rain, waterfall and river effects. Splashprod is also a supplier for equipment rental: camera housing, underwater lighting, underwater intercom, and more."

Clients include Kusmi Tea Paris, Kenzo, Chanel, L'Oréal, IKKS, Tudor, Amnesty International, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Arena, Swarovski, Adidas and C&A.

Email the team for more information.

Zac Macaulay London

London born photographer and film-maker Zac Macaulay has won three international awards and is one of Europe’s leading underwater artists with a camera. Shooting for over 20 years all over the world, he is as happy shooting in the open sea as he is in film tanks or wet studios.

Zac is first an artist and then a diver, and his most recent projects include shooting Mylene Klass for Littlewoods, making magic with mermaids with lobster tails for Burger and Lobster, and shooting 'Strictly Come Dancing' underwater for Fit Bit.

As well as stills, he now shoots with a high-end Gates housing in collaboration with Red movie cameras on commercial and movie projects, recently being the DOP on a Pantene Pro V hair commercial underwater.

Zac loves to push boundaries underwater with his camera, shooting both intuitively and to the clients brief. He has a strong team and trusted crew with which he can make an assignment come to life and win awards.