germany Sep 2020


Per Schorn Frankfurt people & lifestyle photographers

"These beautiful colours, infinite patterns so hard I see, and though we're all of the same stuff, there's not one of you who is the same as me.“ – Duran Duran

Per Schorn's work this year is characterised by bright colours and the expression of strong individuality, his bold style can also be seen in the colourful campaign he worked on for Omen by HP.

For the free series "Eat what you want" Per was inspired by a motto of last year's CSD.

The portraits, created during Corona from March 2020, show isolated protagonists and thus reflect the time of social distancing.

During the lockdown, he portrayed people who were and still are directly and existentially affected.

GABO Photos Berlin Fashion, Portrait and Celebrity Photographers

"WE celebrate the women" was the motto of the campaign for AppelrathCüpper to have their real employees photographed by GABO (Agency: Trading up). These shots showed real and sexy women with masks and fake fur.

The actors Lara Joy Körner and Mereym Uzerili, spent a playful time with GABO and her camera in Gabo's Studio near Berlin and had many great moments.

For the new Barbara cover for October, which Gabo also shot in her studio, everything was about sex and there was a lot to laugh about, but what else can you expect when Barbara Schöneberger is around?

But men like the members of Saltatio Mortis, the metal band, had no less fun yelling at GABO for their new album with Universal.

Find more work on GABO's Instagram

Lukasz Krotkiewicz Frankfurt car & transportation photographers

"Since 2000 I have been training myself professionally in the field of photography in various photo studios.

In 2009 I started my own business in various areas of advertising design and advertising photography. At the beginning I did product, food and portrait photography. Since 2012 the focus has shifted more and more towards car photography. Since then, I have been photographing vehicles from private individuals, suppliers, dealers and various car manufacturers.

In my work I try to do what has not existed yet, I always try to discover a different perspective. The uncomplicated way of working makes every challenge feasible and my own demands for perfection allow me to create wonderful photos.This is appreciated by my clients, including: Alpine Center Frankfurt, Harley Factory Group, FCA, Hyundai - HMETC, Honda, Bugatti Frankfurt, Skoda Frankfurt and more.

Thanks to my work, I have been able to photograph cars and motorbikes in many places around the world.''

Astrid Obert Munich - Cape Town Fashion & Lifestyle Photographers

Astrid Obert is a professional photographer internationally acclaimed for her subtle yet exquisite contributions in the expressive domains of fashion, lifestyle and interior.

Based in Munich and Cape Town, Astrid has demonstrated herself as a superior driving force in the field of creativity, artfully designing vibrant campaigns for renowned brands, advertising agencies, celebrities, and top magazines worldwide.

Her style is a thorough portrayal of her evocative personality, which is distinguished by her passion for producing creative, emotional experiences.

Her quality services present a versatile proposition for local and international clients. Astrid and her team can develop a concept to implement your wishes and ideas optimally and produce images for brand campaigns and content for lookbooks, social media and websites.

Michael Mueller Fotografie Munich PEOPLE, SPORT & LIFESTYLE Photographers

"The new website is finally online! On it you will find insights into my pictorial world and projects. 

My new website is not just a collection of productions from the last years. It is a collection of moments, moods and emotions that I was able to share with many inspiring people!

Photography is the art to capture a moment, stopping the world for a brief second, only to preserve it forever in digital or analogue form. 

With my photography I want to collect these moments and emotions to tell a story. They are visual tales about journeys to distant countries, big cities and lonely mountain worlds - little moments. Moments and emotions the viewer easily understands, gets touched by, feels and experiences through my imagery.

Natural light and the vagaries of the weather provide me with the framework for a scene. Adjustment, flexibility and teamwork are necessary to capture the atmosphere and emotion which in the end touches the viewer and pleases the customer.

Take a mental break and go on a visual journey.

Creating Visual Moments.''

David Hoepfner Munich CORPORATE, Portrait and Transportation PHOTOGRAPHERS

For David, photography is so much more than a deep look through the lens or pressing the shutter release button.

Photography is art, capturing the magic of the moment while being in full control over lighting and setting. Rough and unpredictable nature tamed with exactly fitted technical means and perfect timing.

Photography is the people you work with – behind and in front of the camera. But it is also the long and lonely nights in post-production with countless cups of coffee and the same playlist over and over again, striding for the unfolding of perfection. It is passion and creativity meeting definite aims, budgets and deadlines.

Every day he walks the fine line between these seeming contrasts, and this makes his job so unique.

Fotografie Witte Wattendorff Münster Fashion, People and Advertising Photographers

Turn one into two. After more than 20 years as a successful photographer in the fields of fashion, advertising and people, Peter Wattendorff and Daniel Witte have joined forces under a new name in order to combine their talents.

A win-win situation for existing and new customers, just like for Daniel and Peter, who even after years of working together are still learning from each other and developing their talents.

Recent projects: LVM Versicherung, Berliner Volksbank, PreZero, and Emsa.


Dominik Osswald is a Munich-based portrait, corporate and industrial photographer. 

Being extremely passionate about photographing people as well as their environment, he produces high-class visual solutions for all sorts of publications as advertisings, employer campaigns, annual reports, magazines, and more.

His clients include: BayWa, Bloomberg, Christian Dior, Daimler, dpd, Facebook, Moet & Chandon, Sixt, TÜV SÜD Akademie, and Volkswagen Retail.


Whether he shoots industrial sites, campaigns, portraits of CEOs or employer branding stories, he always tries to produce honest, natural and lively imagery that gets people's attention.

His national and internatonal clients include Audi, Osram, Bosch, Hornbach, Intel, Google, ProSiebenSat1, MAN, H&M, Porsche, Mazda, SZ Scala, C3, Hoffmann&Campe, Territory, Condé Nast, Impulse, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, FourFourTwo, Haymarket, Redwood and various international clients, agencies, B2B and B2C magazines.

Anatol Gottfried Berlin advertising photographers

Positive energy is an essential creative source for the German photographer Anatol Gottfried. Specialised in lifestyle and transportation photography, he shoots preferably on location and always works closely with the people he photographs.

For the green power supplier Holaluz Anatol has shot the latest campaign which recruits to modify Spanish rooftops into renewable energy sources. 'Revolución de los tejados' - rooftop revolution. "Wherever one lives, with or without solar panels, anybody can be part of the rooftop revolution. This way contributing to transform rare city space into fields for renewable energy."

Shortly published were also the visuals produced for Tyrosur by Engelhard Arzneimittel showing the protagonists in daring domestic manoeuvre just before an accident. In addition to photography, Anatol directed and captured the moving images himself.

On another occasion Anatol teamed up with Berlin-based visual artist Andy Kassier to put the new BMW X3 to a yoga test on a beach in South Africa. "Mornings rock best in colour!"

Right now Anatol is busy capturing exciting projects under the last summer sun rays in Germany - he never stops exploring and is available to work worldwide. For more work please check his website and follow him on Instagram.


Björn Vilcens Businessfotografie & Film is providing modern and tailored photography and video production with the focus on the needs of small and medium sized companies and brands.

His main focus is business photography and film, industry photography and film and commercial photography. As part of his service he is offering drone photography and interior photograpahy and provides his clients a full service without the need to coordinate multiple service providers. With his network he can offer additional services and provide a single point of contact to his customers.

He has worked for smaller and local companies and brands but also for some bigger companies like BASF AG, ENBW Energie Badenwürttemberg, Aldi Süd GmbH and Nexus SWITSPOT GmbH.

RAW / Ralph Wentz Cologne Interior & Exterior and Portrait Photographers

Ralph Wentz is a photographer and creative director based in Cologne, Germany. As a photographer he has a reputation for the clear and precise image, specialising in people and portrait, interior and exterior as well as corporate and product photography. His fine art work is also highly regarded by private clients all around Germany. 

Ralph used the corona lockdown to test the new APO 23, the most high-resolution wide-angle lens ever built, on behalf of NWS Instruments. He also shot for Woodtiles, Kirsten Scholz Architects, AD Germany and Ultimate Ears.

At ease leading a large team or working solo, Ralph used his philosophy of allowing for spontaneity within a well-planned framework during these shoots. With his wide range of experience both in photography and as a creative director, Ralph brought 25-plus years of experience to these assignments.

Claas Cropp Creative Productions Berlin photo production

Claas Cropp Creative Productions is a full service production company with experience across all areas of still photo and moving image production, location scouting and casting.

Recent productions include:

  • Porsche Design FW2020 campaign still and video production shot by Jonas Unger (Video: Paul Henri Pesquet) in Amsterdam (thjnk).
  • McDonald’s TVC production directed and shot by Sven Schrader in Berlin (Salt Works).
  • Indochine Album release photo production shot by Erwin Olaf (BTS video Stéphane Ridard) in Berlin.
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class production shot by Amos Fricke in Berlin (antoni).

Other clients include brands such as Louis Vuitton, Brioni, Lacoste, Adidas, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Siemens, BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa.

Photographers include Annie Leibovitz, Michel Comte, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Ellen von Unwerth, Nadav Kander, Martin Schoeller, Phil Poynter and many more.

Cream Digital Pictures Dusseldorf commercial production

Cream digital pictures is a creative production agency that was founded by photographer and director Claudius Holzmann in 1991. Their main focus lies on film, photo and post-production as well as livestream-support and the “Cream Academy” (seminars and workshops in communication, social-media management and marketing strategies) - thus, offering the whole package.

The Cream-team is embodied by a group of dynamic and creative minds whose goal is to provide diverse services for each individual brand. From brainstorming and developing concepts, all the way to creating beautiful pictures and videos. The core business focuses on commercials for TV and online, content production for all social media channels, image films and documentaries.

RAWSHEPHERDS Munich creative post production

With energy and enthusiasm, experience and passion, the pleasure of a picture and desire for extraordinary projects, the target at Rawshepherds is always to obtain the best result of a photograph. It is that extra bit, making the difference, making it perceptible. 

Rawshepherds' services span from RAW-processing, colour and contrast adjustments, retouch, look-development to creating complex compositions. 

Equally important to the actual image editing is the professional consulting service and client support and care. 

Whether ideas already exist or the team's creative input is required, Rawshepherds realise specifications purposefully and on target, and are available to assist in creating the best conditions for perfect results right from the beginning.

In studio or on location, Rawshepherds' know-how and network of freelancers allows them to act timely and stay flexible.

ADRET Hamburg creative post production

Hamburg-based ADRET - Advertising Retouching is a high-end digital retouching studio focused on still life, luxury, jewellery, beauty and fashion.

Unique images demand perfection and control. With special photography techniques and retouching experience, the highly skilled retouchers at ADRET pursue creative solutions with patience and concentration. With a full menu of services and efficient time management, the ADRET team is prepared to accomplish all imaging needs by deploying its range of skills to achieve outstanding results.

The experienced team takes raw materials and polishes them to form a perfect diamond, setting the mood and correcting lighting and colours along the way. ADRET creates outstanding visual effects and generates images of the highest quality.

ADRET's goal is to support clients with their projects. Visit the website for more information.


"Hi! I am Carl. To be precise Carl Fritz, the youngest of the Gebrüder Fritz, a newcomer at Hackescher Markt.

Parisian charm meets Berlin chic: magnificent stucco elements, large double doors, beautiful real wood floors and all this in the heart of Berlin, right in Hackescher Markt.

Interior: All our rooms are painted in varied ways. The fancy french colours, in combination with the old wooden floors, offer the perfect canvas for your production.

Thanks to our large family furniture pool we furnish the location based on your wishes and occasion."

Loom Management Germany location service & scouts

For many years the Loom Management team has loved to support customers find their perfect location throughout Germany, for fashion, industry and advertising productions.

Whether indoors or outdors, in an office, residential building, garden or fairytale castle, Loom Management wlll find the place for photo and (product) video productions. You can also organise your project completely by yourself or book their production services - for much less stress.

Be sure to check out their recently relaunched website.

And for those who are looking for a Caribbean feeling without travelling overseas consider their newly explored location: South Sea Oasis in their Franconian homeland, which has an area of 1,800 square meters and is incredibly versatile. It offers a little bit of Morocco, a little bit of the Caribbean, a touch of Canary Islands ... palm trees, beautiful natural stone walls, an African lounge tent, beach bar, chill-out oasis with a beach flair and above all a turquoise pool up to 1.5m deep with a large white sandy beach. Really ideal for fashion or lifestyle shoots, garden furniture and more.

Sergio Ingravalle Dusseldorf illustrators

Sergio Ingravalle creates portraits and dynamic sport illustrations by using digital drawings in combination with watercolours, pencils and ink. His clients list contains Coca-Cola, Adidas, Juventus, Marvel, FC Bayern Munich, Peugeot, and National Geographic. He also collaborated with the German Government to create illustrations for the 70th anniversary of the German Basic Law.

After winning the prestigious Red Dot and nail trophy by the Art Directors Club in 2019, his work has been awarded with the German Design Award 2021. In addition, his work has been honored by international award shows like, 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Luerzer's Archive 18/19 and 16/17, Communication Arts Award of Excellence (several times), 3x3 Professional Show Winner, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and will be featured in the new Freistil Book.

Nici Theuerkauf Berlin - Hamburg - Düsseldorf interior and people stylists

Nici Theuerkauf works as an interior and people stylist in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

During this year she has worked with photographers and for the production company Stammgestalter for Panasonic, Neda Rajabi for BABOR and Frank Schemmann for BARBARA MAGAZIN where she created the set design and styling concept.

Design concepts for IKEA's stopmotion videos with Oliver Schwarzwald and eBay with Jochen Arndt are also among her portfolio.

Featured in this Showcase are photos from Ruben Riermeier for Why Nils and interior pictures for Alape with the photographer Martin Müller .

She has also collaborated with design studio Gaabs for the world-renowned porcelain brand Meissen.

Visit Nici's website to view her portfolio, get in touch directly on +49 179-2091856 or follow on Instagram.

elbmodels - Agency for Best Agers Hamburg - Munich casting agencies

By 2020 more than a third of all Germans will be over 50. Best Agers will become the key target audience in advertising. Elbmodels really understands this development, so for 13 years the age range of their models has started where other agencies draw the line.

Located in Hamburg and Munich, Elbmodels connects experienced models from Germany and abroad with agencies, editorial offices and photographers for movie and photo productions.

The agency's models embody the lifestyle of their generation, with a striking appearance and lots of experience. 

"We think youth is overrated."

BOYS & GIRLS Kids Model Agency Hamburg Casting Agencies

With over 25 years of experience, Hamburg-based Boys & Girls is one of the leading kids model agencies in Germany. Since the foundation in 1994 the agency has been placing babies, toddler, kids and teen models aged 0-16 years for fashion, advertising and TV commercials.

Notable advertising clients include: Beiersdorf, Edeka, Ferrero, Hipp, Lufthansa, Milupa, McDonald's, Nimm2, Nivea, Nutella, Nintendo, Porsche, Toffifee, Vogue Bambini and VW.

Fashion clients include: About You, Adidas, Aldi, C&A, Fila, Lidl, Tchibo, s.Oliver, Impressionen, Ernsting´s family, Takko and Zalando.

Visit Boys & Girls website or follow them on Instagram to see more work.

Delight Rental Services Berlin - Stuttgart - Marbella EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Berlin, Stuttgart, Marbella, and on demand worldwide.

Regardless of whether you're a photographer, film-maker, producer, stylist or outfitter, DRS will serve your needs, supplying a huge range of digital, lighting, production and styling equipment.


"Delight Rental Services – Equipped for every vision."

mobilespace Hamburg - Berlin mobile units/ location vans

Hygiene on set during the corona pandemic / new set-truck with battery-unit.

The current covid-19 pandemic creates new challenging obstacles for the film and photo industry. However, the show must go on, so Mobilespace invested many hours in smart and safe solutions to suit your needs. We can now offer our clients self-sufficient desinfection and handwash units to complete their hygiene and safety protocols.

Currently our cleaning team has raised their efforts and time in desinfecting vehicles, make-up rooms and wardrobes to guarantee maximum safety for your artists and co-workers.

Our steadily developing fleet now includes a brand new 7,5T set-truck with maximum space for your much needed set equipment. The truck also includes a solid battery unit to serve your recharging needs overnight or during a day on set. See the new pictures here

prolight Hamburg Studios for Photo & Film and Equipment Rental

prolight studios are approaching their first birthday. For this reason, they are offering a studio discount of 15% for studio bookings in October. Due to their size, the high class equipped studios are fully prepared for all kinds of shootings in Covid-19 times.

The studios are co-located with prolightrent. They provide the finest cameras and lighting equipment. No courier cost, no loss of time!

For further information, click here for their studio and here for their rental services or call +49 40 88167166.