new york Oct 2017


Gokche Erenmemisoglu New York still life photographers

Located in New York City, Gokche Erenmemisoglu offers clients high-end visuals in both still photography and motion, specialising in food and still life. With his background as a still life photographer he captures food in a graphic way that uses textures, colours and simplicity in a unique approach.

With commercial work that has appeared in global campaigns for international clients such as American Express, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nissin and many others, Gokche has received several prestigious awards in international advertising competitions such as Epica, Golden Drum, Cannes Lions and NY Fest.

Gokche’s food photography has been published in many cookbooks. His work in 'Net:425 gr' he won 'Best Cookbook Photography Award' at the Gourmand competition in Paris in 2008. In 2013, he won second prize in the 'Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year' competition in London.

With his fine art photography work, Gokche joined the 'Illumination' exhibition with five pieces of work in the Agora Gallery in NYC. In 2015, he participated in the 'Parimages' exhibition at Etienne de Causans' gallery in Paris.

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn New York still life photographers

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn's passion for still life has been growing since she was a child. She is fascinated with form and texture and is influenced by Helmut Newton, Sarah Moon and Irving Penn.

Today, Gabriella is represented by Frank Parvis at i2i Photography and her work marries the descriptive with the mysterious as she shoots commercial and editorial projects for clients in the USA and Europe.

Her clients describe her work as being both feminine and bold. They include Calvin Klein​, InStyle​, ​Macy’s​, ​Martha Stewart Living​, Neutrogena​, Nordstrom​, ​O, The Oprah Magazine​, ​Ralph Lauren​, Target​, ​Victoria’s Secret​, W Magazine​ and Women’s Health.

Her main focus is on fragrance, cosmetics, jewellery, fashion and home accessories.

Brent Herrig New York Food& Drink and Interiors Photographers

"Hello NYC Creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________."

"Needs to collaborate with someone new"

"Has a specific style in mind for the brand"

"Wants a new and inspiring look"

"Must have appetite-appeal in their shots"

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig Photography can help you please your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again.

Brands including Bailey's, Virgin Atlantic and Ketel One, restaurants and PR agencies as well as his most recent cookbook 'The Whole30 Cookbook' and The New York Times rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, cocktails and portraits in the most collaborative, enjoyable way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project or assignment."

Thomas Hart Shelby New York interiors & exteriors photographers

Thomas Hart Shelby specialises in creating advertising and marketing content for the world's finest luxury brands, hotels, and resorts. He creates unique advertising concepts tailored to his clients' vision and brand.

Every photographer is “award winning” but Thom’s clients will tell you the only award that matters is a successful campaign that increases revenue and recognition, and that is what he does.

Clients such as Sands Venetian and Palazzo, Eau Palm Beach, Tryall Resort, Cliff House Resort, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Waldorf Astoria, The Cape Hotel, Blackstone Equity, American Express, Sonoma Cutrer and Jack Daniels all have utilised his vision to achieve just that.

Eric Garcia-March New York Fashion Photographers

Eric Garcia-March’s images are striking, visually deep and carry a high production value. His international client base includes advertising agencies, fashion houses, editorial publications, luxury brands, and entertainment industry contacts.

Last month he published in Los Angeles-based magazines, including Ventura Blvd Magazine and Southbay Magazine. He also shot the cover for Fashion Week Online’s first edition of RNWY Magazine. An interview was published on its website.

Kent Miller Studios New York portrait photographers

A commercial photographer based in New York City, Kent Miller specialises in people, products and spaces. He is passionate about the beauty in all things and is determined to capture the essence of it in his subject.

Kent discovered photography in the late 80s when he moved to New York, got into bands as a drummer, and started shooting the music scene. He soon sold some images and began freelancing, catapulting him in a new direction, and immersing him in an experimental journey in pursuit of his art.

As the medium continues to rapidly evolve, Kent is more passionate than ever about learning innovative ways to deliver high quality creative results to his clients.

Emily Assiran New York portrait photographers

Emily Assiran is an award-winning photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY. She specialises in commercial and editorial portraiture.

Hailing from Philadelphia, the land of cheesesteaks and Rocky, Emily graduated with a BFA in photography from Tyler School of Art. This passion brought her to New York City in pursuit of her career. Since then, she has photographed many recognisable talents such as Woody Allen, Aziz Ansari, Ann Dowd, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Emily’s friendly demeanor and ability to work under pressure has served as an asset to many clients, enabling her to work with many different kinds of subjects. Whether celebrities, scientists, Cuban ranchers, or CEOs of major corporations, Emily's love of meeting new people and telling their stories comes through in every shot.

Emily’s clients include The Wall Street Journal, Essence Magazine, Brigitte Woman, NKGF and Capital Health Group, amongst others.

Peter Baiamonte New York people & lifestyle photographers

Peter Baiamonte wants to tell stories and communicate a sense of deeper meaning with his images, while giving a glimpse of a unique place, or revealing the special personality of a subject.

Peter’s work includes many genres. He is passionate about sports, portraiture, travel, and landscapes. Although based in New York City, he has a second location in the Berkshires and works regularly with clients in both New York and Boston. He has easy access to the entirety of New England.

Leica Camera USA recently chose Peter to field test one of their new systems. He used that system to shoot Jump Fest 2017, a grassroots ski-jumping competition in Salisbury, Connecticut. Some of the images from that test are featured in this Showcase.

Peter was also the behind-the-scenes photographer for Karen Allen’s first film as a director, 'A Tree A Rock A Cloud'. The film is currently being screened at film festivals nationwide.

Peter's clients include Ernst & Young, Con Edison, Panasonic, Bayer, Harrison and Star, Novartis, Berkshire Magazine, TevaNeuroscience, and Webster Bank.

Scott McDermott New York - Los Angeles Portrait & Celebrity Photographers

Scott McDermott is a photographer specialising in entertainment and sports advertising projects as well as some editorial and unit photography on film and TV sets.

Scott started out shooting athletes and extreme sports but his work eventually shifted towards portraiture and the athletes themselves. This led to photographing many of the best creative minds in Hollywood, the music industry and the worlds of business and government.

Along with his advertising and editorial work, Scott has created several personal projects including a series for "Mandela Day," capturing the hands and faces of many of those who support Nelson Mandela's message, and a recent series of portraits accompanying the film 'Pop Culture' about the fatherhood experience.

In the last few years, Scott has also made the shift to the moving image as a director on a variety of projects from commercial spots to short films. Scott is based in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Visit his website to see a client list and latest awards.

Laura Barisonzi New York people & lifestyle photographers

Laura Barisonzi is a NYC-based photographer specialising in shooting people and movement on location. She cast and produced her most recent personal project 'Makers', a series of more than 10 real artisans and creators working in their environments.

Laura's hobbies of running, climbing, swimming and hiking mean she'll do whatever it takes to get a shot. On previous shoots this has included being chest deep in murky water she just spotted an alligator in, standing in the bed of a moving pickup truck on a highway, and pressing her face against the subway platform in New York.

Clients have included Adidas, Poland Spring, Dove, Samsung, Danner Boots, NFL, Runner's World, Vibram Five Fingers, Women's Health, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra, Reebok, Gap, Fitness, Adweek and New Balance.

Zac Stone New York fashion photographers

Zac Stone grew up in Melbourne, Australia and wasn’t a very good sportsman, painter or musician from a young age. He played video games and watched adventure movies. This trend continued until his early-twenties when he switched his major to film and media.

After graduating, Zac decided that a Masters of Design may make him more qualified to get employed. He took some digital photos, mapped some paint splashes, lighting, 3D models with a bunch of editing, and created a flip-book of a space battle as his university entrance portfolio.

He ended up an ok designer and compositor, did some bigger clients, started freelance art directing, and coordinated visual communication and design courses for RMIT University. He also took some occasional photos of what people were wearing in the street traveling around Japan and South East Asia each year.

After posting them for friends in late 2009 he got a message asking to shoot for her newly launched fashion magazine. She flaked. Months later she called for a meeting and asked for the cover and feature editorial. Immediately he finished out his teaching and client work, moved to Sydney, and filled his time and paid his rent with fashion photography. Zac was picked up by a New York-based agency after a few years and he has based himself there since.

Michael Scott Slosar New York advertising photographers

Born and raised in Southern California, Michael Scott Slosar took his first photography course in 7th grade and didn't stop there. After attending Northern Arizona University and Brooks Institute of Photography, he moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2002 to pursue his career.

Michael loves to travel and be on the go and gets restless if he stays in one place for too long. This is why he currently splits his time between NY and CA. Michael wishes the world was still film and Polaroid and believes film is the new vinyl. He loves anything vintage, "classic", and/or antique and never misses a good BBQ!

His clients include Toyota, Lacoste, British GQ, Playboy, Sony Records, Ed Hardy, Zoo York, Puma, Asics, Honda, Acura, Time Out Magazine, Italian Vogue-Black, Procter & Gamble, Bridgestone, Hollister and Abercrombie.

SIDECAR New York photo agents

SIDECAR is a collaboration space made up of a small group of photographers, producers, directors and stylists specialising in portraiture, lifestyle, corporate and fashion.

"We work closely, bringing excellent teams together to create a respected work environment. We approach projects with a sincere discipline while bridging creative ideas and embracing client relationships. We take on a variety of visual opportunities including studio shoots with specialised casting and style needs, to set builds with complicated prop requirements, to lifestyle shoots on location with extensive talent specs and style direction. Projects are cared for with specific client needs in mind, bringing premium vision to each assignment whether it’s video or photography.“

Recent projects include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western NY, Milk Nursingwear and Ford Dealers of NY with Rhea Anna, Microsoft, Gilead and UPS with Walter Smith and Volant online magazine with Geoffrey Badner.

"Our new home, called Warehouse Studios, situates us next to Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn."

EH Management New York photo agents

EH management was founded in 2007 by Elisabeth Heres with the sole purpose of creating a boutique agency where photographers, stylists and photo buyers could establish creative relationships that would produce high quality results.

Selected not only for their vision but also for their personality and professionalism, Liz manages a small talent roster, ensuring that her artists and clients receive the focus they deserve.

Liz was well known in the publishing industry under her maiden name Liz Kildahl; though her name has changed, her passion for photography and business have not.

As a photo director, Liz experienced the pressures associated with selecting the right photographer for the assignment, managing hard deadlines and keeping within defined budgets. Now, photo buyers and creative directors can count on ehmanagement, through Liz's experience and skills, to get the job done creatively, efficiently and seamlessly.

Curated Artists, Inc. New York photo agents

Based in New York City, Curated Artists, Inc. is a collective of like-minded conceptual content creators servicing global brands and agencies in a variety of media.

Whether it is photography, live-action, dynamic content, animation or music, Curated Artists, Inc.offers a select group of creative professionals to tell clients' stories in 360 degrees.

Mission Photo Production New York photo production

It has been a busy year for Mission Photo Production, with a diversity of projects that, as founder Mary Pratt says, “really highlight why we love what we do: every assignment is unique and enables us to tap into our vast pool of resources to come up with appropriate solutions that are within budget and on time”.

Recently, Mission produced a car shoot in Los Angeles (images, still top secret, will be revealed soon), an expansive image library for Hilton in Las Vegas and Hawaii, and social media shots of superstar Michael Jordan for Hanes. For the jewellery brand Pandora, Mission produced images of real life women in New York and São Paulo. And for the health insurance company Oscar, a compelling and graphic campaign was created, currently on view all over New York’s subway stations and trains.

Mission Photo Production is based in New York City and offers full service production.

Clients include American Express, adidas, Siemens, Infiniti and Apple.

George Productions New York photo production

A busy year for George Productions, recent campaigns include Ghurka ads with Céline Cousteau and Adventura Mall as well as a large casting for Disney.

The fashion film 'Storm - Badgley Mischka', produced by George Production, also won the best art direction award at La Jolla festival.

George Production's upcoming jobs will include Bamboogie winter apparel ads, an Italian Vogue editorial, Wing dating app and Tissot watches ads.

Tippy Canoe Productions New York photo production

"Tippy Canoe Productions is a print and motion photography production company with over 15 years of industry experience. Our goal is to make each and every shoot a unique, enjoyable and worry free experience for every person on and off set involved.

With experience both domestically and internationally we like to put our talented team of experts in all corners of the globe to work for the overall success of the project.

Repeat artists and clients is something we pride ourselves on and hope to make your next project the reason you rely on Tippy Canoe Productions again and again. “

Cindi Blair Productions / Turks & Caicos Productions New York PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION SERVICES

Cindi Blair Productions / Turks & Caicos Productions is a full-service internationally located production company with over 20 years of solid worldwide experience. 

"We love what we do and look forward to working with each production team!"

The company covers advertising, editorials, television, catalogue, videos, and more. Its services include, but are not limited to providing all pre-production services from location research and presentations, budgeting, negotiating, hiring crew, coordinating travel, customs, immigration, scouting, permitting, rentals, casting, to overseeing and managing all aspects of the entire production from beginning to end.

Blank Studio NYC New York rental studios

Blank Studio NYC is a classic loft in the heart of SoHo equipped to host creatives spanning every industry. Features include 15’ ceilings with original tin, exposed brick, floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing natural light, and modern amenities such as bluetooth surround sound and a comfortable lounge area.

"We offer a robust assortment of grip and expendables included in the photography studio rental. We are creative thinkers and problem solvers; our staff is warm and accommodating and expect to go above and beyond to allow you to create with ease and flexibility."

Blank Studio NYC is sister owned and operated. Recent clients include Casper, Luxe Interiors + Design, PopSugar, Rifle Paper Co. and InStyle.

Lytehouse Studio New York rental studios

Lytehouse Studio is a private studio experience in the heart of the Brooklyn creative landscape. Lytehouse serves the innovative community of photographers, videographers, film-makers, producers, directors, artists, curators, and more.

Over 5,000 square feet of space is available for photography, film, and events. The space also boasts 20-foot ceilings, indoor and outdoor shooting spaces, ground floor drive-in-360° turn studio, 28' x 28' x 18' tall Cyclorama, 14’ x 18' shooting wall, no columns, 600 Amp power service, natural light or blackout, multiple lounges, green rooms, producer's mezzanine and private parking.

Visit Lytehouse for an Open House on 26th October, get to know the team and their space!

Home Studios New York lofts and houses

Home Studios Inc. features two premier event spaces perfect for film and photo shoots, corporate and culinary events, private parties and elegant weddings.

With over 10 years of experience, it can provide a perfect venue for any event a client can imagine, including fashion shows, product launches and celebrity chef demonstrations.

Contact Home Studios anytime to set up an appointment to see its stunning spaces.

30th Street Studios New York rental studios

30th Street Studios is a full service penthouse studio with three options:

  • Studio 1 has large southern exposure windows with high ceilings, a skylight, and a 24’ wide cyc.
  • Studio 2 is a large corner with south, west, and north facing windows.
  • Studio 1 + Studio 2. Open the dividing wall and combine both studios for large productions.

The company is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, with state-of-the-art equipment rental and access to two freight elevators.