chicago Dec 2020


Trybe Production Collective Chicago photo production

Trybe Production Collective is a full-service, non-union production house specialising in editorial and advertising still photography, film, digital, video, experiential installations, and social media productions of all sizes and budgets. Trybe is a collective of industry professionals with years of knowledge and experience who thrive on collaboration with our partners. We have a passion for service, and above all, a commitment to our clients and we are industry leaders in practicing sustainable production practices.

''At Trybe, we are inspired by the artistry and imagination of others and are passionate about bringing people together that foster creativity, implement ideas and have the talent and experience to bring our clients’ vision to life. We hire personnel tailored to our clients’ individual project needs and vision. We curate crews for your production and also, we provide art buying services.

Our pool of talented individuals has the breadth and depth of expertise to ensure client satisfaction and success of each and every project regardless of location and size of project.''

Projects include:

  • Nike Jordan - photographer Nicholas Maggio
  • New Era Caps - photographer Tim Tadder
  • Hard Rock Hotel Weddings - photographer Kirsten Miccoli
  • Biltmore - photographer Ashton Rodgers.

Jake Brusha Chicago directors/ advertising / commercials

Jake Brusha is a director and director of photography, specialising in naturalistic commercial work around lifestyle and travel. He would describe his style as a modern twist on traditional cinéma vérité; highlighting the beauty of real life and supplementing it to make the subtleties of human connection really find their definition.

Jake has directed and shot brand films for several national clients such as Marlboro, Prudential, Choose Chicago Tourism, Coors, GoDaddy, Firestone, Deloitte, United Health Care, Skoal, Old Style, NHL, Rogers SportsNet and Comedy Central.

Emily Inman Chicago photographers', directors' & illustrators' agents

A Chicago-based artist representation firm that has been representing photographers and illustrators for many years. Emily Inman’s talent has worked on global ad campaigns, large packaging projects and menus and POS for large restaurant chains. Her agency talent has the perfect blend of artistry and technology coupled with top notch production. Her agency's high-end, award-winning talent includes:

Brian Wright - Still / motion food photography. His story telling light helps bring major CPG companies products to life.

Tim Pannell - Engaging lifestyle and sports photography. Tim shoots projects flawlessly all over the globe.

Barbara Karant - Architectural and interiors photography. From skyscrapers to room sets, Barbara brings a unique point of view to each location.

Karant Canines - Another facet of Barbara Karant’s talents: creating beautiful dog portraiture. She is the author of several books including “Small Dog, Big Dog” and “Greyhounds The Book”.

Chris Sheban - Sophisticated, humorous illustrations that are both fun and captivating. Chris is a gold and silver medal winner with the Society of Illustrators.

Kevin Smith Chicago food & drink photographers

"This is a strange and challenging time we find ourselves in. At photokevinsmith we continue to meet clients’ needs making great images with the utmost safety in mind. 

Since February, all of our shoots have been conducted remotely. We Skype or Zoom with creatives and clients and can share captures in real time making art direction and feedback seamless.

Our own 5000 sq. ft., fully equipped studio in the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood on Chicago’s lower west side is ready to handle your production from prep through post. The space is dedicated to our specialty - bringing you the best in food and beverage photography. We’ve been “Producing-In-Place” here since 2004.

For your upcoming project, contact our producer Traci. She’s ready to help!"

Kate Cauffiel Chicago food & drink photographers

Kate Cauffiel is a bright and vibrant food and beverage photographer based in Chicago. 

In a warm welcoming environment, together with her team, Kate creates fresh and enticing images that inspire appetite and captivate the senses. 

She loves collaborating with fellow creatives to develop ideas and concepts. Whether it's a bowl of beans or an indulgent tablescape, Kate brings passion and focus to every project.

Joe Pellegrini Chicago food & drink photographers

One rarely goes a day without seeing Chicago photographer Joe Pellegrini’s work in store windows, magazines, or online.

For over two decades, Joe has been an industry leader in product and food photography. Also an accomplished painter, he has brought his artistic sensibilities to national campaigns for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Tyson and Ziploc and for the past decade has shot virtually all of Subway’s national POP images.

He is grateful to be doing what he loves and has never considered it a job. Unflappable, Joe has made a career delivering memorable imagery with the utmost professionalism for products ranging from Scrubbing Bubbles to Jim Beam.

Shoot days find his studio abuzz with his group of top food stylists, special FX and digital technicians. His team will exceed your expectations with practiced efficiency.

Brent Herrig Chicago - New York food & drink photographers

As the world is being turned upside down and everyone is scrambling for what to do, you can rest assured that photography and videos can still move forward in the most seamless way possible. 

Brent and his team can now do a Contactless Shoot. No travel is needed and a remote connection for constant feedback can be provided. ''We want everyone to be safe at the same time as we are continuing to create great work together.''

Your client still needs to create something that will tell a story and capture the appetite appeal of the product. Photographer and director Brent Herrig can help. Brent supports in-house and agency clients to achieve stress-free productions that hit the brief. 

Several brands continue to trust Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks and products in the most collaborative, efficient way possible.

What can Brent help you with next? Contact him directly to talk about your next project.

Jeremy Cliff Chicago car & transportation photographers

"Chicago-based photographer specialising in the commercial automotive field. As 2020 comes to a close I’m happy I was able to create as much work as I did. 

The Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen Arteon US campaigns I photographed went live mid year and have been great to see in the wild. 

This year brought a number of new clients, some of my favorite images are seen here."

Dave Slivinski Chicago food & drink photographers

Dave Slivinski, a Chicago native, specialises in food and beverage photography. Drawn to photography because of the magic that happens in the dark room, Dave has always been amazed at how technically precise, yet creative the photographic process is.

Over the years Dave’s style has evolved from traditional methods to a precise expertise in digital photography. Crafting his images with an emphasis on both natural and electronic light, Dave has continued to develop his ability to bring together ambience, colour and composition.

Whether applying his skillset to a tabletop or a splashing beverage shot, Dave consistently finds the perfect shot.

Brian Ach Chicago - New York Portraiture & Celebrity Photographers

Splitting his time between New York and Chicago, Brian Ach has been creating iconic images for over 15 years by blurring the line between editorial and commercial portraiture.

A people photographer at heart, his easy-going manner, generous personality and skill at quickly connecting with subjects allows him to create portraits of today’s most recognizable personalities, including Joanna Gaines, Sting, Saoirse Ronan, Robert Pattinson, Jay-Z, and many others.

Most recently, Brian has photographed a campaign for FedEx Small Business and multiple features for WORTH Magazine.

Past clients include Rolling Stone, The New York Times, People Magazine, and TIME.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago food & drink photographers

Photographer and director Stephen Hamilton combines his love of food and beverage with his love of travel in a series of explorations into global cuisines. Capturing some of the most craveable dishes of Latin America and the Mediterranean, as well as one of his favorite destinations, Sicily. 

This series also taps into the private prop collection of Steve’s globetrotting brother and prop stylist, Tom Hamilton. Meant to capture the essence of the culture and the importance of a shared meal, the series touches on the emotion of food bringing people together.

Hamilton’s fully integrated studio is based in Chicago but he brings his vision to clients all over the globe. The Stephen Hamilton Productions team delivers their client-first full-circle capabilities in the form of still photography, animated stills, cinemagraphs, stop-motion builds, how-to videos, tight and textured “delicious moments” videos and broadcast/commercials.

Carlin Creative Chicago food & drink photographers

Jena Carlin is a Midwest-based food and lifestyle photographer, cookbook author, and prop stylist. Over the past 10 years, Jena has been known for her earthy authentic captivating style focused on appetite appeal.

She is a classically trained fine art painter which has a unique take on her approach to her photography style that perfectly complements both editorial and advertising campaigns. She seeks out emotional genuineness in her food and lifestyle photography with a strong emphasis on narratives and blending modern and heritage styles. 

As an experienced photographer, her images have a quality and elegance skilled at working with both natural and artificial light.

She shoots for clients such as Ghirardelli, Martha Stewart, Kohl’s, Taste of Home, Sam’s Club, The Buckle, Press, Kerry Taste and Nutrition, Iowa Premium Angus.


Jena founded Master the Art of Food Photography, an online summit engaging and educating the food photography community around the world.

Matthew Allen Photography Chicago people & lifestyle photographers

Matthew Allen is an experienced and versatile photographer that combines speed, attention to detail, and creativity to accomplish the goals of the client. Matthew's style is unique, rich in colour and texture, approachable, and vibrant.

His easy going and fun approach to shooting, with a knack for making the subject feel comfortable and natural in front of camera, brings authentic emotions in to photography and video productions.

Keeping things simple in life and on set always produces the best results with the least amount of stress.