Brent Herrig

Chicago - New York - photographers

As the world is being turned upside down and everyone is scrambling for what to do, you can rest assured that photography and videos can still move forward in the most seamless way possible. 

Brent and his team can now do a Contactless Shoot. No travel is needed and a remote connection for constant feedback can be provided. ''We want everyone to be safe at the same time as we are continuing to create great work together.''

Your client still needs to create something that will tell a story and capture the appetite appeal of the product. Photographer and director Brent Herrig can help. Brent supports in-house and agency clients to achieve stress-free productions that hit the brief. 

Several brands continue to trust Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks and products in the most collaborative, efficient way possible.

What can Brent help you with next? Contact him directly to talk about your next project.