france Nov 2019


Cinq Etoiles Productions Paris photo & Film Production

Based in Paris, Cinq Etoiles provides a complete range of creative production solutions for photography, film and digital content worldwide.

From art buying to production, Cinq Etoiles sources the right team in the right location for each and every story.

Through long-term collaborations with clients and vendors, Cinq Etoiles has constantly proven its agility in successfully meeting creative and financial challenges.

Clients include Hermès, Chanel, L’Oréal Group, Simone Pérèle, Pernod Ricard Group, and many more.

EyeSee Paris Photo & Film Production

EyeSee is a Paris-based full service production company working throughout France and worldwide across advertising, editorial, fashion and corporate industries. The company also produces moving images, essentially online brand content, following clients' needs and budget.

EyeSee collaborates with clients at every stage of the creative process, providing art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Whatever the request, the company's team of highly skilled producers strives to make every production a stress-free experience. Enthusiastic, efficient and cost-effective defines EyeSee's way of working, with the company offering seamless solutions tailored to each individual client.

Recent productions include Darjeeling with Bertrand Le Pluard, Issey Miyake with Charles Fréger, and Monoprix with Gil Anselmi.

JPPS Creative Productions Paris photo & motion production

Paris-based production company JPPS offers over a decade of experience in producing professional content for international brands.
Jacqueline Pusch and John Fanning, a German / Australian duo, are dedicated and highly organised producers who love what they do and aim to create long-lasting collaborations with their clients. They put their resources, extensive network and personalised attention into every shoot, no matter the size or budget.

The JPPS client list includes luxury and consumer brands, agencies and magazines such as Apple, BMW, Calida, Dazed, Diesel, Elle, Falabella, Grey Goose, GQ, Hanro, Harper’s Bazaar, Harrods, Hugo Boss, Icon, Louis Vuitton, L’Officiel, Manor, Max Mara, Moët & Chandon, Olymp, Perrier, Swarovski, The Outnet, Vogue and Zeit Magazin.

See more of JPPS on their Instagram account and their newly launched website.

KA2 Productions Paris Photo & Film Production

Based in Paris, KA2 Productions is a comprehensive, full service international production company for photography and film productions. With more than 18 years' experience in the production industry, the company offers an impeccable service on all levels.

Services include art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

KA2 Productions also offers locations and scouting in Morocco, Spain, Corsica, Cape Town, Bangkok, and the Canary Islands.

Each job is approached with the same diligence and attention while keeping tightly to budgets.

Hanne Evans Production Services Nice - Paris Photo & Film Production

Hanne Evans Production Services is a boutique production service company based in France, with offices in Paris and Nice for film, photography, videos and events.

''For the past 20 years we have been providing quality production services for a variety of international productions and companies wishing to shoot not only in the South of France and Monaco, but across the rest of the country as well as other European destinations and even North and South Africa.

We know the best location scouts and can organise every aspect of your production, including (but not limted to!) research, location scouting, permitting, casting, travel and accommodation, set design and prop styling - on top of the obvious shoot requirements, a first-class team of multi-lingual technicians and production staff.

Oh, and our local vendors have all the latest camera, lighting and grip equipment too. We recognise the importance of detailed and transparent budgeting and pride ourselves on our experience and our exceptionally high standards for efficiency. We do, after all, have a German boss!"

I Carré Production Paris photo production

Based in Paris, I Carré is an integral production agency that manages projects in their entirety.

"After analysing your request we propose the most suitable destination for the realisation of your images according to the nature of your project and available budget. Our experience and our partners in France and abroad (South Africa, Las Vegas, Miami, Spain, Greece, Holland, and more) allow us to best meet your expectations."

Scouting, casting, planning, pre-production and production services throughout the entire project are handled by an expert team to ensure every production runs smoothly.

Octopix Paris photo & Film Production

Octopix is an English photo, film and digital content production company based in Paris, working throughout Europe. Created in 1999 with a focus on fashion, the company provides all the services needed to complete a job, including multi-lingual coordinators, friendly assistants, and effective technicians using the latest technologies to make each job as smooth as possible.

The agency offers the largest location database in France and loves the challenge of finding that 'impossible' location - in France and throughout the world.

Octopix also provides casting and set design services.

The agency adapts to creative and budget expectations for clients as diverse as Chanel, Coca-Cola and Vogue, to name just a few.

REGGLISS Production Nice photo production & locations

Reggliss has been one of the main references for photo and film productions in the South of France since 1990. Thanks to their vast experience, Gilles and his team are closely involved in finding the most accurate solutions to deliver real and concrete success for every project. 

A large range of updated locations (beaches, mountains, roads, landscapes, villages or urban sites, exceptional houses, seasides, etc.), perfect knowledge of the South of France, solid experience of on-shoot logistics, and full production services - including budgeting,  locations bank, scouts, permits, casting and on-site coordination - are some of Reggliss' most important assets.

The offices in Nice and Marseille are ideally and strategically located to comfortably work all across the South of France and abroad.

"Many thanks to VW, Chopard, Hermes, Pandora, Philipp Plein and all our other customers for their confidence in 2019."

La Creative Factory Paris Location Scout and Manager

"Hello! I’m Gilles, fixer, location scout, location manager, operating in the production world for 20 years. Based in the Paris area, I’m used to working all around France, from the Alps to Brittany, from the Côte d’Azur to Strasbourg, including Lyon and Normandy.

My experience and my network facilitate the process of permitting in a short time at the best prices. I constantly add new locations across France to the database, from roads to buildings and, naturally, all the types of landscape France can provide.

Col de Turini, Verdon, Toulon, Marseille, Monaco, Bourgogne, Brittany, Strasbourg, Lyon, Deauville and Paris have all been scouted, permitted and managed in the past months for clients such as Falca Barcelona, Image Nation Barcelona, Production Department Hamburg, Tim Michel Production Hamburg, Prodigious, La PAC and Hanne Evans Nice.

Have a look at my references, ask the producers, DoPs and photographers I work with, and feel free to come to me at the beginning of your project. I will provide you with ideas and find the most adapted location, the best crew possible, and the leading suppliers to achieve it."

Clovis Durand-Moldawan Paris advertising photographers

French photographer Clovis Durand-Moldawan’s work was heavily influenced by the imagery of his childhood in the 1980s as well as by his father's work as an illustrator.

His photography career began in 2017 after 15 years in communication consulting, where he developed his aesthetic sensibility and learned to understand and anticipate the needs of his clients.

As a fashion, beauty and still life photographer Clovis has successfully worked for local, national and international brands and has been published in several magazines. His love of experimenting with light and colours gives a unique touch to his images and at the same time allows him to feel at ease both in the studio and on location.

RVZ Paris photography / Camera / Lighting

RVZ's team of 50 professionals has 30 years of experience and is available for all production needs.

Equipment includes

  • Flashes - Profoto, Broncolor, Briese, Elinchrom, Multiblitz.
  • Digital capture - Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leaf.
  • Cameras - Red Monstro, Monstro monochrome, Gemini, Red Weapon 6K, Red Helium 8k, Epic M, Scarlet, Arri Alexa mini, Alexa LF and lenses (Cooke S7, Zeiss Supreme Primes, Arri Signature Primes, Sigma Cine Prime).
  • HMI/Tungsten - Arri, K5600, Desisti, Dedolight.
  • LEDs/ Fluos Kino Flo, Lite Panels, SL1, Skypanels, trucolor, Cineled.

Softboxes, frames, textiles, effects and specific accessories including wind and smoke machines. Props, make-up stations, folding tables, chairs and boxes, ollies and accessories, lighting grips, standard, power distribution, trucks, location vans, generators and motorhomes. Contact RVZ @ Paris-Ivry sur Seine on +33(0)1 47 46 17 00 or in Marrakech on +212 (0)5 24 30 14 20.

Dione Occhipinti Paris Fashion stylists

"I first started working as a campaign stylist in Brazil for my own high-fashion website, then moved on to working with other brands and companies. After a few years, I was invited to style a shoot for L’Officiel magazine in Paris. Since then, I’ve been working as a freelancer for several magazines, brands, and individual clients between Brazil and Paris.

Boldness, elegance and on-trend vision are the key drivers of my work. I am completely passionate about fashion and enjoy the diversity of styling. I can adapt my work for any sector, whether fashion, advertising, or entertainment."

Junior Queirós Paris - Barcelona Hair & Makeup Artists

Junior Queirós is a make-up artist born in Brazil, and since 1996 he has been a specialist in beauty make-up and visual aesthetic production, collaborating across different areas of art, fashion and beauty.

In 2005, Junior moved to Barcelona to improve his techniques in make-up and hairstyling as well as to establish contacts with leading professionals.

"Self-taught, attentive to the work of others, I realised I could adapt new trends and techniques by using new products to get a cool effect on the skin and achieve a quality result. Some of my jobs have been published in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Esquire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and L'Officiel."

Junior currently lives between Paris and Barcelona, combining work and personal projects.