Brent Herrig New York - Chicago

"Hello creatives, finish this sentence: "My client ___________. Needs some unique cinemagraphs, parallaxes, or great stop motion. Needs content that stands out and performs well. Needs everything!  Photos, video, stop motion and cinemagraphs all in the same shoot. Has no clue what a cinematography is?"

No matter how the sentence concludes, Brent Herrig can help you please your clients and achieve exactly what they're looking for, again and again.

Brands including Diageo, Nespresso, Moet Hennessey, to Food Network rely on Brent to capture their vision of food, drinks, portraits, and hospitality in the most collaborative, stress-free way possible.

What can Brent help you with? Contact him directly to talk about your next project.

Represented by JSR Carioca Studio London

Currently ranked #2 in the world for photography by Lürzer’s Archive, the award-winning Carioca Studio is a well-known image concept house highly acclaimed for their work, specialising in advertising imagery.

Carioca offers integrated visual services, from production (locations, casting, hair & make up artists, set construction, mockups) to photography, illustration and CGI. The company now has 23 people working in three different departments – Production, 3D and Post-Production.

Clients include Dalwhinnie, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Europcar, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Ericsson, VW and WWF.

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Derek Van Oss Photography Los Angeles

Derek Van Oss is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

While working over the last 20 years in fashion & beauty and motion picture industries in both NYC and Los Angeles, and a deep background in programming / design, his (and his clients) interest in cinemagraphs grew and he began producing them at every opportunity.

From fashion portrait cinemagraphs for modeling agencies to landscape scenery cinemagraphs for geo-tourism, and cinemagraphs created  straight from feature film productions for promotional purposes - he’s excited to create for clients who see value in this unique, subtle art form for any application, large or small.

Represented by JSR Edmund Fraser London

Edmund Fraser is a mixed media still and motion image maker thriving within the possibilities of the digital landscape.

He utilises unique, bold and above all, eye-catching work with a variety of techniques and collaborators within his studio. His aesthetic and attitude are colourful and energetic, blending both the most forward-thinking digital concepts with a handmade analogue feel. A sense of fun young open creativity always coming through into his final work and relationship with his subjects.

When not on commercial projects he is constantly developing his practice - whether traditional stills, new ways of looking at motion or interactive mediums. Lockdown enabled some amazing new possibilities from 70 camera 3D scanning rigs to drones illuminating subjects from above.

He has made great work for a variety of clients including Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Look, Refinery29, Creative Recreation, JD Sports, Google, Clinique, Lululemon, Nowness, Disney, New Balance and Universal.

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Kevin Smith Chicago

"At photokevinsmith, we are committed to creating striking visual stories that feature food and beverages as the hero. Crafted through still and motion photography, we create visuals that are stylish, vibrant, graphic and mouth-wateringly appetising.

Our work highlights the beauty within the ingredients elevating your brand beyond expectations. We’d love to collaborate with you (virtually) on your next project!"

Låpsüs Spain

Låpsüs is a creative content boutique based in Madrid. It’s founded by Annie Domínguez and Mary Urrutia, two creative minds united by their inner genius, their "INgenuity"!

Låpsüs creates value and brand awareness to brands' digital communities by using visual storytelling in its photography and animation. The artistic firm specialises in still life photography with a stunning art direction. They have been very innovative when it comes to social media formats, trying to portray bold and colourful concepts that not only show products but also establish a conversation with their audience.

With a playful approach and a large dose of thinking, these two passionate professionals find the right environment for creativity. 

Låpsüs works both with agencies and direct clients, local and abroad. They’re looking forward to telling your story in an extraordinary way.

"Welcome to the place where nothing is what it seems and all you want is to play!"

Lenka Selinger Barcelona - Berlin

Lenka’s food photography not only paints a beautiful image but transports you into the stories that she tells, where you can really savour, smell and feel the food in the images.

Her unique style makes a brand relatable and memorable for its target audience, communicating excellence and care for details at all levels.

Her style is contemporary, organic and sometimes rustic. She mostly uses backdrops and props in neutral shades to show off the food and really let the colours and textures shine.

Lenka is experienced in creating exceptional food photography for restaurants, magazines, brands and packaging. Pepsico, Biochef and SisterMag are just a few of her happy clients.

Lindsay K Photo Los Angeles

Lindsay is a Los Angeles-based photographer specialising in food and product.

She enjoys partnering with vegan and sustainable brands whenever possible.

She also loves to incorporate motion into her work with stop-motion GIFs that help her clients stand out from the rest.

Midivertounmondo.it Italy

MIDIVERTOUNMONDO is a commercial and advertising studio specialising in newborns and kids photography.

They are based in Milan, work on assignment all over the world.

MIDIVERTOUNMONDO studio has been shooting for many brands and magazines.

Clients include Philips Avent, Dolce e Gabbana, Pampers, Nanan, Album di Famiglia, Ovs, Thun, Prenatal, Chicco, Lumberjack, Style Piccoli, Hogan junior and others.

They provide full-service organisation including pre and post-production, still and motion pictures, digital advertising, interactive videos and catalogues See more on their website.

Sebastian Matthias Frankfurt

Sebastian Matthias is a still and corporate photographer and cinemagraph artist from beautiful Wiesbaden in Germany. From his work as a DoP for Imagefilm and Commercial he gained the experience to light beutiful pictures and understand motion at the same time. Whilst working as a DoP Sebastian also studied full time and became a Dipl. Designer (FH).

Sebastian started creating cinemagraphs seven years ago and saw their possibilities, because they are the perfect symbiosis of film and photography and keep the audience watching. Each cinemagraph is a piece of art and Sebastian continues pushing their boundaries.

As a photographer, Sebastian mainly shoots business-portraits and image-campaigns for medium-sized companies and shoots products/ stills for various shops. A lot of his customers come from the wine industries that trust Sebastian to present their wines in a uniquely and specially.

Sebastian is a positive minded person and always tries to bring that good energy into every shoot.