Two Palms Productions Rio de Janeiro Full Photo & Film Production and Services

Two Palms is a full service production company specialising in advertising, lifestyle and fashion shoots. They have offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and work with clients from around the world producing shoots from Brazil to the furthest corners of Latin America.

Two Palms has fully vetted and locally-based service producers, directors, photographers, fashion, hair and make-up and interior stylists, and a full range of other specialised professional crews with many years of national and international experience.

The team can handle all production challenges, from the smallest to the largest. At Two Palms, clients get a smooth production which is enjoyable, safe and cost effective.

Contact them for referrals, questions, cost estimates and references.

Habitant Productions Mexico City Full Photo & Film Production and Services

With its multidisciplinary team and an expansive network of collaborators, Habitant Productions provides complete production support services and locations to bring life to the vision of international clients in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

Go Production Network Buenos Aires Full Photo & Film Production and Services

Go Production Network was created by Sebastián Otero as he turned his vocation to provide top of the line production services into the heart of the company, condensing almost 30 years of experience in photographic production and commercial advertising shooting along from South America to Europe and North America.

"With offices throughout South America, we are the only print production services company network in Latin America; a one-stop-shop for photo production services specialising in fashion.

With the intention to become a powerful ally when it comes to production, we offer all the available tools to become a handy partner. We dedicate time and effort into providing the best options and destinations for our client’s campaigns, ensuring quality and cost-effective destinations for their needs.

Due to the enormous range of climates, textures, colors and unique atmospheres available in our region, we are able to provide a broad experience in set ups, focusing also on a greater regional integration and interaction."

Go Production Network gathers a group of highly skilled professionals, with the appropriate mindset and the experience to ensure the best possible service during the whole production: finding the right spots for the client and ensuring cost effective rates.

TAKE ME TO CUBA Cuba Full Production Services & Location Scouting

TAKE ME TO CUBA is the longest standing production service in Cuba. Specialising in fashion and advertising, due to Havana's amazing architecture and nearby beaches, they started first productions in 1999. Cuba will almost certainly steal your heart, with its ridiculously rich culture, the sparkling beaches, swanky mansions and vintage cars.

Home to the Latin American Film Festival every year, Havana has a long tradition of film making, thus having a broad local talent and equipment base.

Let's be straightforward: Cuba continues to stand out as a socialist "red dot" on the map; it's both intriguing and complicated at once. Despite the complicated part, after 22 years of producing in Cuba, TAKE ME TO CUBA has learned to speak Cuban.

Production in Cuba helps the Cuban people themselves attain economic stability and a new identity, rather than helping the government.

Fascinating projects took place over the years, just to name a few there are: Hermès, Zimmermann, Bloomingdale's, Mercedes, Olympus, Audi, JP Boden, Holiday Magazine, and GQ.

APU Productions Lima Full Photo & Film Production and Services

Established in 2001 in Los Angeles, APU has grown to become the leading production service company in Peru. Having started with TV shows such as Jeopardy! and feature films like 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull', APU has grown into the photo-shoot industries and commercial production. Recent productions include the upcoming 'Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts' feature film, shot extensively in the regions of Cusco and Tarapoto.

With offices in Lima, Peru, APU is able to offer a wide array of locations. Peru may well be one of the world’s most geographically diverse countries. A vast coastline, mountains, sand deserts, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, ancient ruins, and the Amazon jungle are some of the locations available. Peru is like a hidden jewel full of surprises that has yet to be discovered by international filmmakers.

"Having access to an experienced bilingual crew, APU can deliver every time even at the most challenging tasks. Peruvians are known to be very friendly and you will enjoy your time shooting here!"

7 Seas Productions Argentina - Colombia - Cuba - Mexico Full Production Services & Location Scouting

7 Seas Productions carries Latin America in its heart and soul. With offices in Cuba, Colombia and Argentina, they not only cover the wider Caribbean including Mexico, but also the stunning European look-a-likes of the South, namely Argentina, Uruguay and also Chile. All these countries are famed for their staggeringly beautiful locations and natural light. It was just a matter of time to include these places in 7 Seas’ portfolio, when setting up the full service photo and video production company with focus on a location data base approach, 20 years ago. Working with a highly talented and young team 7 SeasProductions is creating the best out of productions across Latin America.

Let's dive into highly underrated Colombia as an example: Cartagena is a vibrant, feverish pearl of a city perched on the country’s Caribbean coastline. Awash with color, and overflowing with dance, music, culture and food, Cartagena is the perfect melting pot of Latin and Caribbean culture. Productions have been carried out for Madewell, Bloomingdale's, Bergdorf Goodman, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Zimmermann, JP Boden and For Love and Lemons.

GREEN IS GOOD Mexico City Full Photo & Film Production and Services

"With offices in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Los Cabos, and 13 years of experience producing in Mexico and Latin America, our team has travelled all across Mexico and Central America finding new exiting locations and experience.

We have welcomed top brands from all over the world to collaborate in creating their campaigns.

We are constantly working in finding fresh unique locations to frame your project, and, creating new alliances with top local talent to complete your crew.

Our local producers will handle all the necessary, so you only have to focus in taking that great shot. Let's chat, we'd love to hear about your project.

Green is Good: we can be the perfect host you need."

Gregory Allen Mexico City Fashion and Advertising Photographers

Gregory Allen is a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer based between Mexico City and New York.

Gregory was named 'Photographer of the Year 2017' by Mexico's Fashion Digital Awards.

Originally from Seattle, he studied Visual Arts and Psychology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He began his career working with Oliviero Toscani and the Benetton team in Italy, going on to win the National Geographic prize in 2004, while in 2010 he was named as one of the 'Top Pros' by Popular Photography magazine.

Gregory has spent the last 15 years working all around the world for brands such as L'Oréal, Maybelline New York, Prada Mexico, Coppel, El Palacio de Hierro, Gerber, Nestlé, and magazines such as Glamour, InStyle, Travel+Leisure and Harper's Bazaar.

Rodrigo Palma Mexico City Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Photographers

Rodrigo Palma is a beauty, fashion, portrait photographer and mixed media artist specialised in still photography and video, working out of New York, Mexico City and Tulum. Born in Mexico City, where he grew up, he decided to move to the USA to study at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, US.

After graduating, he became a first assistant, working with top photographers such as Mark Seliger, Enrique Badulescu, Patrick Demarchelier, Cedric Buchet, John Russo, Kurt Iswarienko among others.

In 2015 Rodrigo decided to branch out and start his solo photographer career. Since then he has focused on creating compelling and moving images for clients like Marie Claire, L’Officiel Mexico, Maxim Magazine, GQ Latam, Creem Magazine NY, Leica S Magazine, L’Beaute Magazine, Haunted Magazine, Broncolor, Shamballa Eyewear, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Nike, Motorola, among many others.

Rodrigo resides now between Mexico City, New York and Tulum and if he is not shooting you can find him in his studio working on his mixed media art.

SPICY STUDIO Quito Food & Drink Photographers

Founded and powered by a photographer with the ability to bend light at will, and a post producer capable of foreseeing the outcome of complicated compositions, Spicy Studio is a creative production powerhouse that has found its right place in the food, drink and still life world.

Making food-craving images for advertising, editorial and packaging projects is their goal. They have been working with multinational big brands such as: Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC, to name a few; and collaborating as well with smaller, local and emerging brands.

"No matter if your budget is big or small, we are up for the task, and rest assured we will make the best of it. So give us a call or drop us an email, we’ll love to chat and hear your ideas."

Antony Scully Port of Spain Food, Drink and Advertising Photographers

An award-winning commercial photographer currently residing in Trinidad & Tobago, Antony works with regional and international clients: Angostura, Digicel, Unicomer, BMobile, Caribbean Airlines, Nestlé, Repsol, KPMG, and Nucor Corporation among others, to produce visual assets for brands well known in the LATAM region: Maggi, Courts, Peardrax, Coors Lite, White Oak Rum, Flow, Huawei, Sqezy, Fruta, Sacha Cosmetics and Massy. Recently, Antony worked with Lonsdale, Saatchi & Saatchi, to produce a comprehensive image bank for regional finance group, First Citizens.

From concept development, through production, direction and post- production, Antony’s unique visual perspective and technical proficiency has found him sought after by creative agencies and corporate clients from the southern Caribbean to North America.

First place winner of the Seeing the Light international photography competition, Antony’s work has been published in Rangefinder Magazine, many international publications and exhibited in Trinidad & Tobago, New York and London.

Steve Peixotto Mexico - California people & lifestyle photographers

Steve Peixotto has been shooting in Spanish and in English for many years. Having lived and worked in Mexico, he now splits his time between San Francisco, California, and San Francisco, Nayarit. His ability to work (sans translator) with Spanish speaking talent, clients and crew makes working in Spanish-speaking countries with Steve really easy.

When asked for a keyword to describe her dad, Steve’s daughter said “extra”. “I think she’s describing my attention to detail, my desire to push boundaries and do whatever it takes to make strong imagery that tells a client’s story better than the client had hoped”, says Steve.

His son says his dad in “interesting”. Steve clinched a little when he heard 'interesting', reminiscing art school and the baggage associated with that word. But ultimately, Steve thinks it's cool that his teenage son thinks he is interesting.

Steve’s wife describes him as “Google”. “That nickname (Google)”, Steve says, "speaks to my unrelenting curiosity, and pretty good memory. My curiosity leads to me having a decent understanding of some pretty obscure facts which I can somehow draw on at the most unexpected times”. It also leads to some very “interesting” photography.

Luiz Maximiano Sao Paulo celebrity & entertainment photographers

Luiz Maximiano became a photographer during the time he lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he won the Canon Prize in 2007 as new talent of that year in photojournalism.

An alumnus of ICP in New York, he has worked for such publications as Time Magazine, Newsweek, ESPN, Panorama, Der Spiegel, L’Espresso, Die Zeit, Smithsonian and Playboy.

In more recent years, he has also worked in cinema projects as a director of photography.