Cuba - Full Production Services & Location Scouting

TAKE ME TO CUBA is the longest standing production service in Cuba. Specialising in fashion and advertising, due to Havana's amazing architecture and nearby beaches, they started first productions in 1999. Cuba will almost certainly steal your heart, with its ridiculously rich culture, the sparkling beaches, swanky mansions and vintage cars.

Home to the Latin American Film Festival every year, Havana has a long tradition of film making, thus having a broad local talent and equipment base.

Let's be straightforward: Cuba continues to stand out as a socialist "red dot" on the map; it's both intriguing and complicated at once. Despite the complicated part, after 22 years of producing in Cuba, TAKE ME TO CUBA has learned to speak Cuban.

Production in Cuba helps the Cuban people themselves attain economic stability and a new identity, rather than helping the government.

Fascinating projects took place over the years, just to name a few there are: Hermès, Zimmermann, Bloomingdale's, Mercedes, Olympus, Audi, JP Boden, Holiday Magazine, and GQ.