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Avenger Photographers Munich photo agents

Avenger Photographers is a Munich-based photographers' agency that represents highly experienced and creative local and international photographers.

They work in beauty, fashion, portrait, people, advertising, sports and still life. In addition, Avenger Photographers are able to supply high standard "making-of" films.

For over 20 years, Avenger Photographers has been renowned for representing a professional and creative group of photographers. 

"We all are working with imagination, business know-how and creative sensibility. All our client's experience is a deeply rewarding and long-term business relationship."

All of their individual photographers have been shooting new things so this Showcase only shows a small selection.

All recent shoots and latest news can be seen on the Avenger website.

Sandra Bielmeier Munich Kids and People&Lifestyle Photographers

Sandra Bielmeier is a baby, kids and lifestyle photographer based in Germany, Munich and a member of the BFF.

With over 20 years' experience, she creates authenic moments with a relaxed vibe on set, which is a great convenience for baby shootings!

Her clients include Eucerin, Basler Kantonalbank, NUK, Serviceplan, FCB Deutschland GmbH, Nivea, SOS Kinderdorf, Generali Versicherung, Penaten and many more.

Visit her website to see more works and follow her on Linkedin or on Instagram.

Sandra ist represented in Germany by Martin Pflieger; in Zürich, Switzerland by Marlies Lanker and in Milano, Italy by Photogroup Service srl.

Astrid Obert Munich - Cape Town Fashion and People&Lifestyle Photographer

Astrid Obert is a professional photographer internationally acclaimed for her subtle yet exquisite contributions in the expressive domains of fashion, lifestyle, and interior design.

Based in Munich and Cape Town, Astrid has demonstrated herself as an eminent driving force in the field of creativity, artfully designing vibrant and progressive campaigns for renowned brands, advertising agencies, celebrities, and top magazines worldwide.

Her style is a thorough portrayal of her evocative personality, which is distinguished by her passion for producing creative, emotional experiences. 

She is adept at unearthing the true potential of any imagery with her astute technical acumen. Moreover, Astrid is passionate and exemplifies a calm persona, empowering her to produce the inspirational work of art.

Astrid, with her quality services, presents a versatile proposition for local and international enterprises.

Camilla Camaglia Berlin Fashion & Beauty Photographers

Camilla Camaglia is an Italian photographer specialising in beauty, fashion and portrait photography. She's currently based between Rome and Berlin and is available for worldwide requests.

Whether it's about clean, contemporary or creative beauty image ideas, Camilla can provide her clients with great expertise and technical knowledge, as well as being up-to-date with current trends and styles.

Camilla has recently published a make up book with international make up artist Einat Dan, sponsored by make up brand Kryolan.

Her photography work has been published on the covers of magazines such as L’Officiel Greece, Quality Magazine and Make-up Artist Magazine and she has worked for clients such as Glossybox Germany and France, Camp David and Soccx.

Thomas Fiedler Munich - Mallorca fashion photographers

Thomas Fiedler is a German photographer based in Munich and Mallorca. In Mallorca he works a lot in his daylight studio and loves the look of clear imagery, often in black and white.

Thomas works for many clients in the fashion industry, in studios and worldwide on location.

Unfortunately, his vernissage which was meant to take place in April has been cancelled and moved to autumn. A new date will be announced at a later period.

"Always keep smiling!"

Lopez Foto Design Nuremberg - Barcelona Corporate, People and Architecture Photographers

Corporate portraits and industry are the areas in which Francisco Lopez is at home and which he masters and loves.

No matter which industry, whether the financial world of banks and insurance companies, all industrial areas, architectural offices and the entire medical area of medical practices and clinics. Francisco photographs interesting people everywhere, in different perspectives with an exciting mix of natural and artificial light.

And if this were not enough, Francisco Lopez originally comes from product photography, and here he can prove time and time again how sensitively he deals with light in the studio in order to present products perfectly.

In addition to all this, he has made a name for himself in architectural photography over the past 20 years, with numerous customers from a wide range of industries having their buildings, houses and interiors photographed by him.

You can see his pictures mainly in company brochures, on various websites, in specialist magazines, magazines, and on product packaging and posters.

Patrick Zasada Frankfurt Still LIfe and Advertising Photographers

Patrick Zasada is an advertising photographer located between Frankfurt and Heidelberg in Germany. His main focus is on product, advertising, and architecture photography. He produces stunning composites with a mixture of architectural, landscape and studio photography to create advertising that goes beyond reality.

In this issue Patrick Zasada would like to present some of his product shots.

Some of Patrick’s clients include Accor Hotel Group, Chanel, CMS, CyrusOne, Ebara Corporation, Gerresheimer AG, Global Switch Datacenters, Hessen Trade & Invest (Hessian state ministry), Hilton Hotels, Interhomes AG, JD Norman Industries, KT Bank, KKDC, Medochemie, R+V Insurance, Vanguard Inc., and ZMS Zeppelin Mobile Systeme.

Christian Stoll Dusseldorf Advertising and Still Life Photographers & Directors

"Camera lenses are my eyes to the world, they transform my visions into images for still, motion, digital content or print media for more than 30 years.

They have seen what I have seen - and they have seen a lot more than that.

They are reliable companions, they are so much more than just  tools - they bring out the magic and the beauty.

And they are beauties themselves - quietly and elegantly working without attracting attention.

It’s time they got some appreciation."

Michael Heinsen Hamburg - Mallorca Portrait and People & Lifestlye Photographers

Atmospheric, authentic, credible and high-quality portrait and lifestyle photography is what Michael Heinsen is known for. Whether he is faced with emotionality, strong physical presence, fragility or a special aura, Michael Heinsen captures those fine nuances that make a photo or film sequence special and different.

Thanks to his intuition and his ability to connect easily with the people he meets, he never fails to create these unique moments, be it in a complex photo production or a hectic film shoot.

R2N Studios Karlsruhe advertising photographers

The R2N Studios contain a 600m2 studio located in Karlsruhe, in South Germany, for photography, moving pictures and digital imaging.

Andreas M. Räsch, the founder and owner of the studios, works with his team for national and international transportation, people and corporate clients.

Andreas principle is that everthing has at least two sides. "We realise unique and strong images from different angles, ideas and perspectives. This way we are always able to offer the best among several good solutions."

See more of his work on his website and get in touch to dicuss the details of your next projects.

Dorit Guenter Berlin Kids and People Photographers

Growing up in grey and dark eastern German surroundings, Dorit became a strong lover of light. Because light is an essential part of what makes photos beautiful, she uses light in every possible and sometimes unconventional way while capturing her photographs.

During her sessions she focuses on havig fun, and with a childlike ease she makes children feel comfortable. She manages to capture those rare moments in time and records those true expressions that deserve to be immortalised. She has her own unique style of using light which allows her to create amazing photographs.

food und text studios Munich Food & Drink Photographers and Motion Productions

Food stills and stop motion made in Germany.

Hans Gerlach and Christopher Tech specialise in producing high end stop motion animations, food stills and moving image. Part of Food und text studios is a very well known test kitchen offering recipe and product development by highly qualified chefs. If you need culinary or photographic input for your next product or campaign – ask Hans and Christopher, they will have the right ideas. And they will produce everything you dream of together with their great team of food and prop stylists, text specialists and post production.

Recent work includes commercial stop motion and photo production for companies like Siemens Home, Savencia Fromage & Dairy, Gervais, Herbaria Kräuterparadies and Nissin foods. Food und text studios are happy to work on a regular basis with many of their editorial clients like industry leaders BEEF!, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and Slowfood Magazine.

Stillworks Interactive Frankfurt Frankfurt Full Service Production Company

stillworks is a digital agency and film production from Fulda, Germany.

"Digital content like virtual 360 degree tours, websites, film, drone work and photography are our speciality.

We believe that skilled and dedicated people develop exciting content for different clients in Germany. The world changes and it requires new ideas and approaches to be fit for the coming challenges in advertising. We help create these things, develop the ideas and change the way brands are noticed through devising compelling and captivating ideas that help to stay ahead.

Now, more than ever stillworks provides the creativity, skill and thinking outside the box to succeed in these times.

stillworks helps to rethink digital advertising."

Christoph Siegert Hamburg People & Lifestyle Photographers and Directors

Thanks to his interest in people, Christoph Siegert can connect with you very quickly. This gift helps him immensely with the implementation of his projects in the field of film and photo, which he has recently been able to realise through stories that are told in beautiful atmospheric images.

Christoph produced an image film for the advertising agency, 2do Marketing Services. In Christoph's characteristically atmospheric and warm tones, he humorously stages the different facets of how advertising agencies work. A nice challenge in this case was his directorial work with only children as actors, which he mastered with flying colours! But you should see for yourself.

Christoph photographed and directed for the hearing aid manufacturer Optimus Schmelzer. With “storytelling at its best”, the “Excellent Day” commercial shows that small and inconspicuous hearing aids can do much more than just make sounds louder. Christoph proves here with sensitive instructions that even silent punch lines can carry a film.

Globo Productions Dusseldorf Full Service Photo Production and Locations

GLOBO PRODUCTIONS focuses on shootings in Germany with a huge portfolio of locations and has organised photo productions for 20 years. 

"Motifs that are suspected to be in other countries or regions, but are right on our doorstep! Short travel distances, a secure infrastructure, support for the local economy, sustainability - and of course unique locations – all of these are relevant points for shooting in Germany!  

GLOBO PRODUCTIONS provides support in all areas and offers a proven service - whether full or partial for small or large productions. The very personal service includes location scouting, shooting support, in-house flights and access to a travel agency which is very familiar with the special requirements and changes required by production trips.

From now on, there are many new locations from Germany on our website and Instagram.

Let's think global - but keep it local!"

KGB Locationservice Berlin - Frankfurt location service & scouts

"This year we celebrate the 30th birthday of our KGB Locationservice. We find locations for photo and film productions, in Germany and all over Europe. We apply for permissions, organise shootings and take care of your production.

Take advantage of our 3 decades of experience in advertising and editorial shoots! Lately we have a big crush on transportation, but we do fashion and people shootings as well, of course.  

We are based in Berlin and near Frankfurt, Germany, and we operate all over the EU for you."

Delight Rental Services Berlin - Stuttgart - Marbella EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

"Light, camera, action, showroom at Delight Rental Services Berlin.

Please check out some of our new arrivals at our new LCA showroom:

  • Creamsource Micro Colour features calibrated red, green, blue and white LEDs beautiful white light in any CCT from 2,200K to 15,000K.
  • Creamsource SpaceX an innovative approach to high powered film and TV lighting.
  • Hudson Spider REDBACK produces flattering controlled soft light, without the necessity for flags or diffusion.
  • Chroma-Q Color Force LED provides a radically increased colour palette.
  • Chroma-Q® Brute Force™ a realistic LED alternative to the traditional quarter ‘Wendy’ light.
  • Litegear LiteTile flexible, bi-colour LED LiteTile with a range of 2600-6000K

Due to the current situation we’ll open the showroom by appointment only."

Sergio Ingravalle Dusseldorf illustrators

Award-winning illustrator and author Sergio Ingravalle creates portraits and dynamic illustrations by working with watercolors, pencils, ink and digital drawings. His client list contains Coca-Cola, Adidas, Juventus, Marvel, FC Bayern Munich, Peugeot, and National Geographic. He also collaborated with the German government to create illustrations for the 70th anniversary of the German Basic Law.

In 2019 he received the prestigious Red Dot and has been awarded with a nail trophy by the Art Directors Club. In addition, his work has been honored by international award shows like 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Luerzer's Archive 18/19 and 16/17, Communication Arts Award of Excellence, several times the 3x3 Professional Show Winner, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and the new Freistil Book.

Petra Wiebe Munich fashion production

Petra Wiebe is a Munich-based freelance stylist, fashion editor and art director.

Petra is a competent, experienced and reliable creative partner who is developing individual concepts for her clients and organises photo productions worldwide. She is a one woman show for affordable productions including art buying, styling, model booking and castings, location scouting, travel and hotel reservations.

She works as an experienced stylist for advertising, fashion brands and department stores.

Her latest projects include:

  • Werner Christ, a successful combination of concept, planning, styling and production went into Petra's latest advertising work with film on location at the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and in the studio in Munich.
  • Gala Magazine 1/2020, Woman Austria and Femina photographed in summer 2019 at the glacier in Austria with photographer Thomas Knieps and model Katherine Konlin (Sight Models).  
  • Latest Magazine "so romantic" roses shoot, with photographer Norbert Bäres and model Delfina Morbelli (Most Wanted), which took place at the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
  • The Fashionisto feature of the exclusive story about the iconic Yves Saint Laurent, photographed at the Kasbah Ellouze Ouarzazate with photographer Norbert Bäres and model Donny Lewis.
  • Grazia April 20 and Woman Austria with Delfina Morbelli (Most Wanted), shot in the Moroccan desert. Photographed by Norbert Bäres, hair and make-up by Carsten Richert.
  • Latest Magazine April 20, "Starchild" shoot with Lea Krumenbacher (Visage) photographed by Felix Sattel.

Nici Theuerkauf Berlin - Hamburg - Düsseldorf interior and people stylists

Nici Theuerkauf is an interior and people stylist based in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. At the beginning of the year, Nici Theuerkauf designed stylish and artful cribs for the company Bäro, which were then installed in the Euroshop fair in Düsseldorf.

For Wolfgang Zlodej's photos, Nici did the arranging and styling in a way that perfectly fit the set, she also thought-out and came up with the final stills.

This Showcase displays Anne Deppe's porcelain, during this shoot both Nici and Anna Badour combined their creativity to come up with these high quality and artistic images.

In collaboration with the photographer Martin Müller, Nici developed the catalogue for the lamp company Eloa

To view her portfolio visit Nici's website or get in touch directly on +49 179-2091856.

East West Models Frankfurt models/ fashion

East West Models is a model management agency that has been around for now more than 30 years. Establishing long-term relationships with all of its partners, the company has a wide scope of international clients. With clients from across the world, the agency is one of the leading agencies in the German market with a clientele including all the major catalogues, advertising and production companies, labels, and editorial offices.

Providing strong management for new and young models, East West Models has a wide array of fresh faces as well as a strong men’s board and a good range of curvy models.

Recent work includes Johanna Schapfeld for Glamour France, Tessy Schuette for Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer lookbook 2020 and Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Resort 2020, Miriam R. for Cosmopolitan Germany, Gardelina B. for Simone Perele Lingerie campaign 2020, Paula Luna for Vulkan Magazine and Marisa S. for Elegant Magazine.

Follow East West Models on their Instagram for the latest news and updates on its models.


If you are not yet familiar with ModelManagement.com's state of the art platform, then you are in for a ground breaking surprise.

Treading revolutionary new ground for how photographers, production companies, casting directors and brands find, cast and book models, this is one platform that gives you the tools to do it all online. Boasting over 1.2 million models of every type, in over 200 countries, you are looking at one hell of a digital beast for the global modelling and talent industry. 

The beauty of this platform is in the tools that ModelManagement.com's team has worked meticulously to develop. They have the all round smartest model finding solution we’ve seen, which even includes live online video castings and digital bookings with smart contracts! 

Castings for any kind of project can be announced via the platform and while the world is on standby during Covid-19, you can start building your very own pool of models, who you can first meet online and then call upon for when the time and project is right.

The key to their global success? They have a team of experts from all areas of the modelling and production industries working hand in hand with the platforms technicians and creators of whom you can reach out to personally at any time for help with your casting needs.