Carlin Creative

Chicago - photographers

Jena Carlin is a Midwest-based food and lifestyle photographer, cookbook author, and prop stylist. Over the past 10 years, Jena has been known for her earthy authentic captivating style focused on appetite appeal.

She is a classically trained fine art painter which has a unique take on her approach to her photography style that perfectly complements both editorial and advertising campaigns. She seeks out emotional genuineness in her food and lifestyle photography with a strong emphasis on narratives and blending modern and heritage styles. 

As an experienced photographer, her images have a quality and elegance skilled at working with both natural and artificial light.

She shoots for clients such as Ghirardelli, Martha Stewart, Kohl’s, Taste of Home, Sam’s Club, The Buckle, Press, Kerry Taste and Nutrition, Iowa Premium Angus.


Jena founded Master the Art of Food Photography, an online summit engaging and educating the food photography community around the world.