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Conti Sud Productions Montpellier - Paris Photo & Film Production

Based in Montpellier and Nice in the South of France, Conti Sud Productions offers all inclusive production services for film and photo clients, ranging from scouting services to crew booking, casting and set design, providing whatever is needed to ensure a successful shoot.

Through a wide network of partner companies around the world, Conti Sud Productions guarantees top quality services and efficient cost solutions for productions worldwide.

Conti Sud Productions also offers houses to rent for film and photo clients in France and Corsica, Ibiza, Bali, Mykonos, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro, Essaouira, Goa and Cape Town.

Continental Productions Paris Photo & Film Production

Continental Productions is a creative global production company based in Paris, producing all types of image content for print, film and digital platforms.

With more than 1500 projects organised in Europe and across the world in partnership with leading advertising agencies and international clients, its label ContiGroup offers a selection of worldwide offices in Paris, Barcelona, the USA, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Bangkok, Casablanca and Shanghai.

Dedicated teams with local knowledge consistently guarantee clients the best crews, locations and cost-efficient budgets.

"Continental Productions relies on strong human values ​​and qualified teams, volunteers and enthusiasts to best meet your expectations."

EyeSee Paris Photo & Film Production

EyeSee is a Paris-based full service production company working throughout France and worldwide across advertising, editorial, fashion and corporate industries. The company also produces moving images, essentially online brand content, following clients' needs and budget.

EyeSee collaborates with clients at every stage of the creative process, providing art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Whatever the request, the company's team of highly skilled producers strives to make every production a stress-free experience. Enthusiastic, efficient and cost-effective defines EyeSee's way of working, with the company offering seamless solutions tailored to each individual client.

Recent productions include:

  • Harper’s Bazaar - Photographer: Agata Popieszinska.
  • Total - Photographer: Yann Stofer.
  • Monoprix - Photographer : Gustav Almestal.
  • Société Générale - Photographer: Yann Stofer.

Hanne Evans Production Services Paris Photo & Film Production

Hanne Evans Production Services is a boutique production service company, based in France, with offices in Paris and Nice for film, photos videos and events.

"For the past 20 years, we have been providing quality production services for a variety of international productions and companies wishing not only  to shoot in the south of France and Monaco, but over the rest of the country too as well as other European destinations and even North and South Africa.

We know the best location scouts all over and can organise every aspect of your production, including (but not limted to) research, location scouting, permitting, casting, travel and accommodation, set design and prop styling - on top of the obvious shoot requirements that are, of course, a first-class team of multi-lingual technicians and production staff.

Oh, and our local vendors have all the latest camera, lighting and grip equipment too. We recognise the importance of detailed and transparent budgeting and pride ourselves on our experience and our exceptional high standards for efficiency. We do after all have a German boss!"

KA2 Productions Paris photo production

Based in Paris, KA2 Productions is a comprehensive, full service international production company for photography and film productions. With more than 15 years' experience in the production industry, it offers an impeccable service on all levels.

Services include art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Each job is approached with the same diligence and attention while keeping tightly to budgets.

La Moustache Paris photo production

La Moustache is a Paris-based production company working for advertising companies, fashion and luxury brands, and magazines. Since its creation in 2005, La Moustache has made its path into the industry and decided 2017 was time for a new challenge!

"This summer, we moved our offices to a large and bright studio space in the heart of Paris. Complete with its own equipment, high cellings, beautiful natural daylight or black-out blinds, the studio can welcome many kinds of fashion, portrait, still life or casting projects. We love this new space and we're looking forward to welcoming new shoots.

We enjoy the collaboration with photographers and directors, the challenge of location scouting and casting, and the precise organisation of all aspects of a production, giving love to every detail.

La Moustache conducts productions throughout France, from Paris to the French Alps, the French Riviera and the Basque Country, as well as in foreign countries. We look forward to getting in contact with you to prepare your next shoot."

La Creative Factory Paris location service & scouts

"For over 18 years, we have worked for the leading production companies and agencies, helping clients to find "the" location.

The company provides both a technical and creative outlook for each project, whether the client is a production company, a photographer, a director, or an advertising agency.

Our services includes scouting and research for original and never-before-used locations throughout France (not only limited to Paris and the Riviera) and Europe (Scotland, Norway and Ireland), as well as full location management and permits for production companies,

Our clients in 2017 included BMW, Renault, Marco Polo, Wella, Puma, Disney, Honda, Lancôme, Total, Porsche, Brittany Ferries, Seat, Furla, Audi and Jack & Jones.

You can contact us directly for any upcoming projects or bid. Our image bank is constantly updated with new locations."

Octopix Paris Photo & Film Production

Created in 1999, Octopix is a full service production company based in Paris providing experienced multilingual coordinators, friendly assistants and effective technicians to make shoots run as smoothly as possible.

The agency offers the largest location database in France and loves the challenge of finding that "impossible" location - in France and throughout the world.

Octopix also includes casting and set design services.

The agency adapts to creative and budget expectations for clients as diverse as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft and Vogue, to name just a few.

Sylvie Kreiss Productions Paris Photo & Film Production

Established in Paris since 1990, Sylvie Kreiss Productions specialises in the production of advertising photos and videos, responding to all specific requirements with a network throughout Europe and Morocco adapted to clients' needs.

With subtlety and flexibility, the team can address a client's brief with the expertise of a tightly-welded crew.

Sylvie’s client list includes photographers’ agents and advertising agencies, as well as fashion, automobile and luxury goods brands such as Renault, Volkswagen, Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Crédit du Nord, L’Oréal and Le Bon Marché.

REGGLISS Production Nice Photo & film Production and locations

Reggliss Production provides full service production in Nice, Saint Tropez and Marseille on the French Côte D'Azur.

Throughout 25 years of local and international production, Reggliss has consistently organised still and motion content for advertising and editorial campaigns, fashion, luxury, lifestyle and automotive.

"We are renowned for our unique advisory mission, our objective expertise and particularly creative approach in sourcing unique locations from a vast image bank."

Thanks to its strong local connections with leading suppliers, Reggliss Production provides the best nationwide logistics, on-set coordination, local crew booking, location scouts and permits, transportation, accommodation, casting, props sourcing and art buying.

For simple shoots right up to large-scale productions, Reggliss can assist every aspect of a photo shoot, putting its experience, energy and calm efficiency at clients' disposal throughout the entire process.

Bluearth Production Marseille Underwater Photo & Video Production and equipment rent

Founded by award-winning marine DoP and photographer Jean-Charles Granjon, Bluearth Production is specialised in marine, underwater and slow motion filming.

"Our worldwide experience of documentary and feature film filming has given us opportunities to scout mindblowing underwater and marine sets. We are experts in filming wildlife and we cast aquatic models, free divers, and aquatic stuntmen/women. Based in Marseille, 30 minutes away from an international aiport, we provide production teams and facilities with support vessels, scuba diving gears, boating and filming crews on the French Riviera. 

We engineer our own housings for cinema cameras like the RED Weapon, Arri mini, Sony and Phantom Flex 4K. This solution allows a full remote control either using an Ethernet wired connection along with a video monitoring or an underwater to topside intercom system."

Arnaud Taquet Paris Car Photographers

Arnaud Taquet is a 24-year-old French automotive and commercial photographer who is also a test driver.

"I'm a true petrol-head either driving or shooting - when I’m not daydreaming. I travel across Europe and the world for my clients, but also as a result of my passion for discovering deserts and wild areas."

Clients include Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Seat, Honda, Lexus, Audi, Seat and BMW-ALPINA.

Kavak Photography Paris Fashion Photographers

"I am Kavak, a self taught fashion photographer based in Paris. I was attracted and obsessed by different cultures, lifestyles and diversity of the fashion world, which is why I chose fashion photography for my career.

My passion is to empower and show the best version of my subjects to my audience based on my vision about beauty. Vivid colours, playing with light and shadow is the key element of what I love to create in my work, based on the solid story.

My recent clients include advertising campaigns with Claudine Ivari, still photographs for delicious Caviarly’s, and a commercial campaign for Yohann Fayolle."

Yoann Stoeckel Paris - New York Advertising Photographers

Photographer Yoann Stoeckel shoots portrait, lifestyle sportswear and advertising images. Having spent a number of years travelling and living in some of the world’s most culturally diverse countries, he has created a genuinely poetic and realistic personal style.

A creative use of both available and studio light along with a willingness to explore the sensibilities of each subject is what defines his portraiture, while his lifestyle photography constantly searches for the gaps between the human and natural environments.

Yoann's images demonstrate a precise use of composition that balances poignantly on the line between reality and fiction. His work transports the viewer to his own personal visual world that is infused with his signature palette and unique approach to capturing light.

Clients include Apple, Ford, Nespresso and Vanity Fair, and advertising agencies such as TBWA.


RVZ's team of 40 professionals has 29 years of experience and is available for all production needs.

Equipment includes

  • Flashes - Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Elinchrom, Multiblitz.
  • DIgital capture - Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leaf.
  • Cameras - Red Weapon 6K, Red Helium 8k, Epic M, Scarlet, Arri Alexa mini, Canon EOS C300.
  • HMI/Tungsten - Arri, K5600, Desisti, Dedolight.
  • Fluos/LEDs Kino Flo, Lite Panels, SL1, Skypanels, trucolor, Cineled.
  • Softboxes, frames, textiles, effects and specific accessories including wind and smoke machines. Props, make-up stations, folding tables, chairs and boxes, ollies and accessories, lighting grips, standard, power distribution, trucks, location vans, generators and motorhomes.

Contact RVZ @ Paris-Ivry sur Seine on +33(0)1 47 46 17 00 or in Marrakech on +212 (0)5 24 30 14 20.