"Beginning as a multi-disciplinary artist, I have now been working as a commercial architectural photographer across BC since 2006.  I love working with passionate designers and want to help them present their best work with my best visual craftsmanship, using all the tools at my disposal to craft the most complimentary and truthfully representative imagery. 

In my commercial work, my style is focused on achieving a natural, ambient light look, which I love for its purity, but I also appreciate being able to push things in creative directions when I can. In my personal work, I am drawn to photograph beautiful designs and compositions wherever they are found, especially in nature. I care deeply for the environment and would love to highlight sustainable design - with a special interest in reclaimed and repurposed materials.

I have photographed for the Mint Tiny House Company, MAXXiT Systems, BGIS Canada, Turco Homes, Kalu Interiors, KG Interior Design, Turner Construction, Thibodeau Architecture & Design, Grafton Apparel, Century Group Inc., Seraphim Stoneworks, Positive Space Staging & Design, Kenzi Design House, and Bayside Cabinets."