portugal Mar 2019


Story: We Produce Lisbon commercial production

"We love to tell stories.
We turn ideas into reality.
We embrace diversity and change as part of our culture.
We have our own way of working.
We think formats.
We are constantly reinventing ourselves.
We make it beautiful.
We make it fun, fast, efficient and relevant.
We collaborate and share knowledge.
We produce."

Founded by Ana Laura Solis 2002 and based in Spain, Mexico and Portugal, Story: is a world-class company dedicated to production, creative story-telling, entertainment and content strategy on any platform or format.

Ready to Shoot Lisbon commercial production

Ready to Shoot has provided world-class production service to an international and local clientele for over 17 years.

Combining creative and practical support to top-tier media, advertising and entertainment companies, Ready to Shoot's reputation has been built on an obsessive attention to detail and ability to bring even the most challenging brief to life.

With a diverse talent pool and astonishing variety of locations, Ready to Shoot partners with clients to deliver the very best that Portugal has to offer.

AG Films Lisbon commercial production

AG Films is a Portuguese - Canadian film service company based in Lisbon, working exclusively for international clients and offering a full range of film, TV and photo production service and support for shooting locally across Portugal.

For over 20 years, AG Films has earned a place as one of the top film service companies in Portugal. AG FIlms helps clients to make world-class commercial projects, with friendly and professional producers, technicians and crew to deliver a production experience that keeps clients coming back time and again.

"Building friendships, sharing laughs and spreading passion for Portuguese culture!"

Portugal - Location Algarve Photo & Film Production and Location Services

Algarve-based Portugal - Location, managed by Lars Hinsenhofen, provides all necessary production services for creative photo and commercial projects on mainland Portugal, its islands and beyond.

Efficient and on budget, Lars has been working as a professional photographer (with German roots) for many years, enabling him to meet all needs from a clients' perspective.

He has been based in the Algarve for almost two decades. Featured in this Showcase is his latest work for Alpina, Conleys and Deerberg.

Gaby Corrêa Productions Lisbon Photo & Film Production

Lisbon continues to be at the top of the list for location destinations, and Gaby Corrêa Productions has already started the season with her team engaged 100% on non-stop requests. "This is going to be a promising year!"

Some of the prestigious brands that are producing with GC Productions include:

  • Asics Gel Nimbus 21, shot by Paul Calver and DoP Ben  Steensels.
  • Lloyd Shoes with celebrity Bar Refaeli, shot by Florian Schueppel.
  • Eastpak shot by Theo Gosselin.
  • Terzihan Jewellery shot by Gonçalo Claro.
  • Miles & More, shot by Ina Schoof.
  • State of Art, shot by Hans Van Brakel.

Solve Lisbon Talent agents

Solve is a Lisbon-based talent agency that represents some of the most established talents and emerging artists, such as photographers, stylists, creative directors, film-makers and hair and make-up artists.

Solve collaborates on a regular basis with high-end brands and media clients.

Solve Agency also offers professionals specialised in production, casting, location scouting and other services in order to make every  production a success.

Isabel Pinto Photographer Lisbon - Cape Town children / kid photographers

Being raised between Africa and Europe has given Isabel Pinto a very unique style, vibrant and free spirited. Her background in anthropology adds a very different perspective on the way she “sees” people, children, and life; it provides a very emotional approach to her work that has become her trademark across fashion, catalogues, commercial work, lifestyle and portraiture.

With three books published, her clients include Vogue, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Oscar de la Renta Kids, Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, Monocle, El País, Hooligans Magazine, la Petite Magazine and a variety of catalogues.

Isabel splits the summer seasons between Lisbon and Cape Town, living mainly between the two.

Rebekka Eliza Lisbon - Porto fashion photographers

"My name is Rebekka Eliza and I am a fashion photographer. Before starting photography, I worked in the fashion industry as a designer, travelling the world and working with a lot of creative people.

By accident, I discovered the photography part of fashion and knew this was my natural calling. My drive is to capture shapes, compositions and visions that I see by photographing them - to show people a different world through my eyes.

I have a deep passion for nature, the ocean and architecture and an urge of awareness in sustainability in fashion. At the moment, I am living and working between Porto and Lisbon, close to the ocean."

Imagens no Ponto Lisbon still life photographers

"We are a specialised food, food styling and product photography studio based in Mafra, Lisbon, ready to create the most authentic images to illustrate your creations.

It all started in 2010 when Nazaret Nascimento first started out as a professional photographer, shooting and food styling for several Portuguese restaurants.

We work in a fully equipped 250m² open warehouse studio with a team that embraces several responsibilities that go beyond photography, including food styling, background creation and prop styling. We have been working for more than eight years for agencies including Grow Comunicación and Tux&Gill, among others.

Nazaret is currently expanding her food styling beyond photography, contributing to the production of more than 40 video recipes for Portuguese brand Sidul. To see some of the latest vídeos, visit Sidul's YouTube page."

Old Dogs Productions Lisbon location service & scouts

Old Dogs offers the best quality services in photography, film and TV spots. Based in the Algarve since 1999, the team serves clients in Portugal, the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and wherever its services may be needed.

The company provides scouting, casting, set design, permits, all local crew and all logistics from start to finish.

Visit Old Dogs' website for more information and to access their online location library.


Southwest Productions is the go-to production service company in Portugal.

Portugal offers fantastic locations, easy access and the ability to “double” as many other countries. From the rugged wilderness of the northeastern corner through the central mountain landscapes and down to the rolling plains of the Alentejo and the cliff-backed beaches of the Algarve, Portugal never ceases to amaze with its astounding variety.

Bordered to the west and the south by a long coastline, Portugal offers some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches - endless open stretches or secluded coves as well as dramatic coastal cliffs rising above the foaming Atlantic.

The country is dotted with little towns and villages and its major cities mix history and tradition with the new and ultra-modern.

Here, the film season never ends - Portugal has one of Europe’s mildest and sunniest climates and the country’s location at the southwestern edge of the continent gives the light here a quality all its own.

Beaches, mountains, small towns and urban areas - it has it all, and Southwest Productions is here to assure clients take full advantage of all Portugal has to offer.


"At Toolbox, every day is a new project and every project is a new challenge! We understand that pictures are more effective than words and the image is the fastest way of expression.

We provide our clients with the best and most recent tools to achieve all their expectations. From the very start of a production, the first contact with a client, to location scouting, casting and permissions, we can offer all the elements for the biggest demands.

Clients this year have included Mercedes, IKEA and FIFA."

Wrap Production Supplies & Studio Lisbon Studio & Equipment rent

Wrap Production Supplies provides production gear rental, production vehicles, crew and fixers, casting, talents, location scouting and permitting for any size of production.

Besides the equipment and production support, Wrap has a daylight studio complete with all facilities and parking rihgt at the front door.

"All production companies are very welcome!"

Carapau Rental Studio Faro - Lisbon camera accessories/ photo

"Carapau Rental Studio is the solution for equipment rental and crew hire for your photo productions in Portugal. We offer a wide range of equipment and the best professionals who are all eager to be part of your photoshoot.

In the field for many years, our know-how and vast network of contacts allows us to be fast and efficient in solving any photo production request. Our headquarters is in the Algarve, but we also have a base in Lisbon to service productions nearby. We are also pleased to deliver equipment to your location set, travelling to any spot needed.

Partnerships with other professionals add the value of providing solutions for your photo production requests on top of the the latest photo gear."