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Ana Nance Madrid advertising photographers

"I am a portrait, location and travel, commercial and artistic photographer. My career is in media and advertising creating still and moving images that have a vision, tell a story or sell an idea.

Born in the U.S. to a Spanish mother, with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, I lived and worked in New York City until relocating to Madrid, Spain. I have experience directing advertising campaigns with large crews for big brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, Visa, Renault, Movistar Series, Iberdrola and more.

I've worked on editorial assignments worldwide shooting on location and in studio for magazines such as El Pais Semanal, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, Icon, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and National Geographic Travel. This also includes travelling to over 80 countries.

Awards and recognition include British Journal of Photography, Prix de la Photographie, American Photography, ICP, Lens Culture, and ARI Award. Exhibitions, teaching and consulting are all part of my ongoing activities, with archive represented by Redux Pictures in New York City.”

Anatol Gottfried Barcelona advertising photographers

Anatol Gottfried is a lifestyle, people and transportation photographer based in Barcelona. At this point he would like to thank his clients for their support over the past few months and for keeping the industry busy in such surreal times - shining in finding alternative solutions, making daring decisions and focusing on local possibilities.

The latest projects Anatol shot for Audi and The New Aero. Regardless of whether he photographs transportation or lifestyle - the human component must not be missing in his creations. He loves to take photos under the sun, in the water, at festivals (hopefully again soon) and obviously on the road, or better put, outdoors! In his images you will find the world in all its colours. Anatol lives for contrasts, moments, fragments and all combined with gorgeous light and composition.

His clients include Alphabet, Holaluz, Getaround, Mercedes Benz, Seat and Telekom among others. Anatol got off to a good start in 2021 prepping exciting productions around Spain. Have a glimpse at his portfolio on his Instagram or website.

Heroes Agency Madrid advertising photographers

Professional photography and audiovisual services. 

"Magnificent architecture and singular interiors, refined gastronomy, charismatic portraits, strong corporate photos, stunning products and packshots... this is your key to a successful visual campaign. We not only take photos or record video - we create images. 

We offer visual answers to help you achieve success in your projects, campaigns and brands. With more than a decade of operation, we provide a specialised team of highly experienced professionals for every type of subject: architecture, food and drinks, still life, corporate, lifestyle and fashion. 

Our assignments are equally divided between studio and location shooting. Our staff is capable of shooting and managing any size of project, from simple product shots to multi-national location productions. We deliver high quality digital images as part of a complete creative strategy for our clients. Based in Madrid, Spain, but we travel extensively throughout the world covering advertising or client direct assignments.”

Alessio Capotondi Rome interiors & exteriors photographers

"Originally from Rome, Italy, and based in Tenerife, Spain, I'm an architectural, interiors and 360 photographer.

I love blending natural and artificial light in order to bring out the design of the surroundings and keep the exact colours.

Years of experience working closely with the best architects, designers and realtors, my passion for lighting and the latest technology allows me to execute any assignment in any kind of ambience, small or big, bright or dark.

Whether you need an immersive 360 virtual tour to sell a house or a new estate project, an architectural shooting session to showcase your work or a high quality yacht photoshoot, you can count on me."

Lenka Selinger Barcelona - Berlin food & drink photographers

Lenka’s food photography not only paints a beautiful image but transports you into the stories that she tells, where you can really savour, smell and feel the food in the images.

Her unique style makes a brand relatable and memorable for its target audience, communicating excellence and care for details at all levels.

Her style is contemporary, organic and sometimes rustic. She mostly uses backdrops and props in neutral shades to show off the food and really let the colours and textures shine.

Lenka is experienced in creating exceptional food photography for restaurants, magazines, brands and packaging. Pepsico, Biochef and the SisterMag are just a few of her happy clients.

Guillem Vergés Barcelona advertising photographers

"From the old Minolta of my adolescence to the medium format digital cameras of today, I have tried to create the reality that light suggests to me when it plays with the shapes of the world, rather than create copies of what lies in front of us.

Advertising and commercial photography should not be an exception, the eye of the photographer and all the technology are meaningless if you do not involve yourself in showing the idea that awakens us to reality and/or the assignment in front of you. Without this involvement, we do a disservice to our profession and to the clients who entrusts us with their projects.

The tools we use vary, from analogue film to the digital world or the creation of computer images. That, rather than departing from the objective of giving our vision of the world, should encourage us to continue learning and improving."

Nora Bast Barcelona Fashion & Portraiture Photographers

Nora Bast (alter ego of Eleonora Fazio) is an Italian fashion and portrait photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. Her work is based on empathy; she defines every detail of her work according to brand image, model attitude and team work. 

Nora improved her fashion and marketing skills to help clients find the perfect image to make their brand solid, studying Fashion Marketing at Bocconi Institute and Fashion as Design at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) with an online high level degree in 2018.

This kind of attitude and preparation has been crucial for her collaborations with international magazines and brands such as Vogue Italia, Elegant, Volant, Pitti Uomo, JuanmabyelCuco, Ester Ferrando, ICM, Oscar Leon (for 080), Brain and Beast (for 080) and more.

Working with Nora Bast means elegant, powerful and meaningful images based on a strong marketing strategy and human connection.

Winner of The Spotlight Awards Lucho Vidales Barcelona sports photographers

Lucho Vidales is a photographer and director working worldwide, blurring the lines between editorial and advertising photography. From the beginning of his career, he has repeatedly taken part in fast-paced productions which often involve renowned personalities. He strives to bring great energy on set and makes sure whoever is on the other side of his lens has a great time.

During lockdown, Lucho was commissioned to shoot Real Madrid's first-time image including their 2020/2021 full range kits as well as all the captains of the club together. The production took place in Madrid in a completely safe environment and each talent was shot individually and put together on post afterwards. Tethered remotely to the agency in London.

Lucho enjoys being involved in the creative process as much as possible.

Clients include: Adidas, Adidas Originals, Under Armour, New York Times, Hypebeast, SoccerBible, Freeletics, Red Bull, Team Messi, Neymar Jr Sports, and McDavid.

Features include: New York Times, T-Magazine, T-Magazine China, Red Bulletin, Die Zeit, Hypebeast, and SoccerBible.

Jo Francis Barcelona - Mallorca Still Life and Art Photographers

Jo Francis is not only a master of his craft, he is also a storyteller. His visual language, which is very unique, is always the focus of his work. His customers love his way of giving his photography its symbolic power and sensitivity. He is a narrative photographer, both as a creator and lighting director. As a writer, he combines his statements with photography. 

Jo Francis is a good observer and listener for his clients. He developed projects for international companies as WWF and was lighting director at Steinway & Sons International. Optimal visual communication of ideas and values are his credo. He has built a huge archive of images over the years and many of his fans like to browse around to discover new visual ideas and to commission him with the design update of their projects.

Shootings can be booked In cooperation with SETUP production service / Barcelona. 

Julia Buruleva Barcelona fashion production

Julia Buruleva is a Barcelona-based photographer and art director, specialising in fashion, conceptual and advertising photography and video.

She has produced editorial and commercial work for the international editions (France, China, Hungary, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Argentina) of magazines such as L'Officiel, InSTYLE, PAP, Solstice, HUF, Rolling Stone and more.

She works with a great team of stylists, makeup artists and video filmmakers who can set up the project from scratch - concept, location scouting, shoot, post-production. Her style as a photographer and art director is based on contemporary creative solutions, extraordinary vision and strong aesthetic standards. You can read about her projects in various magazines and art platforms.

She is also represented  as an art photographer by Begemot Art Gallery in Barcelona and she had a series of personal exhibitions in various art galleries around the city.

Born in Russia, she completed an Art and Culture degree in Saint Petersburg University as a fine art photographer. She now lives in Barcelona, a city which combines a creative atmosphere, spirit of freedom and fun and a powerful cultural background in architecture, painting and music.

She is open to work anywhere in Spain, all of Europe and all over the world.

See more on her website.

Winner of The Spotlight Awards Julio Bárcena Barcelona beauty photographers

"I love people and beauty, so, when I discovered photography, I decided to leave my career as a scientist to dedicate myself to fashion and advertising. But, what am I doing here? That was something I had to ask my therapist.

I discovered through family, friends and clients my talent to empathise with people and form my “vision”. It is made up of curiosity, the ability to surprise myself, and the desire to establish a sincere connection.

I use photography as an excuse to meet different and stimulating people and places. Nothing is more interesting than a story and more suggestive than a point of view.

Art and beauty have brought harmony and personal fulfillment, prosperity and the opportunity to enjoy an exciting job every day.

From the beginning, I connected with the soul of people and found in their differences the raw material for my images. What I look for in the people I photograph is their naturalness, essence and desire to live. I cannot be more grateful to life for having this talent."

Jordi Blancafort Barcelona fashion photographers

Jordi Blancafort is photographer and a creator of creative content for companies and brands.

Find him on Instagram.

In this Showcase is featured the work for Magazine Horse and Acqua Di Parma.

The Jet Set Ibiza - Milan Photo & Film Production

"With over 10 years in business, JetSet is a film and photo production company operating worldwide, thanks to skilled local teams.

Based in Milan, Rome, Ibiza and Southern Italy, we access amazing and unique locations, from deserts and modern geometric houses, to breathtaking views and historical villages; we’ve got them all.

We take our clients form brief to stage, walking that extra mile, if needed.

Reliable, qualified, motivated and tireless, that’s what we are."


"The Producer is a boutique production company working all over Spain. We are devoted to photography and arts, passionate about our work and always ready to help. Our expertise is project management and negotiation of creative budgets.

We offer a creative collective roster of photographers together with art buying services for any kind of photographic project. 

We have updated health protocols, reinforced location and gear disinfections, we deliver health kits for everyone and provide tests on set. We can create a clean and safe space for your production anywhere in Spain!

See you on set!

Latest work includes: Amazon, Mercedes, Banca March, Burger King and Cepsa.

Visit our website and Instagram to see more."

Little Devil Productions Barcelona PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION

Little Devil Productions is a full service production company focused on providing the ultimate level of quality and attention to detail.

Producing around the globe, they leverage a worldwide network of trusted production partnerships ensuring highly skilled crews for projects of any size. Local crews are hand-picked for each project and tailored to suit your needs.

Just a few of the services you can count on when working with Little Devil: art buying, budgeting, casting, catering / craft service, crew hire, EQ rental, ground transport, insurance, location scouting and permitting, travel coordination and anything else you may need.

La Quadra TV Valencia - Madrid commercial production

"La Quadra is a production company based in Valencia and Madrid, our strategic shooting situation permits us to work all over Spain. 

We take all measures to be 100% Covid free. But due to the current situation, we also offer the option to produce and direct your projects in many Spanish locations through our streaming system; you will feel as if you were actually there. 360º cams at the set and direct comunication (visual and sound) with directors, producers or ADs, completes the traditional set up of streaming. 

Our experience of more than 14 years enables us to provide services in photo and film production at any stage of the process: conception, production and post-production. We offer creativity, directors, big variety of locations, local suppliers, logistics, casting and international crews.

We procure creative solutions for all your projects. We are experienced, efficient, fast and fair. 

Visit our website to see more."

Tangenio Barcelona PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION Services

"Who are we? We are a full production service company providing support for audiovisual and photography projects, as well as for event organization or any requirement needed, such as:

  • Scouting
  • Logistics
  • Crew hiring
  • Location management

In other words, we provide strategic support to produce a photo or video shooting, but not only that, we are in charge of getting the best technicians for our client’s projects to assure  the best result. That’s why we have been making your ideas happen for over a decade. We are located in Barcelona, but we work all around the country and partner up across the world.

TANGENIO. No limits!

Clients include Nike, Decathlon, Seat, Audi, Ferrari, Bentley, Rinspeed, Volvo and Volkswagen."

Minded Factory Barcelona Rental studios and commercial production

Minded Studios can customise schedules and prices to the exact amount of time you need. The studios and services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you are looking for a space for just one quick hour, or you have to make a session of four full days, Minded Studios have the flexibility to attend to any situation. 

The main studio has everything you need and can offer different rates for photography, and multiple rooms that can be adapted to whatever the client requires: filming, meetings, conferences, shootings and more.

Technical features:

  • The set is 425 m2, has large windows, natural light, curtains to divide each set (you can work on the two sets simultaneously), blackout curtains, ground and support cyclorama, and 28m camera strip.
  • WIFI, telephone, independent make-up room, kitchen, eight bathrooms, security cameras and alarms.

Gran Canaria Film Commission Las Palmas G.C. film commissions

Imagine a shooting destination which offers everything you are looking for: stunning locations, great weather all-year-round and experienced crew. Stop looking, Gran Canaria is the place!

Wild west? Sioux City park, is the first wild west theme park of Spain located in south Gran Canaria, that whisks you back to the legendary American western period, with its film-set recreations that take every single detail into account.

Tropical rainforest? Gran Canaria offers in contrast much greener spectacular locations, thanks to the rains fallen this winter season. Inspiring new locations like waterfalls, ponds and full dams that can be found throughout the island.

Cosmopolitan city? Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the largest city in the Canary Islands with a beautiful old colonial town, modern downtown and a gorgeous urban beach.

Gran Canaria is your perfect destination, an island full of contrasts and possibilities for your next production.

Los Dolores Las Palmas G.C. location service & scouts

"Welcome to our fantastic location. 

Secluded, to be experienced with all the senses. Silent, as you can only hear the waves and wind. Unhindered views of ocean and mountains. Full production support if needed, delivered by our local production partners.

To check a recent production click here

More info on our website."

Joana Tormo Barcelona Food and fashion Stylists

Joana Tormo began working as a stylist and home-economist while she was studying Hispanic Philology at the University of Barcelona. She was lucky to start at a young age with the best photographers, agencies and clients in town: Nokia, Natura Bissé, Jack Daniel’s, Chips Ahoy, Danone, Arena, Seat, Burger King, Movistar, Freixenet.

This fact encouraged her to expand on her knowledge by completing several masters in photography, set design, art direction and marketing, which lead to her work being published in different advertising media, such as catalogues, commercials, cookbooks, fashion and decoration editorials. She also collaborated with different blog and fashion shows.

She feels prepared for any challenge. Her best qualities are her great enthusiasm, sense of fellowship and teamwork and her desire to keep learning.

Delight Rental Services S.L. Andalucia Marbella - Berlin - Stuttgart EQUIPMENT RENT FOR PHOTO & FILM

"Equipped for every vision."

Delight Rental Services provides maximum support for professional photo and video productions in Marbella, Stuttgart, Berlin, and on-demand worldwide.

DRS’ permanently extending portfolio located in Spain is focused on the special needs of productions in southern Europe and northern Africa, giving clients daily access to many valuable little helpers as well as tonnes of lighting, styling and production equipment plus a lot of space to work and relax.

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, Sucursal en España Barcelona equipment dealers

The FUJIFILM GFX mirrorless digital camera system, has achieved the highest level of image quality in the world of professional photography, and now, the system continues its evolution with the brand new FUJIFILM GFX100S.

Photographers strive for perfection, constantly searching for the highest image quality and optimum control in what they create. GFX100S combines these two invaluable attributes in one remarkably compact and lightweight body. It is an imaging tool like no other; a new generation of large format camera to suit a new generation of creatives.

The 102-megapixel large format sensor works in harmony with G Mount lenses to produce images with incredible details, beautifully smooth gradations, and wonderfully accurate colours, all while ensuring that you are at the centre of your creative universe. There is honestly no better way to realise your vision.

GFX100S is not full-frame. It is so much more than that.

For more information, visit the official FUJIFILM GFX website.