netherlands May 2017


hotelrebel Amsterdam Photo & Film Production

Based in the scenic city of Rotterdam, HotelRebel creates and produces film, commercials and photography for clients, brands and agencies including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Vlisco and Mentos.

Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the surrounding area provide the décor for the company's full range of high-end production services, specialising in pre-production, extensive location scouting, casting, set production, editing, post-production and full project management.

"With every project we will go on and on about the ‘what - why - how’ thing. To make sure it all comes together!"

Amsterdam Production Services Amsterdam Film & Photo production service

Amsterdam Production Services is The Netherland’s leading production service company. John Trapman, a Canadian abroad in Holland, leads the multi-lingual team with over 20 years’ experience providing cost effective production for commercials, features, TV and photography.

"We know how difficult it can be to shoot abroad and that is why we offer our total commitment providing for every component of production services in Holland, such as location scouting and fixing, casting, crew, equipment, studio, hotel, transportation and post-production. No project is too big to handle or too small to enjoy!"

Recent work includes:

  • Netflix drama - 'Sense 8' season two.  Director Lana Wachowski.
  • Nivea 8x4 - Japanese commercial.
  • Chinese TV production - 'Race The World'.
  • Photo shoot - Stylist Magazine cover of Viktor and Rolf.

“I cannot recommend John and his team more highly. Effortless, transparent, honest and good humoured; working with John was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Amsterdam is a fabulous production centre and John is a consummate professional with a wealth of experience.” Phil Barnes, UK Producer.

Otto van den Toorn Amsterdam beauty photographers

Based near Amsterdam, former composer and DJ Otto van den Toorn decided to leave his secluded studio life behind and move into the photographic world. 20 years of modelling experience  was also a great way to start working as a fashion photographer!

Otto loves working and connecting with people and so has established himself as a full time fashion and beauty photographer. His work is aesthetic with the strength to make reality more powerful and beautiful.

Otto’s assignments are mostly fashion related and he has shot campaigns for brands such as Ibana, Nikkie.com, JoshV, Makeupstudio, Inglot, MiMoneda, Lookx, RTL, Mjus, Cavallaro Napoli and Tramontana as well as magazines such as Talkies Magazine, LAF, SalonNV-UK, Grazia and Stylevision.

Mathilde Karrèr Photography Amsterdam still life photographers

Mathilde Karrèr is a still life photographer from Amsterdam, currently based in Berlin and working internationally.

After a career in film, since 2012 still life photography has become her main focus. Mathilde has a keen eye for styling and has a well developed sense for creating a narrative within a single image. Working solo or with talented stylists, she strives for a high-end image, well balanced in atmosphere, colour, texture and light.

Luxury goods, jewellery, flowers, fashion accessories and dachshunds are just some of her favourite subjects to shoot. Commercially she has worked for Zalando, Ace&Tate and Bugaboo. Editorially she has shot for Vogue, Vogue Man and Highsnobiety.

Pim Hendriksen Amsterdam advertising photographers

Pim Hendriksen's greatest strength lies in linking his technical knowledge of photography with the emotions being captured. He is able to perfectly blend these skills, as is highlighted in his work as a commercial photographer.

Pim specialises in advertising, portraits and automotive photography with a look and feel that is colourful, powerful and energetic.

Pim in a nutshell:

  • Loves challenging lighting situations and capturing moving subjects such as people and vehicles.
  • Pragmatic and innovative problem-solver on set.
  • High production value and creative input that is technically possible.
  • Working with different mediums and methods, cinemagraphs being just one example.
  • At home on big productions and complex sets.

Bart van Vlijmen Photography Amsterdam architecture and corporate photographers

Bart van Vlijmen is a Dutch freelance photographer who has become an all-round professional with a special preference for corporate, portrait, interior and architecture photography in which 'man is in his natural environment' plays an important role.

Bart has his own personal style and with 15 years of experience, a growing number of large companies approach him for assignments.

Clients include AKD, Enexis, Nutricia Medical, DB Schenker Logistics, Chanel, Damen Shipyards, Postillion Hotels, Coolblue and more.

Tobias Reymond Foto | Film Amsterdam food & drink photographers

In this Showcase, Tobias Reymond Foto | Film shares some interesting projects, on-the-road as well in the studio.

  • The team travelled to Italy over the Alps to shoot foodtrucks, shortlisted in 'The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2017 Award'.
  • A non-profit project with JWT/Amsterdam for Restaurant Freud/Amsterdam, using the original Rorschach patterns as spilled liquids, earned a lot of attention.
  • 270 pages on bakery techniques were finalised: 'Bakken met Kennis' by home economist Eke Mariën.
  • Giardini Naxos in Sicily staged another series on food markets.

The company also had seven images recognised in the Black & White Spider Awards 2017.

Tobias Reymond Foto | Film is preferred supplier to Unilever, KLM and Ahold.

Hans Verleur Amsterdam portrait photographers

For Hans Verleur, the essence of imaging is storytelling and lighting. In his images he likes to create single-frame-stories in which the action extends beyond the frame and the lighting conditions set the mood. Pinpointing his style, it can best be described as cinematographic; the light tells an important part of the story. On top of this, he enjoys the co-creation with creatives and the collaboration with the subjects.

Although his assignments range from portraits to landscapes, Hans considers lifestyle as a core direction in his photography.

He has specialised in customised image banks: client specific series of images which reflect the essence of the company or of a certain product. During such productions his full photographic and production experience come into play: storytelling, improvisation, wide production experience, and dealing with challenges and in depth client relations.

Clients big or small, Hans is always dedicated to maximising the outcome.

Nadja Pollack Amsterdam children / kid photographers

Nadja Pollack is an Amsterdam-based kids fashion photographer working with many international brands and magazines. Her drive to create outstanding images for commercial, editorial and advertising use as well as her involvement in the many parts of the production process make her an excellent choice for clients worldwide.

Nadja works with small independent brands as well as many luxury brands. Her calm but engaged nature makes her easy to work with for many professionals from the fashion industry.

Her clients include Minimaven Magazine, Hooligans Magazine, Magazine Kids, The Small Gatsby, Mischka Aoki, Isossy Children, Shan and Toad

Pim Ras Amsterdam celebrity & entertainment photographers

Pim Ras was born in Rotterdam and knew as an eight-year-old child what his professional destination in life would be; to become a sports photographer like the photographers he saw when he accompanied his father to the Feyenoord football stadium de Kuip.

At the age of 16 Pim's dream came true when he was asked to become the photographer of Ajax Amsterdam. There he met the big names in Dutch sports photography at that time. In 1988, he joined the agency of cycling photographer Cor Vos. He also began working for the second largest newspaper in Holland, Algemeen Dagblad.

Today, at the age of 50, Pim still has his main podium in the sports section, AD Sportwereld. For AD he has photographed five Summer Olympics and three Winter Olympics as well as 10 European and World Football championships across the globe. In his career, Pim has won 43 prizes in the Dutch Silver Camera Contest, as well as two prizes at the international photo contest organised by French sports newspaper L’Equipe.

In his 30-year career, Pim has developed into an all-round photographer with a special talent for sports and portraiture. He works mostly on editorials for Algemeen Dagblad, Voetbal International, Voetbal Inside Magazine, Entree Magazine and has also been assigned for documentary photography for Terre des Hommes and Doctors Without Borders. Pim is represented by Hollandse Hoogte and VI-Images.

Peter Bak photography Amsterdam people & lifestyle photographers

Peter Bak is a (mostly) Rotterdam-based portrait and travel photographer with more than 20 years' experience.

During his time in NYC he worked on 'documentary photo projects' and with several photographers, including Dana Lixenberg. Although he prefers natural light for his documentary projects, he is also very comfortable using flash photography for dramatically lit editorial portraits.

He enjoys taking photos for travel and lifestyle magazines and when not shooting professionally, Peter spends his free time travelling and working on his personal photo projects.

"It takes time to make a photo. I love working in a documentary style, as it enables me to really see people as they are."

He works with a wide range of clients, from lifestyle magazines to corporate portraits, including Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Credits Magazine, Thieme, LiFF, RetailTrend, Nautique, Rails, Dutch Playboy, Elle Magazine, Carp, HP de tijd and NRC M-magazine.

Natalie Biryuchenko Amsterdam advertising photographers

Natalie Biryuchenko was born in Ukraine and has lived in the Netherlands since 2002. She studied photography at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, and finished her studies with a summa cum laude diploma in 2007. Since then she has worked as a professional fashion, advertising, portrait and art photographer in Europe and further afield.

Alexandra Schijf Amsterdam Stylists/ food & home economists

"I don't just style, I create dreams."

Alexandra (Alex) Schijf is a Dutch freelance food and props stylist. Her work has been published in multiple best-selling cook books, web and commercial campaigns for the likes of PepsiCo, Philips and Nespresso.

"Looking for a stylist who doesn't only create the perfect image, but whom you can also trust with art direction and organizing the complete shoot? You've found her!"

Simone Jay Styling Amsterdam Stylists/ props, furnishing, interior

Simone Jay has a well-established track record within the Netherlands as a talented stylist for film and photography. After finishing a major project for The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Simone has now been asked to work on a new campaign for the Concertgebouw with photographer Marcel Molle.

Her taste and talent to deliver inspiring styling has been recognised by Jelier & Schaaf who have recently used her skills for a Honig commercial and subsequently a new Albert Heijn commercial. Responsible for the creative input, advising on moods, responsible for buying and sourcing props and on-set propping, she always stays within budget and is very resourceful when it comes to finding creative solutions.

Simone has a client list that includes both national and international clients like Kraft, Marks & Spencer, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Skoda, KLM/Air France, Nationale Nederlanden, Heineken, KPN, NS, AEGON, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and The Concertgebouw.