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Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Copenhagen still life photographers

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is a still life photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He specialises in advertising and editorial assignments and has been shooting professionally for the past 15 years.

Mikkel's clean, graphic and colourful style defines his work and emphasises his goal to create images with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel. He loves the creative and technical challenges of working in photography and approaches each product he shoots with the same dedication to create stunning imagery. Recent companies added to the client list are Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Bonduelle, Inter Flora and Tuborg. When not busy working for his often long-time clients, Mikkel enjoys working on his own personal projects.

Mikkel has been featured in Lürzer's Archive '200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide' 2016/17, 2018/19 and 2020/21.

Stay up-to-date with his work on his website and Instagram account.

James Holm Stockholm car & transportation photographers

James Holm has been working as a professional photographer since the mid-'90s. His photography area has always been influenced by his interests in life. It started with skateboarding and then moved on to snowboarding and the search for the endless winter. After hundreds of travel days in winter landscapes, his interest in cars started to grow bigger and bigger which brought him to where he is today.

To describe his photography he often uses the words 'action related lifestyle photography'. All the years working as a professional photographer has given him high creativity and a fast workflow with high quality.

James is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has his office, but most of the time he's travelling abroad using the natural environment as his workspace.

Ilja C. Hendel Oslo corporate & industrial photographers

Ilja C. Hendel is an experienced editorial and commercial photographer based in Oslo, Norway. He is working for corporate and commercial clients, corporate publishing houses as well as leading magazines on assignments in Norway, Scandinavia and abroad. He discovers the motives in authenticity and on location. With the understanding of the topic, professional preparation, experience and intuition during the shoot, this documentary approach enables him to take photographs of a broad spectre of topics and people. Always with the same professional dedication and empathy.

Recent work done for Siemens Energy Germany, Argentum Assessment Management, Financial Times, The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association, National Association for Public Health.

Dag Dalvang Oslo still life photographers

Dag Dalvang is a commercial still life photographer based in Oslo. He started his photography business in 2018 and is excited to work and come up with solutions to bring the product into focus and shine!

His focus is on still life, product and food and beverage photography. His dedication to clean minimalistic surfaces and sharp edges have pulled him to the fictional tabletop world. 

Planing and pre-visualisation is key to Dag's work and helps to ensure the visual direction and understanding are agreed on beforehand. 

With a keen eye and interest for details and authentic elegance, he is always making sure all the pieces will come together. His goal is to always push the project a little bit further.

Patrik Johall Stockholm car & transportation photographers

Superstudio and Patrik Johall were assigned by Volvo to deliver print elements media in relation to “The Future is Electric” global campaign.

Adhering to the framework of a strong creative film concept, Superstudio produced still images that supported and expanded the settings and expressions in the campaign.

The stills were to be perceived as part of the film and were also to be used as stand-alone campaign images, so Superstudio’s expertise in the field of automotive photography was beneficial in expressing the product and locations in a broader delivery that could be used independently.

The field of scope included props and location casting. The social media campaign deliverables included conceptual development in cooperation with the client.

Jesper Westley Photography Copenhagen corporate & industrial photographers

Jesper Westley is known for his bold, clean and deeply human portraits, as well as his corporate branding imagery and industrial photography. A professional in the business for more than 30 years in both the US and Denmark, Jesper is used to working closely with clients from idea conception to post-production. While a seasoned professional, his work remains fresh and inventive each and every time.

Jesper’s work, for companies including pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk, window giant Velux as well as a number of NGOs is featured in the various platforms of his clients – from annual reports to wall hangings.

More than 20 of his works are also featured in the permanent collection of the Danish National Portrait Gallery, and he is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently, The Lancet 2018 Health Stories in Focus award in 2019.

Fotonokka Helsinki photo agents

"We are Fotonokka, a photography agency founded in 1972. Since then, we’ve created stories for the eyes and inspired clients and people around us to see things in a new way. 

Our greatest asset are our people. We are the professional home to some of the most renowned photographers, visual talents and producers in Finland. Under our roof, our professionals have the chance to shine, each in their own unique style. We believe this, along with our thriving mix of exceptionally solid experience and exciting young talent to be the secret of our strong spirit and creative culture – one that our clients have come to rely upon for nearly fifty years.

From a blank canvas, or the small glint of an idea to the polished outcome and finished production, our photographers, videographers, producers, stylists and whole creative crew will do everything to make your brand shine and stand out. 

We create everything from lifestyle, advertising, food and drink, portrait, documentary, fashion, beauty, still life, interior design, corporate and nature shoots and moving image photography and videography. Our studio in the heart of Helsinki is spacious and versatile, and our production professionals know all the secrets of great locations across the Nordics from the unparalleled southern archipelago to the exotic arctic Lapland.

Recently we have worked with brands such as Fazer, Metsä Fibre, Sanoma Media, Orthex, Tallink, Valio, Lidl, Lehto Group and Finnish Red Cross."

Hero Productions Iceland Reykjavik photo & film production

Hero Productions Iceland is a full production service company. No project is too large or too small for this team of superheroes, anything from touching the currently erupting volcano to a nice picnic in the park. This is definitely the company to be in contact with if you want to do something extreme, but they can also be chill and drive you around Reykjavik City if that’s your preference.

The Icelandic Government offers 25% of the costs incurred during the production of films and television programs in Iceland and Hero Productions can be your partner in that endeavour. Recent partners in said endeavour include full production services such as Crown Media for Hallmark’s feature film “Love on Iceland” and Meridian Entertainment’s TV series “King of Blaze” a total of 61 episodes in two seasons.

Recent full production service clients include B-Reel, Discovery, Stink, NewAMS, AEO, Netflix, Disney, Jiminy Creative and NatGeo.


One of the leading providers in the Nordics when it comes to comprehensive production services for international film and photo crews, Moonland mainly operates within the automotive and outdoor industry in Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden.

After nearly two decades of productions for various brands, the Moonland crew knows how to provide clients with the absolute best conditions for planning and executing on authentic and remote locations. Moonland is known for providing a bespoke, efficient, hassle-free and smooth service.

Thanks to a network of professional guides and close connections with locals, Moonland is also able to get clients and whatever equipment and gear they have to remote locations no one else will.

With Moonland you produce content better, smarter, together. Complete and accurate examination of elements, flexible and mobile basecamps, software for a smooth workflow, healthy and locally produced catering, transportation to remote locations as well as a genuine experience for the whole crew.

Moonland has also implemented a “Mutual Respect Policy” for a better work environment on set. Every single person regardless of if they are well-known producers or local drivers will be seen and taken care of best way possible.

Clients include Aston MartinBMWToyotaNissanLand RoverMINIPUMAReebok and more.


MUD is a creative production and post-house with worldwide production experience.

With roots in fashion and advertising, they have a deep understanding of the visionary process, both in large scale productions and more compact projects.

MUD lodges a large team of creatives within photography, film and motion, post-production, project management and more.

That being said, feel free to cherry-pick the services you need.

MUD has an amazing studio where you can add on any services you might need, like art buy, producer, styling, casting and more.

In film there is grading, CGI and mastering. MUD also collaborates with top sounds designers, editors and flame artists, and in their stunning suites you can attend grading, online and offline sessions.

Whether it's leading a production or collaborating with other production teams and networks, MUD always works to be flexible and deliver the best of the best.

NODOP Oslo PHOTO & FILM PRODUCTION and Location Scouts

Nodop is a full-service production company providing expert local knowledge on commercials, film and tv, fashion, sports and car campaigns.

They have worked for Netflix, SfFilms, L'Oreal, Biotherm, Holland&Holland, Puma, Chanel, About You, and more.

Having offices across Norway, Scotland, France and South Africa, Nodop provides solid international support, no matter the size of your production.


The Lab offers ultimate flexibility for all customers. Located close to the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark’s leading still photography production service features in-house, full-scale daylight studios, equipment rental, set-building, an experienced crew and an in-house restaurant. 

"Whether you’re looking for a single location or need to coordinate full-scale production, we have more than 20 years of experience in finding all the right places and carrying out productions all over the globe."

During 2021, The Lab has  expanded to a total of eight studios while the set building department grew into a full-scale workshop able to help with projects of every size. 

Clients range from upcoming photographers to worldwide companies such as Bolia, Jotun, H&M, HAY, Pandora, Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, Zara, Mercedes and Miu Miu.

KARPATI PRODUCTION & LOCATIONS Stockholm Location scouts & managers and Production services

Karpati Locations has 25 years of experience and are specialised on scouting locations in the beautiful nature, perfect for a fashion shoot -  nearby the city of Stockholm. 

The summer island of Faro, Gotland, with the unique light of Ingmar Bergman's films, has been a favourite for many fashion shoots. 

"We are looking forward to establishing new contacts with agencies and providing you with locations suitable for your needs.

You may book us for the full production or make a selection among the long list of services we offer."