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Demetrius Philp California Portraiture and Fashion Photographers

Demetrius is a Jamaican-born photographer. He resides currently in Oakland, California. Known for portraiture, editorial, commercial and fine artwork. Demetrius prides himself as an observant portrait artist with over 10 years specializing in photographing everyday people. The faces in his community are amongst the many that are not being acknowledged.

Constantly pushing his eyes and camera to see beyond the surface of each person that graces his lens, presents a distinction that challenges Demetrius to capture an iconic portrait.

The iconic portrait is what Demetrius calls the essence of individuality. He continues to use the medium to curate images that speak volumes and spark conversation. Demetrius is very self aware of who he is as a man and as an Artist. He uses each job opportunity to further expand the world of imagery as it slowly grasps the idea that black creatives & talent have something important to offer this industry.

“I seek to share feelings, communicate mood and vibes, and present the world through the lens of Black artistry”

Cinava Photography California fashion photographers

The duo of creatives behind CiNava, Angel Cintron and Stephen Nava, have been prized for their highly produced editorial images that are creative, edgy, artistic, fresh, and often drawn from their own environment. Taking concept to final imagery that not only tells the story, but demands your attention, they collaborate beside incredible talents in their field to capture the true interpretation of unique vision and to inspire their message. 

CiNava specialises in capturing fashion, editorial and celebrities in high-end print fashion magazines and webitorials; they stretch their limits and incorporate new ideas. By exploring the sexy, raw, and edgy side of fashion they generalise their conceptual connotation of the theme.

CiNava is compelled to translate their own true feelings while behind the camera. Both from the Mid-West, they bring their own creative vision and deep understanding of today’s fashion.

Cameron Karsten Seattle - LA - San Francisco Lifestyle and Corporate Photographers

Cameron Karsten shares the rugged, the authentic and the adventure of humanity as we work, explore and discover the greater world surrounding us.

With companies like CamelBak, Gramin, The Discovery Channel, Grundens and Patagonia, he seeks to immerse himself within the outdoor lifestyle, whether recreation, agricultural or industrial.

There is a rawness to his imagery as he witnesses and documents people within their natural element. Real people. Real life. Real experiences.

Cameron is represented by The Gren Group.

Scott Strazzante San Francisco Advertising and Documentary Photographers

Scott Strazzante is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist who credits his visual appetite to watching America unfold before him from the back seat of his family's station wagon during the cross country car trips of his youth.

During his impressive career that commenced in his hometown of Chicago and eventually brought him to the Bay Area, Strazzante has photographed everything, from the Super Bowl to soup bowls.
Known for his creativity and unique vision, Strazzante has a wide range of photographic interests including documentary, street, fashion, fine art and sports photography.

His work has been published in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times and featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

Scott G Toepfer San Francisco Commercial Directors & Photographers

"My path towards being a creative professional started as I abandoned my career in microbiology to pursue still photography full time in 2007.

Still photography led me to cinematography, and then to directing commercials and branded content. I’ve never looked back, and have been able to travel the world with crews that become as close as family, shooting campaigns and commercials for some incredible clients.

I take a narrative approach towards almost every shoot by finding the thread that pulls the images or the films together for the viewer.  I’ve worn a lot of hats over the last 15+ years and have enjoyed learning with new teams and collaborators throughout the process."

Abigail Bobo San Francisco - Nashville Cars and Lifestyle Photographers

Abigail Bobo is a lifestyle commercial photographer and director telling stories about the feeling of freedom found on the open road.  

Her clients have included Airbnb, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Buick.  

Abigail's direction work is incredibly immersive, bringing the viewer into the adventure.

EXIT 63 PRODUCTIONS California photo production

Exit 63 Productions is a proven full-service photography production company.  

"We go the extra mile to create an exceptional environment for photographers, clients and agencies to focus solely on what they do best, and leaving the rest to us."  

Whether it's estimating, scouting, casting, or providing on set chefs for catering, Exit 63 Productions will work within your budget and deliver your project on time.  

"We work anywhere - coast to coast, continent to continent and have a great time doing it."  

Clients include: Ford, Lexus, Cadillac, BMW, Toyota, Subaru, Audi, Honda, Buick, Acura, Apple, Nike, Intel, Dicks Sporting Goods, Google, Comcast xfinity, Visa, Merck, Allianz, Herve Lege, Four Seasons, Adidas, Quiksilver, Dickies, eBay, NBC, and many more.

Catbird Scouts Locations California location service & scouts

Catbird Scouts is a Northern California-based location scouting and management company. Founded by Cathryn (Catbird) Blum, the company provides services for managing and organizing the many variables of location filming: scheduling, logistics, personnel, and budgets, often in deadline-driven situations. From a beautiful coastline to a dense urban landscape, they can help find the perfect location to tell your project’s story.

For over two decades, Catbird Scouts has provided experienced, resourceful solutions for still photography, commercials, TV, films, and multimedia projects. Clients know they can count on the best researching, scouting, permitting, and management services for production on location. Their wide spectrum of clients includes Airbnb, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, National Geographic, Nintendo, Pioneer Stereo, Sony, “The Amazing Race”, BBC’s “Top Gear”, Varley, and world-renowned French photographer/artist, @JR.

When given an unusual location challenge, Catbird Scouts is here to help provide the top-notch support your project requires.

Mr. Location Scout California location service & scouts

Mr. Location Scout provides premium location scouting services throughout California, with offices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco.  Specializing in Location Scouting, Film Locations, Filming Permits, and Local Crews.

Offering all types of Location Production Services for commercials, television, features, fashion photo shoots and events. Seasoned experts with over 1,000 production credits in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Contact Mr. Location Scout and let them help you find your next filming location.

Baldwin Production Services, Inc San Francisco location service & scouts

Baldwin's scouting, management, negotiating, and field production skills are backed by a massive location library. From concept brainstorming right through to the wrap, Baldwin consistently delivers excellent photography, production-friendly locations, and clear, concise intel. Baldwin’s love of the business is deep, and the relationships they have created with both production and locations worlds are long-lasting. The creativity they show in pre-pro continues through production’s logistics phase, and wraps are closed with invitations to return again.

Automotive, healthcare, tech, banking - you name it, they are doing it constantly, while working with homeowners, property managers, and officials at every level of government to create a reliable and seamless flow of information. Award-winning, personable, and highly networked service is what one can expect from Baldwin, and they deliver.

"Excellent locations, great crew and resource referrals, fast creative service, and a deep sense of adventure make Baldwin our first call."

Hero Collective San Francisco creative post production

"Hero Collective LLC is a post-production studio specialising in photo retouching, color correction, and compositing. We service commercial photographers, advertising agencies, and corporate clients with expert-level ability and craft. We are a dedicated partner you can trust to elevate your brand. We love helping startups and young brands grow. 

We’ve worked with many amazing clients including, Birdies, Rothy’s, Pipette Baby, Linea Caffe, Square Trade, Adyen, Uber Eats, Williams-Sonoma, Logitech, Apple, and Google."