eastern europe & the balkans Oct 2019


Almost ready Bucharest Photo & Film Production and Talent Representation

Almost Ready is a full service production company based in Bucharest, Romania providing full production reliability for all kinds of audio-visual projects: from advertising to fashion photography and videography, including gifs or cinemagraphs.

"We offer crew and support for the entire production process: casting, locations, set design, equipment and studio rental, make-up and hair styling, wardrobe styling, retouch and post-production. We also offer a complete roster of talented artists: photographers, directors, animators and CGI artists.

Our global client list includes Panasonic, Technics, L’Occitane, Nike, Procter and Gamble, Leo Burnett Romania and McCann Budapest.

We'll soon be opening a new office in Budapest, Hungary and finishing the documentary we started filming on Sao Miguel island in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic."


"We bridge the gap between a traditional artists’ agency and a creative production company.

We match our broader portfolio of artists to fit our clients’ specific needs. We also embrace the artists’ vision, working with them to offer support and guidance to their projects, their clients and productions.

We provide visual content as well as comprehensive production services for brands looking to communicate their message through stills and moving image. Services include concept development, art buying, casting, location proposals, location research and equipment hire."

Pavleye Artist Management and Production Prague PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

Pavleye offers high-end production services across photography and film. Whether in the studio or a large on-set production, the team can provide flexible and creative solutions.

As well as offering stunning locations, a wide range of talent and around-the-clock crews, Pavleye guarantees the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency on every job.

"Besides offering our services in Prague, we provide full service production across the globe, depending on the brief and the most suitable location or weather situation for a particular job."

Recent clients include Skoda, Kia, Mercedes, Lancome, Pantene, Mert & Marcus, Eastpak, HP, Max Fashion and Norwegian Airlines.

Check out the latest work for Skoda shot by Sasa Dobrovodsky and produced by Pavleye - the Skoda Scala catalogue and Skoda Kamiq and Skoda Bikes Collection for print and video.

Pillowtree Productions Zagreb photo & film production

As one of the most successful photo production and service companies in Croatia and counting several amazing TVC projects behind them, Pillowtree has been recognised by industry leaders and art buyers alike for the quality of its work.

In the last five years, Pillowtree Productions has worked on projects for renowned clients and brands including Star Alliance, Lexus, Alpina BMW, Nanushka, Drogerie Markt (dm), Deutsche Telekom, Fruit of the Loom, Time Inc. (Woman Magazine, Essentials Magazine), Finnair (Aurinkomatkat), Nanushka, Blue Fire Inc. and JD Sports (Blacks, Millets).

This year, Pillowtree produced Nanushka Women's Resort 2020 and Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 campaign with photographer Jeremy Everett, videographer Fabien Vilrus, and art director Benjamin Grillon. The  campaign was shot on slide film and Super 8 analogue video formats.

PhotoPro Agency Budapest PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

PhotoPro Production is a full service boutique production company based in Budapest, dedicated to offering cost-effective services for all aspects of photo and video production. The company provides models, professional crews and locations all under one roof and at competitive rates across the board.

PhotoPro recently produced with Hollywood stars for TNT Alienist, AMC Terror, Netflix Witcher and Netflix King and serviced exceptional photographers such as Nadav Kander, James Minchin, Rankin and Marc Hom.

PHOTOPRO also organises fashion catalogue shoots, recently working on social media campaign videos and photos for C&A Europe, Hilton Hotels, and a worldwide campaign for WizzAir.

A12 Photography & Production Warsaw Photo & Film Production

"What we do: Starting from your phone call, through shaking hands after a job well done - we take care of every single part of the production.

Services include creative brainstorming while working on your concept, selecting the team, photography and movie making, casting, local fixers and location scouts, rental equipment (photo and video), accommodation, transfers, flights, catering, retouching and post-production.

Why shoot in Poland? We can offer awesome long beaches, the spectacular Tatra mountains with deep blue lakes, and fields full of wheat and flowers. Hospitality is one of our strengths. Here you will find accommodation in top hotels for half of the average European prices. You will be provided high-quality catering on-set and in the evening we will take you to the best restaurants near the heart of the Old Town in Warsaw. We also provide airport transfers with our local driver who will share with you the best tips for your free time after the shoot.

Modern architecture, countryside landscapes or old tenement houses? We've got it all. Rental equipment, local staff, buses... just name your requirements and we will have you covered!"

STEFI PRODUCTIONS Athens Commercial and Film Production

Stefi Productions was established in 1971 and remains one of the largest companies in the Greek production market. With TV commercials and feature films as its core business, its producers are experienced in both local and foreign productions.

"We’re a company that finds meaning through creating and making things happen in the best possible way. We collaborate with the best professionals in the field and find solutions to everything."

Since 2010, Stefi has been accredited as 'Company of the Year' by winning an incredible 16 production awards in the Greek Ad Festival.

"We always aim to produce work that is unique and spectacular, but above all, we can and will create what you wish to be done. We look forward to meeting you!"

MinusGreen Istanbul Film Production Services

In its 10th year of business, Istanbul-based MinusGreen Productions is expanding its services into equipment rental and studio facilities. The company has its own Arri Alexa and Red Epic camera and lighting systems as well as a Phantom Flex Camera Package for high-speed tabletop productions.

MinusGreen produces and line produces feature films, TV commercials, music videos and every kind of still and motion production, with a track record of six feature films as-of 2019.

Pakt Media Zagreb film and commercial production companies

"We are a production and service production company that has been producing high-quality audiovisual content for over 20 years. Our portfolio includes award-winning TV commercials as well as major European and Hollywood films, such as 'Renegades', 'The Chronicles of Narnia', 'Red Tails', 'Mamma Mia – Here we go again', 'Robin Hood', and more.

Being the regional go-to production company for international crews looking to shoot in Croatia and/or Slovenia, as well as award-winning local producers and co-producers, our strength lies in leveraging our intimate knowledge of local production resources as well as the legal and business landscape to accommodate complex international shoots, making our clients feel right at home even if they are miles away from it.

Because flawless execution ensures great pictures and happy clients!"

Bunker Zagreb commercial production

"For more than 20 years producing, co-producing and servicing hundreds of commercials with productions from all over the world (including the UK, US and Russia), we have shown we can handle the biggest challenges and also be flexible and cost-effective.''

Recent projects include Subway 'Sorry Italia' with agency Above + Beyond (UK). Production company: Mad Cow Films (UK) and Good Morning Captain. Director: Greg Bray. DoP: Christian Datum. Production service by Bunker.

masik production Warsaw Photo production

"'Masik' is the crucial part of the Greenland kayak, which allows you to control and steer the craft when paddling and rolling in the sea. Apart from being zealous enthusiasts of Greenland kayaking, we are even more passionate about our work.

Masik Production is a production house based in Warsaw. We create fashion and commercial campaigns all over the world, with strong local connections in Europe and the USA."

Production Istanbul Istanbul photo production

Production Istanbul organises and manages photo shoots for ad campaigns, catalogues and editorials worldwide, working in the studio or out on location according to clients' specific needs and requirements. The company optimises every shoot by managing budgets and respecting deadlines.

Thanks to a large network, Production Istanbul can produce anywhere in the world, particularly in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Cyprus, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, Israel, China, UAE, Egypt, Croatia, Macedonia, Thailand and Bali.

The company provides a full range of services including casting, vehicle rental, equipment hire, experienced bi-lingual crews, full production service, hotel bookings, insurance, location scouting, permits, location management, lighting rental, medical assistance, special effects, stunt people, trained animals, on-site catering, props sourcing, and more.

Croatian Locations Zagreb location service & scouts

Croatian Locations by Mirta Productions LLC offers high-end location and production services, location scouting, management and line production for TV, film, commercial, corporate and photography clients.

"Continental, mountain or Mediterranean climate - let us set up your shoot on a scenic road or against a backdrop of vast plains and multi-coloured fields; historic small towns, castles and vineyards on gentle hills; forests, unpolluted rivers, waterfalls; beaches, cliffs, picturesque towns along the Adriatic coast.

Besides the stunning landscapes and good infrastructure, our satisfied clients including the BBC, Fox, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ITV, Arte, Australian channels 7 and 9, Samsung and DHL love our excellent, budget-friendly local cuisine, wines and hotels."

Locccations Mykonos location service & scouts

''This year in Mykonos, we had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients including Jill Sander Perfumes and Krueger Dirndl GmbH fashion brand.

Mykonos is booming and clients are flocking from all over the world for the exceptional light and, of course, the fantastic services that only this island can cater to. With direct flights from practically anywhere in Europe, our clients can easily perfect their dream shoot with efficiency and zero stress.''

Marko Geber Belgrade people & lifestyle photographers

Marko Geber approaches every shoot with a simple goal; to capture those precious moments between people that make life magical.

Shooting with Marko rarely feels like work. He purposefully creates a relaxed on-set environment, which sets the stage for natural and genuine interactions between models that never feel forced.

His cinematic signature light beautifully completes each story he tells, taking viewers by the hand on emotional journeys that we can all relate to.

Georgiadis Theodosis Athens food & drink photographers

Theodosis Georgiadis is an innovative, enthusiastic, hardworking and versatile professional food photographer.

Over many years of experience he has collaborated with the likes of Coca-Cola Italy (McCann Europe), Americana Foods Saudi Arabia, Lidl and Aldi supermarkets, and many more.

For Theodosis, chosen by Lürzers' Archive as one of the '200 Best Photographers Worldwide', every shoot concerning food and beverage is a new challenge that has to be dealt with both creatively and authentically. A real food enthusiast and an excellent cook himself, with strong light and food styling sense Theodosis is skilled at taking a simple dish and transforming it into a real ‘masterpiece’.

TG studio features a fully equipped kitchen, a library with a wide range of props, and a photographic studio complete with the latest technology to allow clients full control over every step of the creative process.

Regularly travelling to photo and food expos, keeping up-to-date with the latest aesthetic and technical trends, getting new ideas and inspiration, Theodosis and his team can cover even the most demanding productions.

Martin Pitonak Bratislava still life photographers & directors

"I’m a still life photographer and videographer, specialised in jewellery and luxury goods.

By continuously pushing the envelope to capture rare, beautiful and emotionally driven images, I offer an authentic look into my clients’ lives.

Drawing on my technical experience, industry knowledge and extensive understanding of different subject matter, I intertwine fine art with commercial appeal.

My approach is one that encourages me to fearlessly push the boundaries with my subject matter. My obsession with exploring new points of view allows me to create original pieces of art that 'wow' my clients and their audiences.

I focus on bringing my clients high-quality images, elevated by my unique artistry, skilled eye and obsessive passion for excellence."

Rodion Kovenkin Minsk food & drink photographers

Rodion Kovenkin is commercial photographer from Minsk. He is fortunate to shoot the things he loves: food, stills, and interiors. Rodion works on a range of shoots including packaging, advertising, social media content and editorial.

He is comfortable working in the studio and on location, with both natural and controlled lighting.

With more than 10 years' experience, Rodion and his team specialize in complex and multi-stage food projects. His team can offer a complete package of food and drink photography, food styling, prop styling, sketching, complex retouching, editing and art-direction. Rodion also offers a recipe development service. With his small team he can produce something special for his clients.

Recent clients include McDonald's Belarus, Adobe, SantaBremor, Savushkin Product, Petruha, Krinitsa, CafeVergnano, Velcom, MTS, Tesco, Carrefour, Borges and ITLV.

Rodion is a certified European Photographer (FEP) and member of the Belarusian Association of Photographers.

Lett Studio Warsaw food & drink photographers

Lettstudio specialise in beverage photography. Reflective glass and "shiny" liquids of any shade is what make them passionate about creating memorable visuals.

The team work for local and worldwide clients, taking care of all details to ensure each shot reaches its maximum potential. Full-in house photography and post-production gives clients the option of a one-stop service.

Clients include Pernod Ricard, Tullamore D.E.W., Chivas Brothers, Wyborowa and more.

Bálint Jaksa Budapest interiors & exteriors photographers

"I’m a freelance photographer, a sport lover, a designer and a platonic architect from Budapest, Hungary. After many years in action sports photography, because of an accident I searched different avenues and that’s how I found myself in architectural and commercial photography. I live for my passion in these worlds and create dreams for my clients."

Dangubic Images Belgrade Interiors & Lifestyle Photographers and retouchers

Dangubic Images is a professional photography and retouching studio based in Novi Sad, Serbia. The head of Dangubic Images, Željko Dangubić, is a seasoned photographer who equally enjoys working with a large team photographing people, as well as working alone on expert-level photography of interiors and exteriors.

In photographing people, his main goal is to capture real emotion in real time, while his interior and exterior photography shows an almost meditative focus on details.

Željko and his team have spent many years honing their skills by providing retouching services for world-famous photographers across the globe, in parallel with building their own photography portfolio.  As a result, Dangubic Images has developed strong skills in post-production, high visual standards, and a genuine understanding of clients’ needs.

Tomi Deak Budapest people & lifestyle photographers

Tamas Deak is a freelance people and lifestyle photographer who has been shooting since 2007. His style can be easily adopted to a wide range of visual communications.

"Play like an amateur, work like a pro."

Recent commissions include travel photography for World Ventures / Dreamtrips (TX, US), office building interiors and exteriors for GLL Real Estate Partners (GER), event coverage for Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles India, and portraits and stills for Syngenta through Ogilvy & Mather Budapest Agency.

Carioca Studio Bucharest - Shanghai Photography & Photo Post production

Carioca Studio is a full service image concept house based in Bucharest, Romania. The studio is specialised in advertising stills and video executions, offering integrated visual services ranging from production (locations / casting / hair and make-up artists / set construction / mock-ups) to execution (photography / directing / CGI / illustration / FX / animation) and video and stills post-production.

Carioca has three in-house photographers and directors with artistic backgrounds and advertising experience. The company also has a team of 22 full-time employees organised into production, execution, post-production and CGI departments. All of Carioca’s work is created in-house.

Clients come from Canada, the USA, South America, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, Qatar, China, India and Vietnam.

Carioca has won multiple awards including gold, silver and bronze at Cannes Lions, Epica and New York Festivals. The company has featured among Luerzer’s Archive's '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide' for a number of years and also features on the cover of the 2017 edition of '200 Best CGI Artists Worldwide'.

Carioca is represented by D’ELE Managament.

Lubo Sergeev Sofia Photography & Post Production

Lyubomir Sergeev, Lubo for short, is a creator of the highest caliber: an award-winning digital artist, photographer, and impeccable visual storyteller, boasting a hauntingly beautiful, timeless, and seductive aesthetic.

With 20 years of experience in advertising and high-end retouching, his conceptual genius and lust for creation truly make him a force to be reckoned with.

Lubo's work is exquisite, possessing an innate attention to detail where every nuance is accounted for, no drop of water or pop of colour left behind, leaving viewers in a constant state of awe. Lubo’s perfectionist planning is a talent in itself; a process that allows him to be involved at all levels of production - casting, location scouting, and art direction, making him a sought-after addition to any project.

Clients include HTC, Phillips, Gillette, Audi, Mercedes, Belvedere, Rotana and Eduardo Miroglio, amongst others.

Most recent updates to his awards list are One Eyeland 'Photographer of the Year' and Trierenberg Super Circuit Grand Prix.