Mike Miller

Los Angeles - advertising, documentary and film directors

An award-winning freelance director/DP, Los Angeles-based Mike Miller is passionate about his craft.

“I love to make beautiful images to take the audience on a storytelling journey. I see the DP’s role as an extension of the director and a vital part of the process of bringing a script to life. It’s why I began shooting my own stuff”.

Mike’s commercials can best be described as mini-movies. From subtle humor to drama and action, with a talent for casting, Mike is a Director/DP able to deliver a rare combination of beautiful images, visual storytelling and great performances.

He plans meticulously, does detailed storyboards, and workshops the actors during pre-production. “With the goal post clear to everyone, being totally buttoned-up gives you the freedom on the day to find the magic.”

Winning awards at a long list of the world’s major award shows is a constant in Mike's career, including a Gold Lion at The Cannes Film Festival, Silver World Medals at The New York Festivals, Gold at The Australian Cinematographers Society (NSW) and ‘Official Selection’ at The Sundance Film Festival.

He is available to work anywhere in the world you happen to be, or where you’d like to shoot.