Alex Waber Vancouver

Alex Waber is a commercial photographer with a specialisation in fashion, lifestyle, and product photography.

Raised in Vancouver with a camera in hand, he has an intimate connection with the captivating mountains and untamed coast, making him very comfortable shooting in all kinds of environments.

Drawing inspiration from his background in cinema and fine art, he approaches each project through a narrative lens, speaking through the light, colour and movement in each image. This has lead to collaborating with brands like Arcteryx, Tilley, and Section 35. His work has appeared in publications including Vogue, Wired, Complex, and Outside.

Brent Herrig London - New York

Let's come together to transform your next creative concept into mesmerizing visuals that truly resonate with your global audience.

With a keen eye for detail and unmatched expertise in Food & Drinks, Culinary Lifestyle, and hospitality photography and directing, Brent Herrig and his team at Brent Herrig Creative are poised to illuminate your brand like never before.

"Now with offices in both New York City and the City of London, we are uniquely positioned to cater to the diverse requirements of creative professionals worldwide.

Our global experience speaks volumes, boasting an impressive portfolio of collaborations with renowned brands including Pepsi, Moet Hennessy, and Nespresso. Whether you are a US-only brand or an international powerhouse agency or company, our team is fully equipped to bring your unique vision to life.

At Brent Herrig Creative, we firmly believe that creativity knows no boundaries. We thrive on adaptability and excel in diverse settings, ensuring that your project is executed with precision, regardless of the location. From the eclectic neighborhoods of the Lower East Side to the vibrant streets of London, or from the artistic energy of Miami to the cultural richness of Berlin, our passion for excellence transcends geographical borders.

Let us embark on a transformative journey together, crafting inspiring visuals that resonate deeply with your target audience. Reach out to Brent Herrig Creative today and discover the unparalleled heights to which we can elevate your brand."

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"Collaboration is the greatest gift and tool of working with larger agencies. The hours of Zoom calls, the meticulous boards. The details and the numbers. Then day-of and the magic of it all coming together to be all torn apart."

Represented by The Gren Group.

Christian Lartillot Paris

"Catherine Deneuve said, 'What matters for the actor is his personality, his presence'. That quote sums up quite well what I search in photography and film. What interests me in athletes or artists is to show their presence and capture their human singularity. Sweat, blood and tears is my motto: the full range of movement and emotions."

Christian has worked for publications such as L'Équipe, L'Équipe Mag, Sport & Style, France Football, Les Inrockuptibles, Vogue, Madame Figaro, Télérama, Grazia, Glamour and Athletica.

And he has collaborated with brands and organisations like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Fendi, Millet Mountain Group, On Running, Asics, Hermès, Dior, Givenchy, Repetto, Opéra National de Paris, Ministère de Ville, Fédération Française de Gymnastique, What Dance Can Do project.

Dominik Mentzos Frankfurt

Dominik shot the recent campaign for Lufthansa featuring the new Dreamliner which has completed the fleet of Lufthansa Group.

He has been working in the field of aviation for more than 20 years. You will find more images of his shoots for Lufthansa, Airbus, Condor and Emirates on his website.

Besides aviation, dance/movement is another main focus of his work: he has established long collaborations with choreographers like William Forsythe, Saburo Teshigwara and Jacopo Godani.

Recent clients include Lufthansa, Airbus, Hengeler Müller, Leslunes, RMV, Juris, WDR, Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company and lexTM.

Dominik works out of his own studio in Frankfurt and is engaged in national and international assignments.

Gabriel Matula Prague - New York

"Since the year 2019, I had the chance to cooperate with Samsung Cz and Sk in promoting several of their key products, such as the Samsung Galaxy 10+, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Smart Watch 3, among others.

This cooperation gave me the opportunity to explore creativity under extremely diverse circumstances in terms of light and technical conditions. By combining lifestyle photography with product photography, I also had the chance to explore several non-conventional vintage lenses from the 70s and 80s. These lenses perform as expected granting a very unique look & feel, texture, color palette, and overall mood."

Ian & Erick Australia

Mauritius-born Ian and Erick found their passion for photography around the water, and have since travelled across the world capturing amazing lifestyle, portraiture and action sport photographs.

Their love for the craft pushes them to experiment with all sorts of cameras and lenses to get the job done properly. From large format cameras to water housing and 600mm lenses - all in the quest for impeccable images.

Ian and Erick love taking photographs of the youth culture, the cool people and the people with character. As Ian describes it, "a great picture is a great team of people working together." Their photos are all about great composition and clever lighting.

Shooting globally again, they have been producing work this year for Bankwest, Spotify, The Smith Family, Audi, Puma and many more.

Now represented by Reload and Co in Australia.

Jeffrey Carlson Toronto

Jeffrey Carlson is a commercial photographer and director based out of Toronto, Canada, where he lives with his wife Tara, his son Rhys and their Texas Heeler, Lemon.

With his down-to-earth demeanor and exceptional technical skills, Jeffrey instills a sense of confidence in every production he undertakes. From the initial planning phases to the final delivery, he thrives on collaborative work with creative teams, constantly striving to exceed client expectations.

Jeffrey's passion lies in incorporating multidisciplinary crews to create breathtaking content across various platforms, including still photography, video production, and emerging media formats. By harnessing the diverse talents of these teams, he consistently delivers stunning results that captivate audiences.

Julia Buruleva Barcelona

Julia Buruleva is a photographer and creative director specialising in conceptual, fashion, advertising photography and video.

She works as a commercial photographer, but she is also a visual artist, who is deeply involved in her personal art projects. And her best skill is combining these parts into one. She brings her creative vision from art into commercial shoots to make them extraordinarily eye-attractive and different from others. She also creates visual concepts for music videos and other kinds of video shoots.

Currently based in Barcelona, she is open to working on projects worldwide. Represented as a photographer and creative director by the leading European photo agencies:

In Germany, Rockenfeller & Göbels; Italy - ARTalents Agency; Switzerland - VisualEyes Artists; Great Britain - HOJ Agency. Julia is represented as a fine art photographer by InsideOut Art Gallery (Belgium).

She is a Gold Member and Spotlight Photographer on PhotoVOGUE.

With her team she is already has produced advertising campaigns for jewelery and fashion brands, as well as editorials for such magazines as Elle, PAP, Sicky, L'Officiel, InStyle, REBE, Solstice, LATEST, Rolling Stone, HUF and more.

Klemen Razinger Slovenia

Klemen Razinger is a Slovenian award-winning photographer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. After a successful sports career in snowboarding, he graduated in photography at the University of Ljubljana.

His portfolio boasts of remarkable works that have been published in various newspapers and magazines across the world. 

As a professional, he has held several solo exhibitions, including one at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

His passion for photography is unrivalled, and he aims to create timeless images that evoke emotion and tell stories. 

Klemen prides myself on his professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every client gets a tailored experience that meets their specific needs. His vast experience has taught him to understand his client’s vision and deliver beyond their expectations.

Lubo Sergeev Bulgaria

Lubo Sergeev boasts a remarkable career as a renowned photographer and digital artist, amassing an impressive 25 years of expertise in the realms of advertising and commercial image production.

Throughout his journey, he has garnered numerous prestigious awards for his exceptional work.

Mattia Baldi Paris - Milan - Bangkok

Mattia Baldi attended with full scholarship the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, graduating with top marks, and receiving a bachelor's degree in classical painting and photography in 2001.

Followed a year later his Master's in Studio Photography (Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema). Mattia decided to move to Asia in 2004. In Beijing, he shoots for clients like RDM, Microsoft, and Facebook. In 2015, he was asked to move to Bangkok, Thailand, to work for WPP on the client Ford (WPP). For several years, Mattia was In-house photographer for WPP advertising agencies (GTB-Prism-JWT) shooting many successful advertising campaigns.

In 2019, Mattia started his own photography studio business working in Bangkok, Milan and from this year, Paris with clients like Colgate, Standard Chartered, Nokia, Pepsi, Shell, and Schneider Electric. His extensive international agency experience combined with over 25 years of knowledge in making images guarantees that clients are always fully satisfied by his keen sense of planning, briefing and executing his assignments.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Residing on an island near Seattle alongside his four children, Nick Hall, a British native, has seamlessly embraced his new life. With an unwavering passion for captivating landscapes, a dedication to collaborating with exceptional creatives, and a genuine love for forging connections with his subjects, Nick's talents as a photographer have earned him global recognition and a plethora of prestigious awards.

Despite his initial background as a wildlife scientist, Nick seamlessly merges his profound admiration for the natural world with the distinct requirements of luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies, and his longstanding clientele. Whether photographing solitary hunter-gatherers in the heart of Tanzania (where he resided and hunted with them for a remarkable 10 days) or capturing the essence of global advertising campaigns, Nick exhibits unparalleled versatility.

Esteemed within the industry for his gentle and immersive approach, Nick exudes an inclusive and thoughtful energy on set, allowing him to create profoundly emotional and captivating imagery that celebrates our intertwined relationships with one another and the remarkable wonders of the natural realm.

Pavel Hejny Prague

Pavel Hejný, a renowned advertising photographer and art director, is based in Prague but operates globally. Throughout his successful advertising career, he has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, including five Cannes Lions, two Golden Drum Grand Prix, the Andy Award, the Clio Award, and the esteemed Lucie Award for the best advertising photographer. He personally received the Lucie Award at Carnegie Hall in New York, adding to his impressive list of accolades.

His exceptional work can be found in the renowned Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide publications, showcasing his talent and creativity.

With an extensive portfolio, Pavel collaborates with well-established production companies to offer comprehensive services to his clients, ensuring the utmost quality in his photographs. Whether working with local productions across the globe or remotely, he consistently delivers outstanding results.