Stephen Hamilton

Chicago - photographers

Photographer and director Stephen Hamilton combines his love of food and beverage with his love of travel in a series of explorations into global cuisines. Capturing some of the most craveable dishes of Latin America and the Mediterranean, as well as one of his favorite destinations, Sicily. 

This series also taps into the private prop collection of Steve’s globetrotting brother and prop stylist, Tom Hamilton. Meant to capture the essence of the culture and the importance of a shared meal, the series touches on the emotion of food bringing people together.

Hamilton’s fully integrated studio is based in Chicago but he brings his vision to clients all over the globe. The Stephen Hamilton Productions team delivers their client-first full-circle capabilities in the form of still photography, animated stills, cinemagraphs, stop-motion builds, how-to videos, tight and textured “delicious moments” videos and broadcast/commercials.