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Sonja Heintschel Munich photo agents

Sonja Heintschel is an agency for photographers with more than 25 years of industry experience, her extensive network allows her to achieve even the impossible. Representing young, promising talent, as well as established artists, who all understand their profession and are able to create attractive and applicable images.

The service profile includes cost calculation, shoot co-ordination, casting, production, invoicing and negotiations of copyrights. 

Recent clients such as Closed, Bogner Fashion, Silhouette eyewear, and WALA realised projects during Corona times making sure that all safety and hygienic measures were respected.

Maison Musitowski Dusseldorf Talents Agents

"Let's get back to work! The events of the last few months have impacted all of us. We are confronted with having to adapt to new processes, a new approach to how things are done and how we interact with each other. Creating a whole new “normal” way of doing things has been on all of our agendas. But having gone through the changes, also means that we are now ready to do what we enjoy the most, and that is to “get back to work” again!

Our artist and talent agency Maison Musitowski GmbH is yet again ready to put its foot on the throttle and start operations after the lockdown. Since the end of May, armed with the required protective equipment, full of motivation and creativity, Maison Musitowski GmbH has started the first productions after the break.

We would also like to introduce our new artists from the fields of photography, retouch, hair and make-up and acting. Maison Musitowski GmbH is a boutique agency and a full-service production company.

Are you still looking for artists and talent for your upcoming production? Then you are exactly right with us.

We represent photographers, make-up artist, hairstylists, fashion stylists, set designer/prop master, videographer, producer, hosts and actors. We specialise in fashion, lifestyle, kids, sports, travel and advertising. We can arrange the booking for both individual artists as well as any sized team who are used to working in contact with each other. 

We look forward to upcoming projects and new challenges."

Claudius Holzmann Dusseldorf People, Beauty and Fashion Photographers and directors

Claudius' areas of expertise are people, fashion, advertising, beauty and lifestyle (high documentary) photography. He has been working as a professional photographer for over 25 years in Capetown, Berlin, Miami and Düsseldorf, where he owns and runs his production agency, Cream Digital Pictures that offers photo and film production and post-production. He is working for the industry as well as for agencies, and provides content for magazines, websites, ad campaigns and modelling agencies from around the world.

Although the last months have been a real challenge for the whole industry, Claudius and his team found ways to keep on shooting. With smaller teams, personal protection gear and remote shootings. That means the team sends the camera signal from the studio or location to the client's place, so that he/she is able to be on set without being on set.

Vlado Golub Stuttgart Fashion and Beauty Photographers and directors

We are ready for new projects. Our 450 m² studio is big enough to meet the current standards of safety and hygiene regulations in a charming and inviting atmosphere. It is about a 20-minute drive from Stuttgart and the airport, equipped with a separate dressing and make up room, a beautiful terrace and kitchen with excellent coffee. The location benefits from an enormous amount of space and enables work on two parallel sets, whether photo or film production or a combination of both.

The team - consisting of photographers, film producers, artists, set designers and experienced production staff - is also happy to assist you to find the perfect match and help establish the desired moods and atmosphere.

Vlado is represented by FARIYAL KENNEL Photographers.

David Maurer Frankfurt car & transportation photographers

Ready to produce.

"COVID19 has had a dramatic impact on our lives and the whole industry," acknowledges David Maurer, German-based photographer. "So I decided early on to get ready for a re-start. It is more important than ever, to be prepared for safe and sound productions. Always aiming to exceed expectations."

In March, David finished one of his photo-productions in the snowy Austrian mountains whilst facing the upcoming pandemic.

His latest projects for Porsche, BMW and other clients will be published soon.

David Weimann Cologne Still Life, Portrait and Corporate Photographers

"David is the best photographer in the world." - David’s mum.

His subtle humour, storytelling, strong composition, vibrant colours and graphic style gained him a lot of attention and several awards. Recently he was crowned Wine Photographer of the year within the Pink Lady Food Photography awards 2020.

His portfolio stretches from portrait, corporate and celebrity to still life and commercial photography.

In over 20 years he always found a way to reinvent himself and find new ways to express his work. Excited to work for new clients, David has plenty of space and motivation for new projects over the next few months.

No pandemic will stop him.

Bruno Alexander Cologne beauty photographers

Bruno Alexander is a highly skilled beauty and fashion photographer, working for clients all over the globe. With his decade-long experience in the industry, Bruno turned recent challenges into opportunities. For the past weeks, his concept of one-on-one shootings focused on the essentials and created intense beauty shots that meet the trend of the times. With all hygiene requirements in place now, he is happy to work with a bigger team again. 

Bruno’s latest jobs comprise editorials for the print version of L`Officiel India, Thailand and Cosmopolitan Hong Kong. Bruno also engaged in a pro bono photography documentary on local stores and artists during the corona crisis. 

Want to get in touch? Send Bruno an email or a message on Instagram.

RAW / Ralph Wentz Cologne Interior & Exterior, People and Corporate Photographers

Ralph Wentz is a photographer and creative director based in Cologne, Germany. As a photographer he has a reputation for the clear and precise image, specialising in people and portrait, interior and exterior as well as corporate and product photography. His fine art work is also highly regarded by private clients all around Germany. 

At ease leading a large team or working solo, Ralph's aim is to allow for spontaneity within a well-planned framework. With his wide range of experience both in photography and as a creative director, Ralph brings 25-plus years of experience to every assignment.

"I try to bring something more to the table, something someone doesn’t expect. With my team we try to understand what our clients envision and passionately develop a visual solution on top of that, because everything we do benefits the identity of our client's work.“

Kai Stiepel Munich food & drink photographers

Munich-based photographer Kai Stiepel specialises in food, drink and still life photography.

He works out of his own central Munich studio with fully equipped kitchen. The studio has a very wide selection of props and handmade backdrops.

Kai has been photographing all types of liquids for the past years. 

His picture `Vinaigrette´ won the 1st prize in the category Cream of the Crop in this year's Pink Lady Food Photography Awards.

Feel free to contact Kai, he works with a small team, offering a fully integrated service including photography, retouching, CGI as well as moving image.

Visit his website, follow him on Instagram, and Behance.

Steffen Hofemann Hamburg Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Photographers

Hamburg-based photographer Steffen Hofemann is well known for his fresh natural and cosmetic look.

The clients love his ability to capture authentic personality in commercial and editorial productions.

He is specialised in shooting and combining beauty, lifestyle and young fashion photography. For years, he has also been producing motion picture along his photo productions, as director or DoP.

Over the season Steffen shot for Nivea, Deichmann, Elmex, Meridol, Provinzial, Jägermeister among others, he also directed a TV commercial for Coral. Steffen has also worked with agencies like Grey, Philip und Keuntje, Kameradinnen and Dokyo.

Thomas Fiedler Munich - Mallorca Fashion and Beauty Photographers

Instead of travelling around and shooting on outdoor locations, Thomas photographed in Hamburg, in Luna Studios for some catalogue campaigns, in March and April.

In between, he worked on some pictures for his exhibition which will hopefully be realised in autumn.

Starting from 1st July Thomas will be in Mallorca in his daylight studio. Clients who are interested in having a safe shoot on empty beaches or different locations can just send collections with DHL (if they are afraid to fly). Top hair/make up artists and stylists can be also booked locally.

Stefan Nimmesgern Munich - Madeira People&Lifestyle, Portrait and Corporate Photographers

The Covid-19 crisis surprised Stefan Nimmesgern in his new studio on the island of Madeira. First Stefan and his wife Angelika stayed in their "Quinta Girassol" house in March and then reopened the Studio Munich South, close to Munich in early April. 

Of course, the team adheres to all hygiene requirements. In April Stefan realised a shoot for Sagas production in Wuppertal. The actors Harald Krassnitzer and his wife Ann-Kathrin Kramer were the models for the campaign motif for the production of the stage play "Chocolat". 

In the meantime, some bookings from existing customers and fortunately, inquiries from new customers have been added. 

Stefan used the weeks of the shut-down to renew his homepage.

Sabine Duerichen c/o Kristina Korb GmbH Munich Kids, Teens and Fashion Photographers

Some of Munich-based kids photographer Sabine Duerichen's latest projects shown in this feature: 

  • LILLYDOO - Baby Care
    Sabine took the current photo series for the Frankfurt baby care start-up LILLYDOO. The special thing about the shooting was, among other things, the collaboration with real mothers and their babies as models. The situations depict moments of the parents' everyday life and are therefore close.
  • Burda Style - School Start
    School has recently returned to the scene, the topic of starting school is more trending than ever, not only in autumn but also in the middle of 2020.
  • Russell Kids - Schoolgear
    In 2020 Russell® presents its best collection yet; with an expanded selection of proven favourites and innovative new models that set the standard for quality, detail and printability. The photographs were taken in a very simple style against earth-coloured backgrounds and with sparingly used props that can be found in every school day.
  • Karolina Zmarlak - Lookbook
    Shortly before the Corona crisis, the shoot for fashion designer Karolina Zmarlak took place in her New York KZ_K studio in Manhattan. The concept shoot - Transformational Habits & Leather, was photographed by Sabine Duerichen in the metropolis of NYC.

Patrick Reinig Munich Corporate Photographers

Patrick Reinig is a photographer for corporate communications, branding and marketing. In these times he is concerned about the special needs of his clients. He knows that especially now clients need to be visible to be successful in the future. With his experience in the industry he is able to take on this challenge. 

Patrick is still producing and works for clients within the terms of the given safety measures. 

Visit the website for more information and contact him by email or call directly on +49.941.3813431.

Stephanie Trenz Stuttgart Portrait and Corporate Photographers

Stephanie Trenz is portraying corporate leaders like legends.

Authenticity builds deep trust with customers and stakeholders. But for the authentic self to show up, we need to feel safe first. Stephanie guides you through a process that helps you to stay real in front of the camera.

From Reinhold Messner or Walter Riester to the board of management of Daimler Benz and many more. Stephanie's process derived from decades of portraying leaders and high-achievers in different fields.

Stephanie Trenz delivers pictures that reveal your authentic self. It‘s because she knows how to make you feel safe.

Even in these special times she was allowed to realise beautiful projects like a new imagery for a gastroenterological centre as well as the campaign for the mayor election, of course under the current hygienic conditions and safety requirements.

Clients are Daimler AG, Porsche AG, FDP DVP, Bauchraum Gastroenterologisches Zentrum, Groninger, Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG, Klafs, Schwäbisch-Hall AG, Voith, ElringKlinger AG, Gasversorgung Süddeutschland, N-ergie, Willems Eyewear, Apotheke 55 and many more.

Christoph Siegert Hamburg People and Lifestyle Photographers and directors

On the subject of the Corona Crisis, Christoph produced the haunting and atmospheric film #NOTthesameprocedure for Edelhof1514 during the shutdown, quite spontaneously and with a small team. Based on the commonly known film "Dinner for One", the story about the topic of how to keep in touch with the elderly during the Corona crisis and how it can be alleviated with the help of modern technology was created. All necessary and required hygiene rules were strictly adhered to.

In sunny Cape Town, Christoph realised in his usual authentic lifestyle style, at the beginning of the year, a cheerful, atmospheric story entitled "Rooftop Party". A refreshing drink - the South African cider "Hunters" was presented in a colourful and atmospheric way with a lot of zest for life. The story shows the carefree life in South Africa, which we hope to experience again soon.

Marius Krutschke Frankfurt car & transportation photographers

Strongly limited in time and forced by the official restrictions policy to work with a significantly reduced team, Marius Krutschke realised this portfolio-project in his hometown Frankfurt, Germany. Specialised in automotive photography, Marius puts this BMW M1 into the breathtaking atmosphere of light approaching night, focusing on the cool design and personal charisma of the model. Some of the pictures also convey the mood of cool urban artificiality.

In contrast, the motif of a 1969 Chrysler 300 in Palm Springs under the California sun.

Check out and follow his Instagram and have a look at his website to find a wide selection of his work.

Marius is now represented in the US by Jay Rodan and in Italy by Opla Production .

Globo Productions Dusseldorf Full Service Production and Location Scouts

Although the focus in the last three months was on Germany as a production destination, GLOBO PRODUCTIONS has been on the road in almost 50 countries for scouting and production. Among them are 'exotic' countries like Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, cities like Guangzhou and Harbin in China, remote Andean regions of Chile and Bolivia, as well as more than 60 major cities around the world.

Currently, with the first corona relaxations, shootings are being prepared in Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Portugal. GLOBO PRODUCTIONS is happy to give you location suggestions and information about the countries and wishes you all a healthy and successful restart.

After nearly 4.000km of scouting in the southwest of the USA, which took Andreas from GLOBO PRODUCTIONS not only to the metropolises of LA and San Francisco but also to the magnificent landscapes of Joshua Tree and Sequoia National Park, the shooting for the recently introduced new Porsche 911 Targa followed at the end of 2019. The shooting was produced as a classic road trip in cooperation with Cristin Shea from Found Productions. The photographer responsible was Florian W. Müller, the creation came from Keko GmbH from Frankfurt. On the post-production side, the CGI project was supported by NPIXO, Germany.

SPEEDBALL PRODUCTIONS - SPEEDBALL ONE Hamburg Full Service Production and Location Scouts

If almost 20 years of worldwide production services teaches you one thing, it’s that local expertise is vital for a successful shoot.

So why not mix that with the experience SPEEDBALL PRODUCTIONS was able to gain during that time on a global scale and turn it into something new: SPEEDBALL ONE.

While Covid-19 related restrictions are slowly being released in Germany, SPEEDBALL ONE is able to offer their full services, including a wide range of interior and exterior locations, crew, transportation, equipment and catering.

Their new Hamburg-based full-service production unit has a strict "local-only" approach, exclusively covering northern Germany from metropolitan areas like Hamburg to the beaches of the North and Baltic-Sea (and everything in-between, of course).

Consequently, they summon the best local crew for your project and provide local, organic catering to keep spirits up!

"You are welcome!"

DAS PROPHAUS Munich Props, Location Scouts and Production Services

"Let's go out again!

Finally it's possible to shoot again - outside and on public grounds, in the city or countryside.

Munich and surroundings offer a great variety of locations. Classic and modern architecture or beautiful landscapes and mountains just outside the city.

Das Prophaus was already organising shoots straight after the lockdown, working with a strict production protocol in order to keep everyone safe on set.

Das Prophaus means many services under one roof! Das Prophaus provides production and location services in and around Munich and also owns a “boutique” rental prop shop.

Our clients include: Boss, Bogner, Otto Kern, Carl Gross, Globetrotter, Peek and Cloppenburg, WMF, Betty Barclay, MAC, and Birkenstock."

Gebrüder Fritz Berlin full apartments venues

Gebrüder Fritz is a 330sqm great location and full apartment venue in Berlin-Charlottenburg that can be rented out for your productions, either for photo or commercial shootings.

"Our six rooms with old stucco ceilings offer a lot of atmosphere and daylight. Thanks to our large furniture stock, various set-up possibilities can be realised in no time; whether fully equipped rooms are required or empty ones. There are seven different floors, varied wall colours, wood panelling, wing doors, structures and props which make it easy to transform your ideas into images.

We look forward to hearing from you." 

Contact Gebrüder Fritz directly for further information.


Cordula lives in Frankfurt - with base camps in Berlin and Cologne - and loves to travel. She is a creative stylist for fashion and advertising - in print or on screen.

Her flair adds value and her considerable years of experience mean she keeps her cool when the going gets tough. She has developed an additional passion and skill as a flower wrangler. 

Clients include Fraport, Lufthansa, Kia, GM Chevrolet, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Häagen Dazs, Licher, BREE, Peter Kaiser, Reisenthel, ERGO, KfW Bank, Commerzbank, Postbank, ZDF, and most recently the Austrian National Tourist Office and Fies Black Forest Distillery.

Lately she worked with production companies like Blackpearl, Dropout films, seed film, Tempomedia and directors such as Milo, Markus Roche, Tom Gläser, Jörg Kessel, Emil Kahr, RENO! and Walter Stoehr.

Delight Rental Services Berlin - Stuttgart - Marbella EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Berlin, Stuttgart, Marbella, and on demand worldwide. "Regardless of whether you're a photographer, film-maker, producer, stylist or outfitter, DRS will serve your needs, supplying a huge range of digital, lighting, production and styling equipment."

New arrivals:

  • Apple Pro Display XDR+: 6016 x 3384 Pixel (20,4 M. pixels) by 218 ppi, bigger P3 color space, 10 bit color depth for 1,073 billion colors.
  • Astera Hyperion Tubes: 8 LED Tubes, 100% dimmable, TruColor calibration, flicker-free, green/magenta correction. Delivery in case with power unit, floor stands, mounts, eyebolts, spigots. Incl. iPad and ART7 AsteraBox Sender.
  • Astera Titan Tubes: 4 LED Tubes, 100% dimmable, TruColor calibration, flicker-free, green/magenta correction. Delivery in case with power unit, floor stands, mounts, eyebolts, spigots. Incl. iPad and ART7 AsteraBox Sender.

"Equipped for every vision!"

Elegant Elephant Studios Dusseldorf rental studios for photo & film and Events

One of the biggest photo studios in Germany is located on the historical premises of a former steel works in Düsseldorf – and they're open!

March, April and May have been weird months and also a big elephant needs to protect himself and its fellow friends from this global pandemic. The studio didn't duck down, but took care of the general actions a company could do, such as singpostings, providing of sanitizers and masks, and “tracking” of attendants.

In the large 2,800 sqm area, there will be enough space for safe productions for all lines of business and all branches of trade. From automobile and fashion up to people photography: studios with 40 sqm or a mega studio area with more than 500 sqm can be booked – even accompanied by just one studio-assistant.

FGV Schmidle Munich - Berlin Studios for Photo & Film and Equipment Rental

"Like many in our industry, we are currently 100% available for our customers - our studio is also currently being booked and used - our cleaning service has appropriate hygiene training and can, therefore, meet all requirements - nevertheless, it is of course up to the tenant to carry this out and the meet requirements in each case. But we are prepared!"

Established in 1972, and with home bases in Munich and Berlin, FGV Rental provides services including camera systems (digital, film, and photo), lighting (daylight, tungsten, LED, tube, photo), grip (from cranes to dollies, tripods, stands and more), and vehicles, all with a 24/7 rental pick-up and return policy.

A 700 m² / 7,500 sq.ft. studio located on the Munich premises benefits from great transportation connections. Features include a ceiling height of 12m/40ft, motorised green- and blue-screens, three motorised rigs for loads of up to two tons each, a 7x14m (24x46ft) ceiling reflector, a cyclorama covering two walls (24x29x11m / 79x95x36ft), production offices, an industry-standard kitchen and parking lot.