Emily Inman

Chicago - photographers', directors' & illustrators' agents

A Chicago-based artist representation firm that has been representing photographers and illustrators for many years. Emily Inman’s talent has worked on global ad campaigns, large packaging projects and menus and POS for large restaurant chains. Her agency talent has the perfect blend of artistry and technology coupled with top notch production. Her agency's high-end, award-winning talent includes:

Brian Wright - Still / motion food photography. His story telling light helps bring major CPG companies products to life.

Tim Pannell - Engaging lifestyle and sports photography. Tim shoots projects flawlessly all over the globe.

Barbara Karant - Architectural and interiors photography. From skyscrapers to room sets, Barbara brings a unique point of view to each location.

Karant Canines - Another facet of Barbara Karant’s talents: creating beautiful dog portraiture. She is the author of several books including “Small Dog, Big Dog” and “Greyhounds The Book”.

Chris Sheban - Sophisticated, humorous illustrations that are both fun and captivating. Chris is a gold and silver medal winner with the Society of Illustrators.