Adrian Mueller New York

Capri Sun teamed up with Adrian Mueller to execute their global 2018 brand campaign and new packaging initiative. Each variety of drink required its own image series, which necessitated dedicated water explosion, tornado, wave and splash rigs.

Makoto Aoki and his expert team at SWELL Inc. collaborated with Adrian on the design and production of all water rigs for the Organic Juice, 100% Juice, Fruit & Veggie Blends, Fruit Refreshers and Roarin’ Waters brand varieties.

Expertly lit with high-speed strobes and laser triggering systems, Adrian and his team of food stylists, riggers, on-set retouchers and techs delivered 45 creative and visually stunning images. 16 days of shooting at Noho Productions left the tarps drenched and the client happy.

Known for his precise still life and liquids work, as well as his evocative food photography, Adrian has been working with ad agencies worldwide for the last 18 years. 

Joerg Kritzer Hamburg - Dusseldorf

Germany-based Joerg Kritzer has built an impressive portfolio of liquid and still life images, travelling and working for international companies all over Europe and the world. A recently finished 2018 campaign for P&G's VENUS shavers brought him once again deeply into the world of liquid photography, as well as collaboration with Ramazzotti and projects for The Coca-Cola Company.

Joerg's motivation is the technical and creative challenge of his special medium. He loves working with cosmetics and liquids, manipulating a product both artistically and technically to figure the unique aspects of each item and create a unique concept.

This passion has led him to explore moving images with stopmotion videos and his latest toy, a slomo cam to explore the very core of the splash. In the coming months, Joerg will be shooting campaigns for a number of brands and working on personal projects that will be published later this year.

Clients include a range of beverage and food brands such as EMMI of Switzerland, Veltins, Rama, Vio, Bacardi, Havana Club, Becks and Granini as well as many cosmetic clients like Nivea, Vichy, L'Oréal, Juvena and Shiseido.

Visit his website for further information.

Jon Paterson New York - London

Scottish born Jon Paterson’s motivation is the creative challenge and artistic license of his medium. Predominately working with cosmetics and liquids, he thrives when manipulating a product both artistically and technically to draw out the unique aspects of each item and create a cohesive concept.

His clients include a range of luxury brands and fashion publications, including Clinique, COTY, IT Cosmetics, L’Oréal, Marc Jacobs Beauty, NARS, Shiseido and InStyle.

His work ethic is a contrasting balance of meticulous, creative, laid back and approachable. The same cannot be said for his cat. Visit his site for further information.

Karinehnyc Los Angeles - New York

Karineh brings a fresh look and great sense of colour and texture with her photography. She moved from New York to Los Angeles five years ago, and has been photographing cosmetic and fashion still life for advertising and editorial layouts for over fifteen-plus years.

She has collaborated with prestigious clients such as Clinique, Versace, Victoria’s Secret, L’Occitane en Provence, BH Cosmetics, Nubar Cosmetics, Vivre, and the Cornelia Day Resort, among many others.

Her sophisticated and spirited photography can also be found in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Esquire and New York Magazine.

Mark Mawson London

Mark Mawson is a London-based photographer who has been shooting for 30 years. His career has evolved through different genres of photography giving him vast knowledge and experience.

Mark now specialises in shooting high speed images of liquids including drinks and fragrances, and his colourful series titled ‘Aqueous’ has become very well known.

In 2017, Mark won an AOP award for his liquid series, 'Aqueous Roses'.

Nick Rees London

Nick Rees is a photographer who specialises in shooting liquids and drinks. When not making images for international brands, he likes to disappear into the studio and shoot more abstract things.

Recently, he finished a short series of soap bubbles - the shots are taken before and after inflation, creating bright, swirling colour, a maze of intricate paths to follow in this simplest of childish delights.

Have a look at the new showreel here.

Paul Chmielowiec Toronto

Paul Chmielowiec is a commercial photographer based in Toronto. He shoots buildings tall and small, jumbo hamburgers, diamond rings, ice-cold beers, leafy gardens, cashmere sweaters – and on occasion, donkeys!

For more than 20 years, Paul has been shooting for various agencies, designers and magazines throughout Toronto and North America. His  background in both photography and art direction makes him a versatile shooter. Not only can he shoot, but he can conceptualise ideas for campaigns. At the heart of every image he captures lies a strong sense of composition, a keen sense of lighting and professional integrity.

His work has been recognised by Applied Arts, Design Edge, and NUARs. Clients include Canadian Living, Dare Foods, Gluckstein Home, Hudson’s Bay, Humber College, Jacqueline Glass and Assoc., Kellogg’s, Salon Magazine, Shoppers Drug Mart and Style at Home Magazine.

Phil Sills London

"I'm Phil Sills. I love shooting all kinds of products. However, a great love is shooting drinks and liquids.

I can work with you in the London studio or we can shoot your product on location - everything is possible!

Creating moving pictures and directing whether it is video, stop frame animation, cinemagraphs or producing gifs is becoming a passion, and my vision is to align my photographs and video work to allow seamless transitions between the two genres.

I look forward to working with you soon!"

Pixeleyes London

Central London-based still life photography studio Pixeleyes Photography, with over 15 years of experience under its belt, has become synonymous with beautiful images using cutting-edge techniques.

A small but cohesive team, they shoot across advertising, fashion and beauty, specialising in sculptural liquid effects and infusing objects with a tactile sense of movement.

Pixeleyes recently has shot campaigns for Carolina Herrera, Marks and Spencer, Space.NK and Soap & Glory, while the rise of Iconic London, a rapidly accelerating UK-based beauty brand, can be charted through Pixeleyes' deftly luxurious imagery.

Client-oriented but with an elusively distinct style, Pixeleyes' stunning, high-end images bring inanimate objects to life.

Rich Begany New York

Rich Begany is a New York based photographer with a concentration on cosmetics and beauty imagery.

Collaborating with a close team of producers, stylists and retouchers, Rich works with agencies and brands worldwide to develop impactful visuals.

Recent projects include new work for Tocca, Laneige & Christian Louboutin Beauté.

To discuss an upcoming project or to request a portfolio, contact WiB agency.