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Montreal/Quebec Photography Productions Quebec PHOTO & Video PRODUCTION

When looking through your camera lenses in Quebec you see; Old Europe at a fraction of the cost; New York, Chicago or any North American metropolis -- only safer and much more affordable; a climate and geography allowing to shoot photos that take place anywhere, in any weather and at any moment in history; a lower cost of living; and a thriving place where the quality of life is unsurpassed.

The Province of Quebec and its metropolis Montreal rank among the most foreign production friendly locations in the world.

David Bagosy Toronto advertising photographers

David Bagosy is an award-winning, Toronto-based photographer who has been shooting advertising and editorial for over 20 years. He is dedicated to his clients and applies his experience and enthusiasm to each project. David’s attention to detail gives his imagery a clean and modern look that matches his passion for food and design.

David’s work has received several awards including Applied Arts, Gourmand Cookbook, One Eyeland and PDN. His partial client list includes: CBC, GUS Design Group, Kraft, Maple Leaf Foods, LCBO, McDonald’s, and Pinnacle International.

When not shooting, he can be found chasing storms across the Great Lakes looking for the best surf breaks.

Trevor Brady Vancouver Fashion and Portrait Photographer

Trevor is a photographer and director with a background in art direction. His work balances between art and commerce, while torn between minimalism and complexity. He loves pencils and pens, print on paper, juicy magazines, chairs, architecture, biking and dream of a rustic cabin at the ocean.

Selected clients: Adidas, AG Hair, Aritzia, Chanel, Christian Wijnants, Dakine, Herschel Supply Co, Foot Locker, Lee Jeans, Mavi Jeans, Nike, L’Oréal, Lululemon, Reebok, Y/Project, Yohji Yamamoto, Hermès, Warner Bros, TD Bank, Godaddy.

Publications: Another, Audi, Boston Globe, Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Dazed, Exclaim, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Hunger, ID, Interview, Fast Company, Men's Health, Nylon, Oprah Magazine, Revs, Telegraph, Sleek, Vanity Fair, Vice, Vogue, Wallpaper, Wired.

James Alfred Photography Vancouver interiors & exteriors photographers

"Beginning as a multi-disciplinary artist, I have now been working as a commercial architectural photographer across BC since 2006.  I love working with passionate designers and want to help them present their best work with my best visual craftsmanship, using all the tools at my disposal to craft the most complimentary and truthfully representative imagery. 

In my commercial work, my style is focused on achieving a natural, ambient light look, which I love for its purity, but I also appreciate being able to push things in creative directions when I can. In my personal work, I am drawn to photograph beautiful designs and compositions wherever they are found, especially in nature. I care deeply for the environment and would love to highlight sustainable design - with a special interest in reclaimed and repurposed materials.

I have photographed for the Mint Tiny House Company, MAXXiT Systems, BGIS Canada, Turco Homes, Kalu Interiors, KG Interior Design, Turner Construction, Thibodeau Architecture & Design, Grafton Apparel, Century Group Inc., Seraphim Stoneworks, Positive Space Staging & Design, Kenzi Design House, and Bayside Cabinets."

ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS WINNER - SPOTLIGHT AWARDS Ema Peter Vancouver interiors & exteriors photographers

Based in Vancouver, Ema Peter Photography was founded in 2005 to bring Ema’s creative vision to architectural photography. Ema’s training in both the visual arts and photojournalism, with experience at the Magnum Photo Agency in Paris, created the foundations for her approach to lighting and composition. 

With over 20+ years of experience and sheer determination, she has photographed internationally renowned projects and received countless awards. 

Ema deeply believes that a space has life and she makes it her mission to harness that character in every photograph.

KTB Photography Edmonton advertising photographers

Kevin Tuong is an award-winning commercial photographer who specialises in editorial, food and drink, automotive, architectural and product photography, based in Edmonton, AB. Edmonton isn’t exactly a big city for creatives, but Kevins aim is to stand out even from unconventional places and has managed to make a name for himself in Edmonton, and is aiming to expand his reputation more internationally.

Kevin studied photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and graduated at the top of his class with honours. He has also partaken in several gallery exhibitions in Alberta, and won accolades and awards from small organizations up to the Professional Photographers of Canada.

His approach to photography is to see what everyone else is doing, and reflecting on it, and then try to do the complete opposite while maintaining the original theme. His philosophy towards his work is that it can always be better, and that there’s always better creatives out there. This helps to continually push Kevin to reach for greater heights, and to constantly improve his craft.

Adam Blasberg Vancouver advertising photographers

Adam continues to evolve. He has started to fall in love with commercial motion work and recently created a collective of accomplished professionals of which he is the creative director.

His fascination with people drives him to connect to them. He loves shooting people and what they do. With every project, he delves into their process and can capture intimate details of who they are.

Pooya Nabei Vancouver fashion and portrait photographers

Pooya was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. 

He moved to Canada at the age of 17. Pooya’s passion for photography began at his high school photography class. His professional career launched in 2005 when he started photographing nightlife. Pooya's work first came to notice when he was published on Applied Arts in 2011.

He enjoys the full spectrum of photography – from planning large concepts fashion shoots, galleries or portraits in one on one intimate settings.

Pooya is currently in Vancouver, Canada.

Kevin Uy Photography Vancouver car & transportation photographers

Based in Vancouver, Canada, KEVIN UY is a photographer that specialises in visual storytelling.

With 10 years of experience under his belt, his work in automotive photography showcases his expertise in capturing the vivid artistry of vehicles in motion. His style is grounded, yet dynamic and adventurous; and able to speak volumes in one, impactful shot.

His advantage lies in his creativity and flexibility — with experience that allows him to work in and with just about any situation; whether solo or collaborative, on-location or studio, spontaneous or boarded.

Kevin’s body of work has been used in commercial and editorial campaigns, on both print and digital platforms.

Dan Couto Photography Toronto CGI artists and advertising photographers

Dan Couto is a CGI artist and advertising photographer who uses his lighting skills to create beautiful and seductive product images that capture the eye. Using a combination of cutting edge 3D modelling and rendering as well as macro photography to extract photo-realistic textures from actual client-supplied products, Dan produces images that are simple and clean, with subtle imperfections that enhance an already immersive experience.

Dan has been the go-to artist for ad agencies and clients looking to take their branding to another level. Dan is also well known for bringing surprising ideas and solutions to clients and their brands.

His clients include DARE Candies, Copper Moon, Stillhouse Moonshine, Petra Foods, Universal Records, Harlequin Romance and DalTile.

Dan is represented by Illustration X.

Alex Waber Vancouver advertising photographers

Alex Waber a fashion, advertising and portrait photographer based out of Vancouver, Canada. Trained in cinematography Alex brings the language of story telling to his photography through lighting design, composition and art direction. With a strong DIY attitude, Alex has built himself two custom studios and that ground up attitude makes its way in to all his projects, be it custom set pieces or hand painted backdrops; a day off is usually spent making a mess in his studio.

A love of music has greatly informed his approach to the creative process, an ideal shoot is full of collaborative energy, ideas bouncing around as we follow the art direction with some good improvisation thrown in to the mix. This has also resulted in many live music events happening out of his space and a number of musician’s portraits which have shown up in articles around the world.

Alex has shot for clients including Arcteryx, Aritzia and Shaw Communications and has had work published internationally in in places like The Guardian, Rolling Stones and The Globe and Mail.