Abigail Bobo Nashville

Abigail is a commercial photographer specialising in unrehearsed captures and narratives that touch the heart.

She works with a light crew, moving with where the shoot day takes her while getting even more than just the shot list requires.

A few of her clients include Airbnb, Mercedes Benz, National Geographic and Morton Salt.

Barry Willis London

Barry Willis has been producing engaging people and lifestyle images for almost 30 years and still loves every day at work.   

His images seek to express emotions through the informality of the caught moment delivered with the polish of high-end production values. “I enjoy the collaboration of working with a creative team on large productions but equally, when the subject requires, I relish shooting with a more intimate approach. Whether it’s shooting on location or in a studio, with professional models or ordinary people, for me an important part of the creative process is to remain flexible and open to new ideas,” says Barry. “However the key is to be able to explore creatively any new avenues without losing sight of the brief”.  

Barry also shoots, directs and co-produces video. He is a highly organised, motivated and positive person. You will enjoy working with him and your clients will love the results.  

Please visit his website.  

Barry’s client list includes: Abbeyfield, British Land, COTY, CLIC Sargent, InPost, National Bingo, Nuffield Health, Reckitt Benckiser, Stallergenes Greer, Travelodge and the Wellcome Trust.

Catalin Marin Dubai

Catalin Marin has been based in Dubai for the past 15 years and for close to 20 years in the Gulf so the fast changes that are happening around the Middle East are nothing new to him.

Having worked with clients and agencies from across the Arab world, Catalin has a love for photographing the people of the region and their daily lives – sometimes driving luxury cars and sometimes entering their camels in beauty competitions.

Chris Blott Edinburgh - London

"I grew up and studied photography in Scotland and learned to love the vast spectrum of natural light that only a northern country can produce. I also learned to use that light quickly and efficiently because it often doesn’t last long. I bring this passion for natural daylight to all my work and it remains the starting point and corner stone for all my imagery. 

Recent work has seen me on the beaches of Cornwall shooting for Celtic & Co and shooting in Madeira and Greece for Scottish brand Marble Fashions. Upcoming shoots will have me travelling to Cornwall again followed by Crete and then when the longer days return I’m looking forward to shooting in Scotland for Findra and House of Bruar."

Christian Mushenko New York - Sydney

A New York, Sydney, Asia-based photographer and director. Christian has the same approach when it comes to shooting stills and motion; he loves capturing authentic moments in a distinctive warm and emotive style.

Christian's experience spans for over 20 years, working for some of the world’s largest international brands; shooting everything from successful global campaigns to small pro bono work. His work is valued by clients that include Allianz, American Express, Eli Lilly, Hilton, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Qantas and RitzCarlton.

He has a long list of awards, the most recent accolade being for his short film, “Longing” which has received awards in festivals globally. He loves his work and enjoys many longstanding relationships with clients.

Craig Lee Photography San Francisco

Craig Lee is an award-winning photographer that possesses a career as a photographer and videographer. He works with well-known periodicals such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine, Silicon Valley Magazine, EatingWell Magazine and Forbes Japan.

Craig has also worked with corporate and advertising agencies creating photos and videos. He will collaborate with you in creating images of the highest quality.

Felix Reed Italy

Felix Reed is a passionate people and lifestyle photographer based in Milan, Italy, even though often abroad on assignment or working on personal projects. His work received many international awards and he has recently been included among the 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide by Lüerzer's Archive.

In the last year, Felix had the pleasure to work with many renowned clients and agencies, including Coop Alleanza 3.0, Conad, Costa Cruises, Publicis, Range Rover, UBER, VISA and many others.

Felix is represented in Italy by Sfera Production. Feel free to visit his website and get in touch for your next project.

Gummi Thor Iceland

“Photography is my language, people are my subjects and creativity is my spirit.” 

Gummi Thor is an advertising, portrait and lifestyle photographer that has worked with brands like Vodafone, Icelandair, Dominos, Arionbank, KFC, DutyFree, RVK studios, Pfaff, Reykjavik Pride and The Icelandic Red Cross.

For 12 years Gummi Thor has collaborated with clients and brands to find the right stories and visuals for the desired briefs and business goals. His style is cinematic and colourful but also a bit dramatic like his homeland's nature.

Gummi Thor is based in Reykjavík, Iceland, but available worldwide.

Hans Verleur Amsterdam

Hans Verleur is a Dutch photographer, a true visual storyteller based in the Amsterdam area. Known for his stills, he has also been shooting video for multiple clients.

His style can be described as cinematographic, with an intuitive approach in which the light tells an important part of the story. He has a great eye for detail and is a real people man whereby collaboration with the subjects is the key to his work.

His assignments range from advertising, editorial, portraits and music. He has also been the photographer of choice for many corporate image bank productions where his storytelling and international production experience come together. His impressive international client list includes Adidas, ABNAMRO, Cisco, Heineken, Orange, Ricoh, TenneT, Vodafone and many more. 

He has been featured in our blog, read his interview here.

Inti St. Clair Austin - Los Angeles - Seattle

As an in demand commercial advertising photographer, Inti brings genuine stories and emotions to life by expertly producing extraordinary imagery, and never losing her collaborative spirit; even under high-pressure situations. She captures authentic moments for her clients, finds the fun in her work and always manages to create laughter on set while delivering the goods. 

Whether shooting for a flagship national brand, creating an image library for business-to-business clients, or nailing a social media campaign, Inti produces engaging photography that brings every story to life.

Based in Austin, Inti is as much a lover of travel as she is of photography, and can be fond travelling the world exploring and shooting for brands. Microsoft, Chase, Kaiser Permanente, Hilton, Phillips 66, Arm & Hammer and Build-a-Bear.

Irwin Wong Tokyo

Through his portraiture, Irwin Wong has proven to have his ear to the ground in Tokyo.

Known for punchy portraiture and insightful documentary photography, Irwin's client list is truly international with names such as Apple, Amazon, Nike, The Washington Post, Carl Zeiss, Forbes, Shiseido, Mitsubishi Motors and more.

His first photobook about Japanese craftsmanship is due Spring of 2020, published by Gestalten.

Represented by Reload & Co Jack Harlem Australia

Josh Kelly a.k.a Jack Harlem is a highly sought after portrait, lifestyle and advertising photographer with over 15 years experience creating both meaningful and powerful visual stories. Josh has an amazing ability to capture moments that feel real and authentic. He creates a relaxed vibe on set and everyone feels a part of the process. Josh is based in Australia and available internationally on short notice.  

Josh is represented by Reload + Co, an Australian-based production company, representing a select group of photographers and directors. They specialise in advertising campaign production and offer their expertise across the fields of stills photography and film.  

The Reload + Co team offer both clients and artists alike a wealth of knowledge of the entire industry. Their impressive talent roster, backed by a strong team of producers means they are able to offer clients the very best creative expertise in every aspect of the industry.

Jeremy Hudson Sydney - London

Jeremy has spent the last 26 years specialising in shooting food and drinks all over the world. He is well known for his endless creativity, enthusiasm and a total commitment to achieving perfection for his clients. His special talent is clearly seen with his different perspectives on imagery and the way in which he works cooperatively with clients to achieve the very best creative results.

His images are characteristically fresh and dynamic for advertising photography and video. Jeremy is recognised by the industry on an international basis. His clients are based worldwide, from Australia, Asia to the United States and Europe. 

Jeremy currently works between the UK and Australia travelling between both countries regularly.

Jon Enoch London

Jon is as comfortable shooting celebrities as he is with the man on the street, his images draw the viewer in with their simplistic composition and signature lighting style. 

Jon effortlessly conveys the emotion of his subjects, be it defiant, vulnerable, lost in thought or quiet contentment.

He is based in London and works across the advertising industry shooting both lifestyle and portraiture on location and in the studio.

He has recently shot for Facebook, Audley Travel, Hive and American Airlines.

Kapa Australia

The 'Kapa Effect’ describes the 'je ne sais quoi' that comes with every Kapa shoot.

Born busy, Kapa is a photographer with an inexhaustible store of energy and enthusiasm. His prolific body of work is testament to his talent and unstoppable drive.

Across a raft of style and subject matter, Kapa’s passion comes through the lens to deliver distinct shots of impact and inspiration.

Whatever the brief, once captured by Kapa, you’ll never look back.

Katarina Premfors Dubai

Katarina Premfors is a UAE based freelance photographer covering the Middle East since 1992.

Premfors works across a multitude of editorial and commercial genres, and has delivered multi-national campaigns for a broad spectrum of world-leading private and public sector enterprises.

Her clients include global advertising and branding agencies, major corporations and the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

She is available for assignments worldwide, and regularly exhibits her personal and editorial work.

Kathy Cacicedo New York

An East Coast, commercial photographer/director with over a decade of experience shooting for brands like Coppertone, Claritin and Dr. Scholls on productions big and small, Kathy Cacicedo's easy-going vibe puts clients at ease. She is known for making people who just met her feel like they have known her forever.

Her style is “vibrant, punchy and full of life.” Personality shines through in her photography and in the pace of her motion work, where she has worn every hat from director and producer to editor and DP.

Client list includes: Merck, Bayer, Pet Plate, Claritin, Dr Scholls, Coppertone, Afrin, Happy Family Organics, Atlantic Health System, Overlook Medical Center, Overlook Foundation, Donate Life, The Heather Trew Foundation, Morristown Medical Center and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Lisa Tichané France

Lisa Tichané’s work has been entirely focused on baby and kids photography for more than 10 years. She has a true passion for children and loves documenting the energy and playfulness of childhood.

Happiness and motion are the hallmarks of her imagery: she can get beaming smiles and belly laughs out of any child! Her work often includes a touch of quirk and mischief, adding just the right dose of humour to her images.

Based in France, she is fluent in English and French and has a good understanding of Spanish. She can work anywhere and thrives in multicultural environments.

She is a published author and award-winning photographer. Her images can be found in commercial and advertising campaigns for international brands such as Danone Cow & Gate, Procter & Gamble, MAM Baby, Enfamil, Nivea Baby, Seventh Generation, Neutraderm, Physiolac and Picot.

Marcel Pabst Sweden

Marcel Pabst's life long love of photography was born at a very early age when he discovered his mother's Practica. It was, however, a truck accident while he worked in a warehouse that made him turn his passion into a career. The encounter left him 10 mm shorter and he decided to put better use of his remainings and enrolled at a school of photography. He went on to work as a photographer's assistant in Copenhagen and started up his own business in Gothenburg 1996.

When this Swiss-born family man isn't working on his house in the woods of Hindås, he enthusiastically shoots pictures for clients such as Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment, Carlsberg, Dometic, Arla, Smarteyes, Husqvarna, Thule, Hasselblad and many others who require images that speak out loud.

Martin Lugger Vienna

Outdoor photography is an important part of Martin's portfolio, but he also focuses on people, lifestyle and architecture, always trying to find exceptional perspectives.

For Martin, commissioned photography is an exciting process of communication. The ability to trace the original character of people, moods and situations with a high level of empathy is reflected in his projects, which have led him across Europe.

See more of his recent work on his website or through Instagram and get in touch to discuss the details of your upcoming project.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

One of the defining characteristics of Matt Zugale's lifestyle and portrait photography is it’s genuine care and attention to his subjects.

Whether his subject is a member working out at City Fitness gym in Philadelphia, a glassblower at his studio, or a contemporary composer on Columbia University’s campus, Matt strives to portray people both as they are, and as they aspire to be.

For inquiries and requests, please contact him here.

Michael Wilson Boston

Michael Wilson is a commercial and editorial photographer based in New England. His curiosity drives most of the stories that he works on. His images focus almost entirely on people and their lifestyles, whether it's photographing cannabis farmers of Maine or doctors and nurses of Mass General Hospital, Michael approaches each assignment with the utmost professionalism and respect for each and every subject.  

The variety of work is what Michael lives for. There is no solo efforts in photographing people. A successful picture takes teamwork with editors and art directors as well as trust and communication with subjects. Everything in photography is a collaboration, and every assignment a chance to learn something new. 

Myles McGuinness Los Angeles

"Windows down. Music up. The warm sunshine on our skin.  Now, only one question remains, ‘what will we discover next?’"

There’s the viewpoint behind the lens and then there’s the rare perspective of being deep in it, just out of frame. Myles McGuinness gets there because he’s been there. Soaking it up. In awe of nature, and human nature. Focused on delivering the shot you’re looking for, as well as capturing the one you never expected.

Myles is an award winning photographer working across the globe with clients including Adidas, Four Seasons Resorts, Tahiti Tourism, Visit California and more.

Nick Franken Amsterdam

Nick Franken sees photography as something pure and raw. "You have to experience a photo, you can love it but you can also hate it. As long as it generates a feeling! Every human being is unique, every human being is beautiful on his/her own way. Working with people and creating stories with them is the most beautiful part of photography."

With over 14 years of experience in photography and retouching Nick is specialised in portrait, commercial, editorial and corporate photography.

What Nick’s work identifies is his raw but balanced signature. Every photograph he makes is a narrative image!

Represented by House of Juba Richie Hopson London

Richie Hopson is a leading photographer in the sport and lifestyle sector. His work is engaging, powerful and beautifully real.

His clients include Puma, Columbia, Eastpak, Nike, Jack Wolfskin, Addison Lee and Royal Mail.

Seen here are a few of Richie's recent commissions for RHA Audio, Eastpak's collaboration in San Francisco with Robyn Nexton, CEO of @hersocialapp, and holiday cruise shop company Cunard.

Richie is represented by House of Juba and a wider selection of his work can be viewed here.

Sean Breithaupt Photography Dublin

Sean Breithaupt is a photographer based in Dublin. He specialises in lifestyle and portraiture providing images for a wide range of advertising and editorial features. 2019 was a busy year with commissions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Recent clients include Dell Technologies, Indeed and The Guardian.

Sean aims to create authentic, engaging images that have a documentary feel. He has over 10 years' experience, great technical skills, and is fun to work with.

Sean is an accredited member of the AOP and his work has been recognised both in the advertising and fine art worlds.

Stewart Cohen Pictures Dallas - New York

Canadian born director/photographer Stewart Cohen is known for the high energy and enthusiasm he brings to every assignment. His visual approach is honest, resonant, authentic and cinematic. He moves seamlessly between large-scale productions and smaller intimate ones keeping his visual acuity sharp.

To date he has won countless top industry awards, has been profiled in Communication Arts Magazine, and selected by Adweek as Photographer of the Year.

Recently Stewart completed work on 'Seeing Red, Extinction and Other Mysteries Surrounding the Redhead'. Seeing Red was inspired by the notion that redheads are well on their way to extinction. He is currently working on his next book, which has the working title of 'GirlPowered'.

Stewart says, “With cameras I get to explore places and meet people I’d never know. It’s the act of shooting that drives me. The more I see, the more I realise there is. I’m always out there watching for a moment. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”

In a world where content is consumed at the speed of light, Stewart’s work slows down the eye and creates moments of true engagement.