"I was once told that I was becoming a boring adult. And it was true, I didn’t like the person I had become. I was no longer using my creativity but rather wasting my gift at a dead end office job. So I then decided to take a chance and change everything about my life. I followed my passion for photography and delved into an extensive education, which was completed at Art Center College of Design, from where I graduated with honors. Even with this, I don’t feel I will ever be done perfecting my craft technically or creatively, I don’t wish to put a limit on what I will accomplish.

My work is full of colour, whimsy and playfulness and reflects my sense of an inner joy, and optimism about life, as well as a rich inner life. While working with various clients I have been able to use my business background in conjunction with my photography to help achieve the desired results in the images that I create for them. I specialise in art direction, photography, styling and editing and I create commercial photography used for print, digital and packaging."