los angeles Jul 2020


NM Productions Los Angeles - London - New York - Dubai PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

Working across both stills and motion, NM Productions pride themselves on the ability to provide a flexible, no nonsense, effective approach to service the needs of their clients. Below are some of the things people have to say about them.

“Their producer is one of the best golf buggy drivers in the game and their snack game is always on point." - Adam Fussell, photographer.

“Most responsive company in the world. Their operating hours do not follow any time zone. They must be aliens…“ - Venkay Films, director.

“Whenever I see their phone number flash up, it's always the same feeling - dread. Who’s missed a flight this time? Twenty 5* hotel rooms for how much a night? Impossible! Yet somehow they always find a way to make it work.” - Thomas White, Exhausted Travel Agent.

“Having personally delivered 50 billion tacos to NM Productions, my arms have never looked better.” - Sophia Iemola, caterer, Heirloom LA.

“When life gives me lemons I make lemonade, but when NM productions get lemons, they make frozen margaritas served in a gorgeous hilltop mansion in Hollywood.”  - Sabine Riefkohl, producer.

The team has just opened back up for production with all new guidelines and procedures to provide a safe working environment during these challenging times.

Recent projects include shoots with Braun, Hugo Boss and Missguided

Gaby Correa Productions Los Angeles - San Diego - Lisbon commercial production and locations

For the last 16 years, GC Productions have been providing world-class production services for photo and film shootings in Lisbon, expanding the production hub also to Los Angeles and San Diego.

The combination of solid experience, local expertise and high quality teamwork ensure a successful production from the beginning to the end.

Some of the skills in photo, film and video include commercial advertising, fashion, editorials, car production, lifestyle. 

"We work hand in hand with our international and local clients, providing the best creative and efficient solutions. Behind the scenes, we are steps ahead, creating the foremost memorable experiences. Let’s start to shoot together at the countless locations awaiting to be explored!" 

Part of Gaby Corrêa Productions client list: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Hermès, Blumarine, Asics, Adidas, Nike, L´Oreal, Vogue, The American Crew, Revlon, and Maxi-Cosy.

Jean Ho Los Angeles still life photographers

"Born in LA, raised in Seoul, returned back to LA, went to college for business, realised photography was more attractive, studied photography in San Francisco, returned back again to LA, worked many projects, receives calls for jobs, publishes works on papers, flies all around the world, still thirsty for photography.

How about you?"

Evan Lane Los Angeles Photographers and Directors

The work of LA-based photographer and director Evan Lane is unapologetically honest. His photography takes the form of a visual diary, documenting organic and relatable moments. His photos maintain that inherent effortlessness – breaths of life on pause.

In 2012 Evan founded Langly, to bridge the fashion and functionality of camera bags. Today Langly can be seen on photographers on six continents and Evan can still be found all over the world chasing down shots.

Some of his clients include: Toyota, Amazon, Google, Polaroid, Panasonic, Motorola, Condé Nast, Raen Optics, Arnette Sunglasses, Stetson, Filson Outdoor, Laer Apparel.

Inti St. Clair Los Angeles people & lifestyle photographers

Inti St. Clair is a high energy commercial lifestyle photographer. Based in Austin, Texas, Inti specialises in crafting true "slice-of-life" images. Image library creation is her specialty, and her years as a producer give her an extra edge when it comes to working under tight deadlines, and unexpected challenges. 

Whether photographing family moments, kids at play, work life interactions, or healthcare moments, Inti's images always feel authentic, natural and believable. 

Her work can be seen in campaigns for Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Chase, Build-a-Bear, Phillips 66, AT&T and Arm & Hammer to name a few. 

Inti's photography has been recognised for its excellence by Cannes Lions, International Photography Awards, Lürzer's Archive, Communication Arts, APA and ASMP.

Easton Chang Los Angeles Car Photographers & Directors

Along with the challenges of 2020, the year also brings with it unique opportunities to look forward to.

Using COVID-19-safe certified production, Easton Chang and his team prepares for the reopening of the industry in Los Angeles and abroad.

Derek Johnson Denver - Los Angeles advertising photographers

Derek is a Denver-based commercial photographer who utilises meticulous lighting and a unique perspective to craft authentic and timeless imagery seen throughout commercial, advertising and editorial use for clients/brands around the world. He specialises in product, portrait and automotive photography but his versatility enables him to take on any project with confidence. Collaboration is the best part throughout the process and Derek aims to exceed the client's expectations each time.

He's been fortunate to work with companies like Shane Company, New Balance, Colorado Rockies, 3form, NCAA, PS Audio, 000 Magazine, Women's Running Magazine, Highland Park Whiskey, Bylt Basics, Pizzeria Locale, Galvanize, Strongwater, Grip2U, and Fierce 45 among others.

Follow his Instagram for recent work and to see more of his work visit his site.

Elizabeth Gonzalez Mathews Los Angeles advertising photographers

"I was once told that I was becoming a boring adult. And it was true, I didn’t like the person I had become. I was no longer using my creativity but rather wasting my gift at a dead end office job. So I then decided to take a chance and change everything about my life. I followed my passion for photography and delved into an extensive education, which was completed at Art Center College of Design, from where I graduated with honors. Even with this, I don’t feel I will ever be done perfecting my craft technically or creatively, I don’t wish to put a limit on what I will accomplish.

My work is full of colour, whimsy and playfulness and reflects my sense of an inner joy, and optimism about life, as well as a rich inner life. While working with various clients I have been able to use my business background in conjunction with my photography to help achieve the desired results in the images that I create for them. I specialise in art direction, photography, styling and editing and I create commercial photography used for print, digital and packaging."

Nico Marques Los Angeles architecture photographers

Nico Marques’ easy-going, yet highly focused approach to capturing images is shaped by his international training in architecture and photography, as well as years of experience as a commercial and residential designer at leading boutique architecture firms in Los Angeles.

Combining his passion for photography and architecture into one became obvious one day, so he decided to step away from his desk, get outside a lot more, and help promote his friends’ and colleagues’ work as an architectural photographer in Los Angeles. He has been capturing projects and their typical inhabitants in the best light possible ever since, and this journey as documentarian storyteller has now completed its first decade.

Nico was invited to exhibit his work at the Venice Biennale in 2018 and 2020, and his work has been published in books and magazines worldwide, including Architectural Review, Dwell and Trends. Two books are in the making as well, which have been getting a bit more well-deserved attention in the last few weeks.

For more of Nico’s photographs please visit his website.

Myles McGuinness Los Angeles people & lifestyle photographers

Myles has made a name for himself by capturing the extreme and stunning beauty of natural environments in a way that seems at once personal and epic in scale. He gets there because he’s been there. Soaking it up. In awe of nature, and human nature. Focused on delivering the shot you’re looking for, as well as capturing the one you never expected.

Based in Oceanside, California, he works across the globe with clients including Adidas, Chevy, Four Seasons Resorts, Visit California and more.

Jeff Couch Los Angeles food & drink photographers

“Capturing Your Senses” Jeff Couch is an award-winning certified professional photographer with a background in marketing, food styling and cooking. His attention to detail allows any creative vision to capture the senses efficiently and on budget.

The exceptional studio located in Palm Desert is fully equipped commercial kitchen with a vast array of props. Jeff also shoots on location.

Types of work include product, cookbooks, restaurant interiors, chef portraits, action or still life and PR photography.

Jeff's years as a chef enables him to seamlessly shoot award winning images.

David Blattel Los Angeles advertising photographers

"David Blattel is the human Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman tool.

He is an accomplished, award-winning and creative photographer with 20+ years of advertising, editorial and corporate clients. David is beloved by his clients for ease in working together, for smart collaboration and delivering on budget and schedule.

He is an inventor. One of his inventions – Tetherblock, a device for securing a data cable to a digital camera – is the largest selling product of its kind worldwide. He is a seasoned climber, BASE jumper, skydiver, stunt man – once doubling for Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial!

David is an accomplished carpenter, set-builder, and creator – skills that often come into play while shooting on location and in tight spaces.

He admits he’s a perfectionist. He is your best choice.

Partial client list: Arco, Automobile Club, Avery Dennison, Bank of America, Blue Cross, Disney, Duracel, Epson,General Motors, Harlem Globe Trotters, Harley-Davidson, Honda Automobiles, Mattel, Naturade, Northrop Grumman, Pepsi, St. Jude Medical, Teledyne, Thermadore, Tri-Star Technologies, UCLA, United Airlines, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Wham-O, Zerox.

Hire David Blattel and secure an innovative, experienced and technically savvy creative talent that loves shooting people, product, places."

Mike Miller Los Angeles advertising, documentary and film directors

An award-winning freelance director/DP, Los Angeles-based Mike Miller is passionate about his craft.

“I love to make beautiful images to take the audience on a storytelling journey. I see the DP’s role as an extension of the director and a vital part of the process of bringing a script to life. It’s why I began shooting my own stuff”.

Mike’s commercials can best be described as mini-movies. From subtle humor to drama and action, with a talent for casting, Mike is a Director/DP able to deliver a rare combination of beautiful images, visual storytelling and great performances.

He plans meticulously, does detailed storyboards, and workshops the actors during pre-production. “With the goal post clear to everyone, being totally buttoned-up gives you the freedom on the day to find the magic.”

Winning awards at a long list of the world’s major award shows is a constant in Mike's career, including a Gold Lion at The Cannes Film Festival, Silver World Medals at The New York Festivals, Gold at The Australian Cinematographers Society (NSW) and ‘Official Selection’ at The Sundance Film Festival.

He is available to work anywhere in the world you happen to be, or where you’d like to shoot.

Skye Rentals Los Angeles RENTAL STUDIOS

Skye Stage is a 24-hour studio facility made for professional photographers and filmmakers alike. This space is the platform to take your work to the next level. This studio not only includes a 684 sqft white cyc but a high-end client office, wardrobe room, makeup room, and bathroom.

The makeup room includes a hair sink and three makeup stations, and the bathroom has a fully functional shower. This stage is equipped with all the essentials for a successful and creative project. We are happy to welcome filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and everyone in between!